Apr 1993

Annual Membership in the society is $10 for individuals and $12 for families.  Meetings are held at the LDS Family History Center, 199 North Place, Frederick, MD, at 7 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December.  301-698-0406

FRECOGS mailing address:
Post Office Box 234
Monrovia, Maryland

FRECOGS officers:

Al Werking, President    Susanne F Flowers, Vice President
8212 Greenvale Drive            9144 Bethel Road
Frederick, MD 21702     Frederick, MD 21702
301-662-2621                   301-663-0769

G Helen Six, Secretary    Trudie Davis Long Membership Editor
13 Norva Ave    8213 Mapleville Road
Frederick, MD 21701    Mount Airy, MD 21771-9713
301-663-5359    301-831-5781

Donna Younkin Logan, Treasurer
12109-A Old Frederick Road
Thurmont, MD 21788

1993 NGS Conference in the States in Baltimore 2-5 June.

12    President’s note
13    Editor’s note
13    Notes
14    Historic Places of the Civil War in Frederick County
16    Member highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)
17    Post 1850 Census Indexes available at the DAR library, 1775 D St, NW Washington, DC
18    Bible Records
18    Books, magazines
19    Queries

A Happy New Year to each of you.  I hope each of you, and yours, have enjoyed a safe and very enjoyable holiday season.  This early in the year, most of your New Year’s resolutions should still be possibilities.
Your newsletter editor thought it appropriate that the first newsletter of the year carry something of a message from your newly elected president.  She refrained from giving me any specific instructions so I’m left to hope and trust that what follows comes at least close to what she had in mind.
I’ll start by saying I consider it a real privilege to be asked to serve as the president of FRECOGS. (They all say something like that-don’t they?)  More seriously, I accept the task fully appreciating that there are others who could bring much more to the organization’s presidency in the way of expertise in genealogical research and/or organizational leadership, but who for reasons of their own choose not to be active participating members of our society or to serve the group as an officer.
Similarly, I accept the position with that humility which realizes that an organization accomplishes, under any leadership, only as much as the organization’s membership is willing to support and work at.  I am convinced that the operative phrase is “an organization (not the leader) accomplishes”.
Further, I am one of those who believes that each of us has the opportunity and the moral responsibility to do whatever is within his/her power to serve others and thereby make life, in at least some small way, more pleasant/enjoyable/meaningful for others.  I think the members of our group, individually and collectively, have a great opportunity to serve individual citizens and the community at large in many ways while at the same time enhancing our skills and knowledge in the pursuit of our personal genealogical goals.  It has always been my experience while serving other organizations in similar capacities that as I went about the business of serving others I have increased my own knowledge of the business being pursued while at the same time enjoying the warm satisfaction that comes from having served others.  The living process somehow p insures-whether you seek it or not-the receiving is much greater than the giving.
I have a number of my own ideas as to how we might go about the business of helping ourselves while serving others through our society.  However, I believe that an organization’s leadership has an obligation/responsibility to help the organization do what the organization’s membership wants to do rather than what the leader would like to do.  To my way of thinking, your individual and collective interests should govern what we say and do.  My personal interests and concerns should no more govern our direction than those interests and concerns of any other single member.  With that thought in mind, I invite you to tell me what this organization should be.
I’ll be asking the society officers to meet with me in the near future to lay some groundwork and plans for the operation of our society in the coming months.  I invite you to contact me (301) 662-2621 or any of the other officers to share your ideas with a view to having those wishes brought to our planning meeting.
So much for that.
Again, I wish for you and yours, as well as our society, a happy and prosperous new year.
Together-and only together-we can make it happen.


Several years ago FRECOGs had Ronald BREMER as a speaker.  Among other things, he is editor of Genealogy Digest. I was going through some files and found my notes on records references he discussed.  He broke sources into 2 groups-Bad and Good.  The Bad list first: family tradition, printed family history, DAR lineage books, census, tombstone, death certificate, obituaries, general reference works, family groups sheets, and Adamic lineages.
I can hear you mumbling, “What else is there?”  The good list:  Judicial court records, property transfer records, probate records, qualified vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce, sexton records, adoption, founding, orphan court, and bastardy bonds), church records-denominational yearbooks, fraternal societies-Mason, alliances-as in immigrant, life insurance companies, military-adjunct general office and militia lists, and stories in newspapers-but not obituaries.
Woe to you who use poor references-document your sources.

Those who recently joined or renewed will notice at the end of their membership printout is now a listing of those societies and exchange bulletins which receive a copy of our newsletter.  If you know of any other group(s) interested in exchanging please let me know.  ALL copies of correspondence are kept in the library.


The Annual FRISBIE/FRISBEE reunion will be held at Falmouth Square Inn, Falmouth, MA Sept 16-19 1993.  Contact Robert PHELAN, 24 Sand Castle Dr, East Falmouth, MA 02536  Tel (507) 457-9147.  For organization details write: Bill MCHENRY (FRECOGS member), 1001 Ford Rd, Vestal, NY 13850-3234

The first large scale reunion of the ROBY/ROBEY/ROBIE family will be held 10-12 Aug 1993 in Waldorf, Charles Co, MD.  Most are descendants of John ROBEY of Charles Co, MD documented as a land owner in 1652.  2 contact people William G (Bill) ROBEY (Oxon Hill, MD, 301-567-0440, Prodigy #DFHV58B; Compuserve #72400,463) and Joy Robey KLINGAMAN (Germantown, MD 301-540-8231)

The 1891 Canadian census is now open to the public, and is available at the Public Archives of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.  It is also available through the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT and its branch libraries.  (NCGS News Vol 17 #1)

Vols 10 and 11 of the Maryland Historical Magazine contain a list of Associators of Frederick Co, MD-men who gave their support to the Colonies during the Revolutionary War.  These listed entries are acceptable to the DAR for membership. (MGS Newsletter Vol XX #4, Oct 1992)

1993 Annual conference Palatines to America, “For Land’s Sake”, will be held Jun 17, 18, and 19 at the Fawcett Center Hotel and Conference Center of The Ohio State University in Columbus OH.  Speakers-Dr George SCHWEITZER, Clifford Neal SMITH, Annette BURGERT, Peggy Shomo JOYNER, Carol Willsey BELL, Ernest THODE, Hubert WILHELM, and Thomas BURKE.  Write the story of your ancestor’s migration across the US in 500 words or less citing references.  The best judged entry will receive free registration to the Conference. Mail by April 15, 1993 to Clara H Harsh, Chairman, 2551 Charing Rd, #6, Columbus, OH 43221-3672.

The Genealogical Institute of Texas, P O Box 799004- Box 118, Dallas, TX 75379, is having a series of 5 day courses July 16-30.  Topics: Beginners, Intermediate, Military, Problem Solving, Gone to Texas, and Sharpening Research Skills.  The institute emphasizes hands-on instructional techniques with extensive class/instructor interaction.  Students will choose one course for the 5 day period.  Options of: Exhibitor Area, evening Problem solving sessions, document preservation class, research trips (Dallas Public Library, Fort Worth National Archives) Texas style buffet with entertainment and door prizes.  Cost $275.  Write for more info-the flyer will be in the FHC Library.(TDL)

FRECOGS has received the first 6 issues of the MOCK Family Historian (indexed) and will become an exchange newsletter from Barbara DITTIG-Editor, 2148 Oneida Circle, Danville, CA 94526-6266

The Jan-Mar 1993 issue of the Noble County Chapter OGS has a biography on Adam CRUM, the index for will book sixteen, CHAPMAN Bible, the death of ex-councilman Isaac CLINE and Noble county natives who married in Jackson Co, West VA.

Also received is the April issue of the ESTEP Family Journal with information on ESTEP descendants in many states including Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia.

Vol III, #1 March 1993 The BEALL News includes information on Ninian BEALL (1625-1717), Charles BEALL (1672-1740), Alexander and Alexander Edmonston BEALL,  Archibald BEALL, and other miscellaneous letters and queries.

Vol 16 #8 April 1993 issue of The Generator-another exchange journal from St Mary’s Co, MD, has information that the New York Historical Society Library, 170 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, has closed it’s doors and it’s collection will be unavailable unless they find the funds to reopen.  Also of interest-another overview of Ninian BEALL submitted by Winifred Clark Abell RUSSELL.

HISTORIC PLACES OF THE CIVIL WAR in Frederick Co, MD (from Maryland Remembers; a guide to historic places and people of the Civil War in Maryland, published 1961 by the Maryland Civil War Centennial Commission.
Battle of Monocacy, US 240 (now 270) east of Frederick.  Along the east bank of the Monocacy Union Forces under Maj Gen Lew WALLACE on 9 Jul 1864 delayed briefly the Confederate force under Lieut Gen Jubal A EARLY making a thrust in the direction of Baltimore and Washington, DC.  Successful after a brief struggle, EARLY noted among his foes elements of RICKETT’s division of the Sixth Corps, veterans recently sent by GRANT from Virginia.  Their presence argued strongly that EARLY would find more veterans in the Washington forts a few days later and that Early would have to return to Virginia without any great success.
Confederate and Union wounded were taken to ‘Arcadia’ and the MARKELL estate, respectively.   These properties may be seen today in the possession of descendants of Dr MCKINNEY, a Federal surgeon on the battlefield and Mr C Lease BUSSARD, respectively.

Battle of South Mountain-Crampton’s Gap, MD 572 joining 17 and MD 67.  Following orders of Maj Gen George B MCCLELLAN to force Crampton’s Gap and seize Rohrersville beyond South Mountain, Maj Gen William B FRANKLIN moved the Sixth Corps from Buckeystown through Jefferson to Burkittsville at the base of South Mountain 14 Sept 1862.  Here he found his way disputed by Col T T MUNFORD’s 2nd Virginia cavalry and inadequate infantry support.  About 3pm the Sixth corps attacked in force.  Yielding one position after another as they retreated to the crest, the Confederates were pressed on both flanks and driven in front.  In a few hours they were

in retreat and Gen FRANKLIN in control of Crampton’s Gap was in an excellent position to strike at Confederate Gen MCLAWS on Maryland Heights or to move northwardly to join HOOKER and BURNSIDE at the moment forcing their way through Turner’s Gap.
5 markers erected by the US Government at the top of the Gap and 4 lower on the eastern face of the mountain tell the story in more detail.

Battle of South Mountain-Turner’s Gap, US 40A, 13 miles w of Frederick.  10 Sept 1862, Gen Thomas J JACKSON left Frederick and crossed South Mountain by Turner’s Gap in course of his march to encircle and capture the United States force at Harper’s Ferry.
13 Sept 1862, Gen George B MCCLELLAN hoping to catch a divided Confederate Army between South Mountain and the Potomac River ordered the major part of his force to cross South Mountain by Turner’s Gap.  Confederate Gen D H HILL was posted at Turner’s Gap and Fox’s Gap a mile to the south.  14 Sept 1862, Generals Jesse L RENO and Joseph HOOKER threw their forces against the Confederates on the mountain, HOOKER with the First Corps north of US 40A and Reno with the Ninth Corps extending southwardly across the old Sharpsburg road as it climbs the slope to Fox’s Gap.  By night the Union troops had gained such success on the flanks as to compel withdrawal by the Confederates.  Gen Lee ordered concentration behind Antietam Creek.

Death of Gen Jesse L RENO, Old Sharpsburg Road, 12 1/2 miles w of Frederick.  Here 14 Sept 1862, in the course of the Battle of South Mountain the Ninth Corps commanded by Maj Gen Jesse L RENO fought for possession on the ridges on either side of Fox’s Gap.  The Union left secured control of the ridge to the south of the road.  The Union right was short of complete success.  About sundown Gen Reno was killed as he moved to an exposed position the better to direct his force.

Emmitsburg, Junction US 15 and MD 97.  The Eleventh Corps, Maj Gen O O HOWARD, Army of the Potomac, camped about Emmitsburg 30 June 1863.  The next day it marched to Gettysburg.
1 July 1983, the Third Corps, Maj Gen Daniel E SICKLES, Army of the Potomac, marched through Emmitsburg toward Gettysburg.

Kemp Hall 1861-1961, Frederick, se corner of Church and Market Streets.  In the year 1861 the legislature of Maryland, called into extraordinary session by Governor Thomas Holliday HICKS, held sessions in the building owned by the Evangelical Reformed Church.
After convening ion the court house on April 26, the Senators and Delegates assembled here on April 27, the senators on the second floor and the delegates on the third floor.
A peace and safety bill was referred to a joint committee and reported favorably, but after an amendment the bill was recommitted.  The legislature adjourned in September without passage of the bill because a lack of a quorum due to the arrest of a number of senators and delegates by Federal order, and Maryland never seceded from the Union.
The statements above are quoted from a plaque dedicated 15 Feb 1961 in course of the Maryland Centennial Commemorative program.  This day the Maryland legislature formally returned to Frederick to enjoy and take part in the commemorative exercises rather than to argue questions of secession

Headquarters of Lee, Jackson and Longstreet, MD 240(270) e of Frederick.  `Headquarters of Generals Robert E LEE, `Stonewall’ JACKSON and James LONGSTREET 6-9 Sept 1862.  Here was written the famous Lost order no. 191 and the proclamation to the people of Maryland.’-State Roads Marker.
Henry Kyd DOUGLAS identified the spot as Best’s Grove near Monocacy Junction and so 3 miles south of Frederick.

To be continued-Frederick, Middletown and Gapland.


Donna Younkin LOGAN has started an ELDER newsletter and is planning to start a CRIPPEN newsletter.  She is our treasurer-check her address above if you are interested.  Her new Prodigy # is WVXR29A

BERWAGER-FREDERICK, Josephine C, 1304 Willow Oak Dr, Frederick, MD 21701 CROWL
BOWEN, Curtis, 7323 Parkview Dr, Frederick, MD 21702, BARNARD/BERNARD, BEALL
CALVERT, Barbara M, 40 Cedars Road, Caldwell, NJ 07006 MULLENDORE
CONVEY, John H, P O Box 139, Braddock Heights, MD 21714 CONVEY
COOLEY, Guy M, 1400 Motter Ave, Frederick, MD 21701 COOLEY, CAVEY, MARTIN, HERRING
DRURY, Linda, 145 Frank Fork, Alkol, WV 25501 DRURY, HAVILAND, PARKS, CHALK.
HAMMOND, James B, 8105 Runnymead Dr, Frederick, MD 21702 HAMMOND, CHILDERS.
HITSELBERGER, JR, Mrs. James F, 310 East Division St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
MACDONALD, Edwin G, 1950 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230 SHORB
MASON, B J, 4700 Aurora Dr #26, Ventura, CA 93003-3818 CASTLE, HOOVER
RAY, Hilma, Apt #10, Sandy Spring Ct, Thurmont, MD 21788
REVARE, Jack, 4410 W 112th Ter, Shawnee Mission, KS 66211 (should have been in Jan92 issue).
RHOADS, David M, 7309 Oskaloosa Dr, Derwood, MD 20855
SIX, G Helen, 13 Norva Ave, Frederick, MD 21701 SIX, WELLER, MILLER
TAYLOR, Janice L, 2801 Meeting Gate Ct, Midlothian, VA 23112 BEALL, RINE, BARBER, THOMAS, HAYS, SHAW.
TOMS, Richard M, 12219 Clyde Young Rd, Keymar, MD 21757, TOMS, TOMES, TOMBS.
TUCKER, Susan, 123 Stonegate Dr, Frederick, MD 21702 TUCKER, MCCLURE, GRAHAM, BLACK, PATTERSON.
WATERS, L S, 8421 Walter Martz Road, Frederick, MD 21702 WORTHINGTON
WERKING, Al, 8212 Greenvale Dr, Frederick, MD 21702 WERKING

The following cards for the surname index were submitted by Mrs. James F Hitselberger, Jr, 310 East Division St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
FORSYTH, Alexander Louis, Sr, c 1756 ?IRE, 23 April 1829 Baltimore MD
GALLAHER-any mention Frederick and Carroll Co, MD especially in the Libertytown area.
GILLESPIE-any mention Frederick and Carroll Co, MD especially in the Middletown area.
WAGNER, WAGGONER, WAGONER, WAGGONAER, etc-Frederick and Carroll Co, MD especially descendants of Michael WAGNER, Sr 24 June 1723 GER, 10 Sept 1795 Frederick Co, MD (in that part of the county that became Carroll County.

Donated by Thomas Lee HAIR, a copy of his book The Long Journey-A Family history 1687 to 1981.  Subtitle Embracing an Account of the Arrivals, Movements, and ultimate Dispersal of the Southern Branches and Descendants of Eleven Allied Families: ADAMS, BALLENGER, CLEVELAND, DUKE, HAIR, HARBIN, LEWIS LYLES, O’KELLEY, TRAIL AND WARD.

I am pleased to contribute the enclosed book, The Genealogical Register of John Lewis BROWNING (with notes on allied PITTENGER relatives) to FRECOGS.  This line of the Brownings migrated from Jamestown, VA through MD, OH, IN, and IL until they settled in Kansas.  The PITTENGERS followed a similar trail, however, they originated from New Jersey.
After an introductory page for the 2 families there follows an 8 generation descent chart (Family Roots format) that is everyname indexed.

Donated to the library by Donna LOGAN-privately printed family history on the ETZLER family.

POST 1850 CENSUS INDEXES available at the DAR library, 1776 D Street, Washington, DC (202)  628-1776
Alabama         1860-1870
Arizona    1860, 1870, 1880
Arkansas    1860, 1870
California    1870 except for city of San Francisco
Colorado    1870, 1880
Connecticut    1860
District of Columbia    1860, 1870
Delaware    1860
Florida    1860, 1870
Georgia    1860, 1870
Hawaii    1900
Idaho    1870, 1880
Illinois    1860, 1870, Cook County-1880, Cook Co-1880
soundex         code 0200-0240-the code that was not filmed
Indiana    1860, 1870-Indianapolis
Iowa    1860, 1870    Kansas    1860
Kentucky    1860
Louisiana    1860, 1870
Maine    1860-Cumberland County
Maryland    1860
Massachusetts    1860-Boston
Michigan    1870-Detroit
Mississippi    1860, 1870
Missouri    1860, 1870
Montana    1870, 1880
New Hampshire    1860
New Jersey    1860, 1870-Hoboken & Jersey City
New Mexico    1860, 1870
New York    1860, 1870-New York
North Carolina    1860, 1870
Ohio    1860, 1870-Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton
Oregon    1860, 1870, 1880
Pennsylvania    1860, 1870-Philadelphia & Pittsburg

Rhode Island    1870
Tennessee    1860, 1870
Texas    1860, 1870, 1880
Utah    1860, 1870
Vermont    1860
Virginia    1860, 1870
West Virginia    1860, 1870. 1880
Wisconsin    1860-Milwaukee and Winnebago Co
Wyoming    1860, 1870

Floydene GILLIHAN, Rt 2 Box 434, Hampton, TN 37658 advertised in the May/June 1992 Genealogical Helper that she had a HARBAUGH bible.  I (TDL) wrote to her and she sent me a copy-the contents of which follows:  Self-Pronouncing edition in which all the proper names are divided, accented and marked with the vowel sounds, showing how they should be pronounced.  Thew New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ translated out of the original Greek: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised (The text conformable to that of the Oxford Bible, Printed at the University Press, Oxford (no year TDL)

Albert C HARBAUGH Waynesboro, PA from Mother Jessie Harbaugh ROUZER.
Family Register pg: Mary Eugenia ROUZER died Dec 9th 1927; Daniel R ROUZER DIED Feb 14th 1928.
Marriages: Daniel Robert ROUZER, Jr and Jessie Harbaugh ROUZER July 17th 1926.
Deaths: Flora M HARBAUGH died May 15th 1926
Henry Taylor HARBAUGH born Oct 10th 1846 died Dec 8 1895.
Albert C HARBAUGH born April 11th 1877 died Jan 14th 1912.
Peyton V HARBAUGH born Feb 2nd 1875 died Nov 2nd 1918.
Maurice HARBAUGH died Apr 14th 1928.
Walter HARBAUGH died July 9th 1928.
Bertha HARBAUGH RUPP died Mar 12th 1941.

Maryland’s Colonial Families Newsletter, Vol 1 #1 was published Spring 1992 by Charla Ann Marchione, Editor, 28 Park Circle, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-2614.  The first 12 page issue contained an article on the JULIAN family of Cecil and Frederick counties, Frederick Co Militia Lists ca 1757 and abstracts of 36 16th Century wills in MD. Annual subscription to this quarterly is $10.  (NCGS News, Vol 17 #1)

Maryland Marriages 1801-1820 compiled by Robert Barnes (#371  260 pages, indexed) is #3 in a series printed by Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1001 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD (800-296-6687 to order by credit card).  It was compiled primarily from church records on deposit at the Maryland Historical Soc and the Maryland State Archives.  All marriages are coded with their sources and a list of the sources immediately precedes the list of marriages. $25 p/h $3 with each additional book $1 more.  5% sales tax for MD residents.
The Marylanders: Without a Shelter or Crumb by Stephen D CALHOUN is being advertised by Heritage Books $21 plus $3 p/h.  I will try to get a review copy and get back to you about this.  The book is about the SOUTHERN, etal family.

Leaves Upon the Same Old Tree revised edition, traces the history of Henry DENT to his last slaveowner, Lucinda Bean GOUGH.  Also included are connective research on many other family lines, both black and white as they interconnect with the DENT family.  (I assume this is a Charles Co, MD family-TDL.)  2 Volumes, 800 pages and available from Saundra Oliver Brown, 10805 S. Eggleston, Chicago, IL 60628.  No price listed.

HERRING, Martha, age 52 1850 census of Jefferson Co, VA. Born MD.  Is there a connection with Lloyd HERRING age 26 in 1850 Fred Co, MD Middletown census?
GILLESPIE, GLASPY, etc, John b Middletown, Fred Co, MD d Sept 1855 in Bolivar, Jefferson Co,, VA.  m, as her 2nd husband, Margaret WILSON.  Need m data for both marriages of Margaret WILSON.   Mrs James F HITSELBERGER, Jr, 310 East Division St Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Wish to hear from any and all LONG/LANG descendants in Fred Co, MD. Allied families of John Henry Long (1796-1861): (most are very contemporary) HARBAUGH, STAMBAUGH, EYLER, FISHER, DERR, BELL, WACHTER, MOTTER, HAHN, KAAS, KEILHOLTZ, NEWCOMER, RHODES, RILEY, SEISS, SMITH, SPRINGER, STITELY, TALTON, TOPPER, VALENTINE, and WILHIDE.  Trudie Davis LONG, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mt Airy, MD 21771-9713

Who are the parents of Joseph CASTLE b 1802 m Margaret Rebecca Catoctin Dist?  Who are the parents of Jacob HOOVER 1797-1889 m Eliz. HARSHMAN 9 Jan 1820 Fred Co?  Will answer all letters and will exchange info.  B J Mason, 4700 Aurora Dr #26, Ventura, CA 93003-3818

According to the Marion Co, MO History of 1884, Jacob and Catherine (CALVERT) MATHEWS, originally of Fred Co, MD moved from Fred Co, MD to Bourbon Co, KY and on to Marion Co, MO about 1816.  Catherine b 25 Mar 1789, in Culpepper Co, VA is listed the CALVERT genealogy books (#149) as the dau of George CALVERT.  Her ch from her 2nd m (to Jacob MATHEWS) were: Elvira b 1812; Rufus b 1813; Hiram b 1814; Henry b 1816 and George W b ca 1822.  The history goes on to list 2 of the early settles as Jacob and Henry MATHEWS.  This could not be Jacob’s son as he was too young.
Another Henry MATHEWS (?) who m Catherine ?. Ch were: Amanda (gg-gmother of submitter) b 1833 in KY; Elvira June and John E.  I have Henry’s will. Both Rufus and George W MATHEWS purchased items at Henry’s estate sale in Marion Co, MO ca 1848. Both Jacob’s and Henry’s wives were named Catherine.  Both had a dau named Elvira.  Was Henry’s wife also a CALVERT?  Was Henry a bro of Jacob?  Were both Jacob and Henry b in Fred Co, MD.  Who were their parents? Jack L. Revare, 4410 W 112th Terr, Shawnee Mission, KS 66211

John RHINE/RINE, Sr born ca 1740, died 1778 served Rev War possibly from Frederick Co, MD had son, John Jr born ca 1762, thought to have served age 16 yrs for 6 months, married Priscilla Wilson, Frederick Co, MD 1796.  They lived Frederick Co, MD until 1824 then moved to Lebanon Warren Co, OH.  Need proof of service for John Jr and Sr or either.  Were John Sr and John Jr related to Michael and Casper RHINE/RINE?  They were ancestors of John RINE and Mary RINE of Urbana, MD.  DAR will not accept bounty land warrants as proof of service.  Mrs W R Wineinger, Rt 1 Box 39A, Haddam, KS 66944 phone 913-729-3379

Seeking any/all info on Martin SCHNEIDER/SNIDER/SNYDER b 1728 GER m Catherine AMON. Ch: Martin m Ruth TIPTON, 2 Henry (Clay?) b 1792 m Hannah MILLER, d/o John and Catherine MILLER, Eve Ann b 1778, Elizabetha b 1771, (K)Catherine b 1794, Adam b 1801, John Amon, Mary b 1790, Magdalena b 1791.  Am specifically interested in Martin (b 1728) and son Henry(Clay) b 1792 and wives families (AMON and MILLER) of each.  Will exchange info with person having access to old Frederick Co, records.  Ruth Ann Snyder-Bonnau, 1360 Mead Road, Montgomery, MI 49255.

Researching: Alexander BEALL b ca 1750 Frederick Co, f of William Simpson BEALL b ca 1776 m 19 Dec 1798 Elizabeth Ellen WALKER in Frederick Co.  Valentine RINE d 24 May 1836 Mont. Co.  Hezekiah BARBER b 1811 d 13 Dec 1895 in Cedar Grove upper Montgomery Co.  Benjamin Thomas b 1741 d 29 Jun 1816 Fred Co, bu near Point of Rocks.  Leonard HAYS b ca 1770 d 1 Oct 1822.  John SHAW b 1782 Fred?Mont? d 8 Feb 1841 bu at Salem Methodist, Cedar Grove, MD.  Janice Beall Taylor, 2801 Meeting Gate Ct, Midlothian, VA 23112

Researching MULLENDORE, especially looking for those family members who were members of the Church of the Brethren.  John MULLENDORE, youngest son of Jacob, stayed in MD and lived to be over 100 years old.  He m Julianna COST whose sister married Catherine m David MULLENDORE.  Barbara M Calvert, 40 Cedars Road, Caldwell, NJ 07006.