Oct 1994

Annual Membership in the society is $10 for individuals and $12 for families.  Meetings are held at the LDS Family History Center, 199 North Place, Frederick, MD, at 7 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December.  301-698-0406 is the phone number for the Family History Center.

FRECOGS mailing address:

FRECOGS, Post Office Box 234, Monrovia, Maryland, 21770-0234

FRECOGS officers:

Al Werking, President, 8212 Greenvale Drive, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-2621
Susanne F Flowers, Vice President, 9144 Bethel Rd, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 663-0769
G Helen Six, Secretary, 13 Norva Ave, Frederick, MD 21701, (301) 663-5359
Donna Younkin Logan, Treasurer, 12109-A Old Frederick Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788, (301) 898-3179
Trudie Davis Long, Newsletter, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mt Airy, MD, 21771-9713, (301) 831-5781


55    Exchange journal and society information
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56    From the Sullivan Co, TN Heritage Book
57    Jacob Ott Account book, courtesy of Virginia Miller
59    Equity distribution of the combined estate of Philip and Daniel Nusbaum
60    Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)
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“Thank you for publishing my query about Sarah E Colliflower. I’ve had no luck in the query’s through the Maryland Genealogy Soc. But received a wealth of information with your efforts.  Thank you again.”
Obviously this is a blatant appeal for queries-because sometimes they do WORK.  This particular query was one I picked up in ‘another’ journal-and the author of the query is now a member.  If I read an article that has something to do with Frederick Co, I will make every effort to get it in the newsletter.
All suggestions and ideas appreciated.  Please send in your efforts today.


Exchange journals are available in the vertical files at the FHC.

The August issue of the Whittier Area Genealogical Society Newsletter has a continuing note for those people who live in California and do research about the Vital Records Security Act of 1995-which has come up 2 more times and defeated by a ‘very slim margin’. Assemblywoman Grace Napolitano has announced she does not intend to quit pursuing her objective in getting legislation passed to severely restrict access to vital records in California.  Genealogists, historians, librarians, and society leaders should enact emergency measures to notify the community of this danger to record access in California.
Our Los Alamos Family History Society exchange partner’s Sept 94 newsletter has an article by Curt Witcher-the Federation of Genealogical Societies president entitled, ‘The Genealogist’s Library-A Look Toward the Future’ and Curt suggests scenarios as to what will be available on the Information Superhighway.  Also included in the issue is an article on ‘Publishing Your Family History’.

The Sep 94 issue of The Generator of St Mary’s County, Maryland is a hodgepodge of various society related items from the final report from the past president to the current budget.

Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Free Library opens its gateway to the Internet with 26 modems.  Using a network system called Sailor, the program is menu based and uses a retrieval system called “Gopher” Sailor’s Internet address is  The phone number for Baltimore is 410-605-0500.


Besides donations, the Whittier Area Genealogical Society acquires books for their library and the use of its members by having 50/50 envelopes.  If an individual is interested in having a book in the library, they make a suggestion that it be placed on the open list for a particular month.  The cost is divided in half.  If there is enough interest to donate the first half of the money needed on the part of the membership, the society then kicks in the other half and the book is purchased.  WAGS has over 50 books EACH for the states of Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  What a way to build a library.

The Atlantic Slave Trade Database Project has been undertaken by the W E B DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research, based at Harvard University.  Its goal is to consolidate a variety of published and unpublished sets of information on the slave trade on the Atlantic Seaboard from the mid 1600’s to the mid 1800’s.  For more information or to offer data or support contact David Eltis, Department of History, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6.  The e-mail address: ELTISD@QUCDN.QUEENSU.CA.  (May-June94 Genealogical Helper)

Historic Resources, Inc.  PO Box 329, Bountiful, UT 84011-0329 has a list of 19 states for which they have marriage records on disc.  The main reason I bring this up is to show the availability of records on electronic media.  At the time I saw the ad, the disc information was on sale.  As technology continues to improve, the cost of these records will also drop.

Lizzie STUNKLE, formerly of Point of Rocks, now residing at Citizens Nursing Home, Rosemont Ave, will be 100 years old on Sept 8 (The News, Frederick, MD Thursday, Sept 1 1994)


Joseph Rhea family record:  Matthew II was married (name unknown) and had 4 sons.  He later married Elizabeth McLain of Ireland and had five children, one of whom was Joseph Rhea (1715-1776).  Joseph married Elizabeth Mcilwaine.  He was a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland before coming to America in 1770.  He settled in Maryland and was pastor of Piney Creek Presbyterian Church.  In 1775, he came to the Holston Country and purchased about 2,000 acres of land.  The family moved in 1777.  He was the father of 6 sons and 2 daughters.  They married, established their homes and raised large family.  Kathern Rhea Tate, 529 Fairview School Road, Piney Flats, TN 37686.
The Gregg family record:  William Gregg (b ca 1720 d Winchester, VA), married Janet Rankin about 1750 in Maryland.  The family moved from Carroll Co, MD {for the time period it would be either Frederick or Baltimore Co, MD.  Can any of our readers add to this? TDL} to Winchester, VA.
James Gregg was one of the 3 original elders ordained by Rev Samuel Doak in 1782 in  the New Bethel Presbyterian Church, Piney Flats, TN.  He was the first school teacher of the Fork Community.
Rev Joseph Rhea was the leader of the flock known as the Piney Creek Church, Taneytown, MD.  In 1775, he was in Holston County (now Sullivan Co, TN).  He returned to MD to organize a group of church members to migrate to the Holston Country.  Among the names who went to Tenn upon his recommendation along with James Gregg were:  Allison, Berry, Hodge, Hughe, King and Massengill.  The pioneer families intermarried as history reveals.  Barbara A Bishop, Route 1, Box 79-AA, Tickfaw, LA 70466


Deaths recorded by John Ott.  This information is from a mimeograph copy on onion skin.  The original typed information includes the person’s name and the date of death.  Additional information is handwritten, except as where noted, ie: age, burial place, spouse.  Published here with the kind permission of Virginia Miller.(TDL)

John Hummer Sr died Nov 11 1828.

George Ott, Sr died Feb 12 1830.

Elizabeth Cover died Sept 8 1831, wife of John, age 43, Ott Cem at Millers Bridge.

Levi Ott died Jan 2 1831.

David Ott died Oct 6 1831.

Jacob Valentine died Jul 7 1832.

Andrew Hummer died Sept 30 1832.

Christopher Stull died Mar 18 1832.

Frederick Mering died Apr 27 1832, 64-1-27, Haugh’s Church.

Wm Biggs, Sr died Jan 28 1834.

Caty Koontz died Aug 14 1834. w/o Isaac, Haugh’s Church, age 31-1-46.

John Stoner died Jan 4 1838. born 30 Jan 1755. Stoner Cem, Johnsville.

Joshua Deleplaine died 7 Mar 1838, 67-7-7; Haugh’s Church.

Elizabeth Ott died May 4 1838.

Frederick Eichelbarger died Aug 7 1838 Creagerstown, age 75-1-27.

Daniel Valentine died July 24 1839, 18-3-2 Valentine Cem, Millers Bridge.

Fred Biggs, Sr died Mar 19 1840.

John Miller, Sr died Jan 6 1841, 76-11-27, Haugh’s Church.

Eveline Coover died Feb 16 1841.

Frederick Valentine died July 27 1841, 53-5-19, Utica Cem.

John Grinder died Oct 31 1842, 41-8-22, Walkersville Glade.

Susana Ott died Oct 22 1843.

John Valentine, Sr died July 1844.

David Deleplaine died Dec 16 1846, age 24-10-3, Haugh’s Church.

Dr James Legget died Jan 3 1847.

Jacob Birely died Jan 8 1847, bur Haugh’s Church.

Austin Cook died May 14 1847.

Caty Grise died Oct 12 1847.

George Ott died Mar 14 1848, 53 yrs (typed).

Wm Briggs of Jacob died Mar 26 1848, buried Rocky Ridge, Mt Tabor, 54 yrs (typed).

Geo Whitmore died Apr 29 1848, 69-10-16, Haugh’s Church.

Isaac Baugher died Apr 9 1848, age 62, Mt Olivet, Frdk.

Old Granny (Anna) Koontz died Nov 13 1848, w/o George, Haugh’s Ch.

Fred. Miller died near Panama May 29 1849.

George H Waesche died Panama June 11 1849.

Levi Fogle died Aug 31 1849.

Michael Waesche died Jan 19 1850.

John Dudrow died April 10 1850, 64 yrs (typed).

John Carmack died April 23 1850, age about 66, buried Haugh’s Church, 66 yrs (typed).

Daniel Rouzer died Aug 18 1850, 83-4-14, Apples Ch.

Jacob Vehon (Firor) died July 25 1850.

Samuel Myers died Sept 11 1850, 35-5-7 ??, Pipe Creek ??.

David Hull died April 1 1851.

Caty (Crossed through and Ann Catherine written above) Matthews died April 13 1851, 56-9-17, Apples.

Geo Birely died May 7 1851, age 68-11-16, bur Haugh’s Church.

Wm Miller, Sr died July 21 1851, age 66, Haugh’s Church.

Basil Wood died Nov 26 1851, 65-1-20, Creagerstown.

John Wm Martz died Jan 22 1852, Ott fam farm.

Old Phillip Blink drowned Feb 4 1852.

John Miller of John died April 15 1852, 56-5-6, Haugh’s Church.

Jacob Haugh died June 8 1852, 43-2-16, Haugh’s Church.

Susan Birely died June 20 1852, w/o Joseph, Haugh’s Church.

Wm H Biggs died Sept 3 1852.

Jacob Crise died Nov 18 1852.

Hesikah Fogle died Aug 12 1853.

Henry C(lay) McKinstry died Sept 4 1853, 27-6-24, Detour, MD.

Martha Miller died Oct 7 1853.

Mrs (Elizabeth) Mering hung herself Dec 8 1853, w/o George, age 49, Haugh’s Church.

Ugene Metz died Mar 6 1854.

Joseph Eichelberger died April 12 1854, Creagerstown, 58 yrs (typed).

Julian Rouzer died Aug 1854, w/o Daniel, Apples.

John Ott (1785-1855) who recorded deaths in book, was the son of Jacob Ott (1758-1822) and the grandson of John Adam and Appolonia (Hoffman) Ott.
The old account or day book is now in the possession of my cousin, Mr Alvah E Young who lives on Haugh’s Church Road near the cemetery.  According to him, Dr Diller found the book in an old building on the former Miller farm near the bridge, and gave it to John T Miller, uncle of Mr Young.
Mrs Buckey related:  She had read an article in one of the Frederick newspapers years back telling of the finding of the account book by Dr Diller in an open field following a flood of the Monocacy.

J H Miller, 2653 Marland Drive, Hinckley, OH 44233

Not all of the names listed are to be found in present cemeteries.  Burial locations and ages are written in where known.  Also relationship if known.  J M Holdcraft.

Equity distribution of the combined estate of Phillip and Daniel NUSBAUM

Statement of an account between Peter Lugenbeel and Milton G Urner, Trustees, in No 5315 Equity in the Circuit Court for Frederick County sitting as a Court of Equity and the heirs at law of Daniel & Philip Nusbaum deceased
To    Whole amt of Trust Funds, as follows:
From Sale of David Nusbaum’s 1/2 of Joint Land         $4560.27
From Sale of Philip Nusbaum’s 1/2 of Joint Land         $4560.27
From Sale of Philip Nusbaum’s Separate Land         $1500.00
Whole Amt of Trust Funds reported        $10620.54
To    Trustees Usual Chancery Commissions    $348.62
To    W J Parsons, Clerk’s Fees      60.25
To    Solcds Apper Fee      10.00
To    L C Derr, Shffs fees       2.00
To    Jno T Lynch, Shff, Carroll Co       3.60
To    C O Keedy, Examiner       8.00
To    Isaiah Nusbaum, Witness       2.75
To    Peter Lugenbeel, Witness       2.75
To    Trustees Paid Printing           Voucher #1       18.00
To    Trustees Paid Printing           Voucher #2      48.00
To    Trustees Paid Surveying          Voucher #3       69.00
To    Trustees Paid Auctioning         Voucher #4      10.00
To    Milton G Urner, Solcd, filing, Bill, etc     100.00
To    Trustees to pay Order Nisi ou Audit       3.00
To    J E R Wood, Auditor’s Fee       9.00       694.47
Leaving a Balance of           $9926.07
To    Amt of Sale of Danl Nusbaum’s Interest
as stated above $4560.27
Less its Share of Expenses 298.19    $4262.08
To    Amt of Sale of Philip Nusbaum’s Interest Joint
& Separate, as stated above   $6060.27
Less its Share of Expenses    396.28     5663.99      9926.07
Distributed separately as follows:
To    Amt of Daniel Nusbaum’s share less Expenses          4262.08
Of which there accrues,
To    Philip Nusbaum, now deceased            1/4     1065.52
To    Ann Nusbaum, A Sister                   1/4     1065.52
To    Mary C Devilbiss, a niece        1/4 of 1/4      266.38
To    Samuel Keefer, a nephew          1/4 of 1/4      266.38
To    Ludwig Keefer, a nephew          1/4 of 1/4      266.38
To    Philip N Keefer, a nephew        1/4 of 1/4      266.38
To    Isaiah Nusbaum, a nephew         1/6 of 1/4      177.58 2/3
To    Susannah Bond, a niece           1/6 of 1/4      177.58 2/3
To    Jacob L Naill Survg Husband of Elizabeth A
Naill, decd a Niece       1/8 of 1/6 of 1/4       22.19 5/6
To    Fanny J Naill, daughter of
Elizabeth A        1/3 of 7/8 of 1/6 of 1/4       51.79 11/18
To    John E Naill, son of
Elizabeth A        1/3 of 7/8 of 1/6 of 1/4       51.79 11/18
To    Daisy A Nail daughter of
Elizabeth A        1/3 of 7/8 of 1/6 of 1/4       51.79 11/18
To    Fanny M Baker, a Niece           1/6 of 1/4      177.58 2/3
To    Mary C Franklin, a Niece         1/6 of 1/4      177.58 2/3
To    Laura A Barnes, a Niece          1/6 of 1/4      177.58 2/3    $ 4262.08
To    Philip Nusbaum’s Share less Expenses    $5663.99
To which add his 1/4 of Daniel as above     1065.52    $ 6729.51
Of which their accrues
To    Ann Nusbaum, a Sister                   1/3     2243.17
To    Mary C Devilbiss, a Niece        1/4 of 1/3      560.79 1/4
To    Samuel Keefer, a Nephew          1/4 of 1/3      560.79 1/4
To    Ludwig Keefer, a Nephew          1/4 of 1/3      560.79 1/4
To    Philip N Keefer, a Nephew        1/4 of 1/3      560.79 1/4
To    Isaiah Nusbaum, a Nephew         1/5 of 1/3      448.63 2/5
To    Susannah Bond, a Niece           1/5 of 1/3      448.63 2/5
To    Fanny M Baker, a Niece           1/5 of 1/3      448.63 2/5
To    Mary C Franklin, a Niece           1/5 of 1/3      448.63 2/5
To    Laura A Barnes, a Niece           1/5 of 1/3      448.63 2/5      6729.51

To the Honor the Judges, of the Circuit Court for Frederick County sitting as a Court of Equity, In this case I have charged the Trustees with whole amount of Trust Funds.  I have, then, allowed them, the Usual Commissions, Taxed Costs, and expenses, and distributed the residue among the heirs, as instructed by instructions filed (May 29th 1888)                               J E R WOOD

Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)

New and Renewal members

BERKMAN, William W, 4340 Whispering Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917 BERGMAN/BARGMAN/BORGMAN/BARICKMAN, BRUNNER, BANTZ, MACK.
CADY, Jeanne DOTY, 6618 Belle Glade Ave, San Diego, CA 92119 SHAW, GIESY, LEATHERMAN
CAMPBELL, Judy, 106A East 2nd St, Frederick, MD 21701 MURPHY
CROMWELL, Suzanne, 24462 Broadview, Farmington Hills, MI 48336 HOUFF, ROTHENHOEFER
DIXON, Lenore E, 1353 Denniston St, Pittsburgh, PA 15217-1330 MADDOX
FITZGERALD, Susan, P O Box 1396, Frederick, MD 21702-0396, STAMBAUGH, LONG, HARBAUGH
HAASER, Lucynthia Mattox, 3 Loma Linda Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906  BROOKE, RIGGS, BEASLEY, LINDSEY, JOHNSON, MADDOX
ISELER, Alta E, 4424 Huron City Rd, Port Hope, MI 48468 JUSTICE, UMSTEAD, JENKS, OLLER, BOYER, DOTSON
JONES, Lee, PO Box 121578, Fort Worth, TX 76121
McCALLUM Jr., Daniel W, 8016 Hollow Reed Ct., Frederick, MD 21701-1503
McHENRY, William, 1001 Ford Road, Vestal, NY 13850 McHENRY
POLING, Newton & Virginia, 10822 Oak Valley Dr, Hagerstown, MD 21740-7847
STEPHENS, Waneta, 312 South Vine Street, Mt Pulaski, IL 62548-1338
SWEENEY, Vera J (Mrs Charles R), 3915 Brinkwood Rd, Des Moines, Iowa 50310
WILLIE, Ernest L, 5710 School Rd, Macon, GA 31206 COLLIFLOWER, STAHL

Card File Additions

William Joseph Davis b 16 Aug 1844 in Frederick City, also the Van Meter family-Lee Jones, PO Box 121578, Fort Worth, TX 76121

New in the library:

FRECOGS is the very happy recipient of a large donation of genealogies, research reference books and magazines from the home of George and Donna Valley Russell.  The Russells are moving to New Market from Middletown, and donated about 15 boxes of materials to the society.  Unfortunately there is not enough room at the Family History Center for the collection and it currently sits in my basement-along with 80% of my own books, I might add.  I will be sorting through them to add items slowly to the FHC-so as not to overwhelm space there.  Added items will be listed here.  Duplications and older resource books will be auctioned at FRECOGS meetings.  See you there.

The John Jackson and Esther Ann Werts Family History is a largely contemporary listing of the cousins, and the family stories, of the compiler, Philip W Allen and Mrs Paul R Coffman.  Referenced mainly from word of mouth, secondary sources and county histories, this 348 page, paper back, 5 x 8 book is available for $20 from the compiler at 2655 South Rosanna St, Las Vegas, NV 89117-3043, or from Mrs Coffman, 3638 South Broadway, Springfield, MO 65807.  There is a relationship reference chart and descendants charts at the end of the book, as well as an index.  A novel idea is the statistical section which lists number of persons per generation, age at death, marriages and divorces, age at marriage and education, among others.
The numbering system makes it difficult to keep track of the relationship of the cousins and it would be helpful to have the charts between the different family groups.  Frederick County is mentioned early in Part 1, as is Loudoun Co, VA.  This reviewer wonders if there is any relationship between the WERTS and the VIRTS family of Loudoun Co, VA.

Also in the library is a replacement for the Atlas of Frederick County, Maryland from actual surveys by and under the directions of D J Lake CE, published by Titus 1873 that has gone missing.  If you’d like your own personal copy, it is available for $10 from the Frederick County Landmark Foundation, Inc, 1110 Rosemont Ave, Frederick MD 21701.

Books, magazines

BARRICK (BERG) Families of Frederick Co, MD.  Primarily, descendants of John William Barrick (Berg).  Reprint of 1989 edition, 8 1/2 x 11″, hardbound. 488 pages plus index, over 5000 names. $43.00 ppd.  (May June94 Genealogical Helper)

The Atlantic Canadians 1600-1900, 3 volumes, over 400,000 name entries.  $395 post paid, hardcover.  Ten generations of the people who lived in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island.  Listed by name, date, occupation and place of residence.  Sources include census, marriage and cemetery records, also directories, published and unpublished genealogies.  To order by phone: 1-800-667-0300.  The Genealogical Research Library, 20 Toronto Street, Toronto, Canada M5C 2B8.


Mrs Betty Lou (Parks) Carter, 209 Crabb Ave, Rockville, MD (301)-424-5781.  Betty had 4 children placed in foster care in 1963 by Montgomery County Social Services, without her consent.  She says, under intimidation by the agency, she was persuaded to sign surrender papers in 1965.  She has found 3 of her four children and is now looking for her son, James Leroy SCALF, born 13 May 1858 at Montgomery General Hospital, Olney, Montgomery Co, MD.
She was told that Jame’s first adoption didn’t work out and he was adopted for the second time at age 11 by the Harford Co, MD Social Services Agency.  James has twice contacted Harford County Social Services seeking information on his family, in 1984 and 1987; in 1987 he was married and had a son.  Despite this and the fact that Betty has placed a “Waiver of Confidentiality” on file with them, the agency refuses to contact him to tell him that his birth family is interested in finding him. (May-June 1994 Genealogical Helper)


Leonard BARNES m Nancy PRICE 11 Oct 1790.  Wish to add to information on this couple who moved to OH.  Earl P Otto, 2018 Brashem Ave, Bremerton, WA 98310.

I am doing some work on Charles A WARFIELD of Frederick Co, MD and think I have located the old Warfield homestead on Sams Creek Rd between Marston Rd and Buffalo Rd, I spoke to the man who owns that falling down house and he said someone from Frederick Co had researched the history of the house many years ago.  I would like to find this history and also the marriage information of Charles to Ann HOLLINGSWORTH.  Gaye Grainger Stokes, 9916 Derbyshire Ln, Bethesda, MD 20817-1535

I have a 1850 census when my ggndmother Sarah Elizabeth COLLIFLOWER was only one year old, but the 1860 census seems incomplete.  They lived in Montgomery Co in 1850, but I found nothing in that Co in 1860.  I had 2 aunts that we always assumed to be Sarah’s sisters so they should be all listed in 1860.  Sarah was married to William Wallace MCINTOSH on 10/24/1867 in Montgomery County.  I am also tracking the STAHL family that settled in and around Washington, DC.  Ernest L Willie, 5710 School Rd, Macon, GA 31206.

Christian BERKMAN/BERGMANN/BARICKMAN/BERGHMAN born Frederick 17 Dec 1798, son of Christoph and Anna Maria BANTZ/PANTZ.  Veteran of War of 1812, having fought in the MD Militia in 1814 at the age of 16 years.
Christoph BARGMANN/BERGMANN b in GER (Hofgeismar?) about 1754, came to America as a German mercenary about 1776, in the Col von Muenchhausen Co, General von Bose Reg, captured at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered, held as prisoner at Frederick.  Hessian Barracks?
John Adam BANTZ, American patriot, father of Anna Maria BANTZ.
Henry BRUNNER, father of Catherine BRUNNER, wife of John Adam BANTZ, son of Joseph BRUNNER.
Joseph BRUNNER, father of Henry, and builder of Schiefferstadt home in Frederick.
Christoph BARGMANN attended the German Reformed Ch in Frederick 1784-1817 and then moved to Belmont, Ohio.
Also looking for info on where they came from in GER and internment at the Hessian Barracks.  William W Berkman, 4340 Whispering Circle North, Colorado Springs, CO 80917-3627

John RENNER, b 29 Oct 1784 (d 1849 Darke Co, OH) m 29 Oct 1811 in Frederick Co, MD to Letticia FLANAGAN.  She was the dau of Malachi FLANAGAN who died ca 1818 (will in county). Their dau, Margaret Ann Catherine, b 2 Sep 1829 in Frederick Co,  m Orrin SKINNER 14 Mar 1853 in Darke Co, OH.  She died 18 Aug 1914 in Payne, Paulding Co, OH. Looking for more information on Margaret and her parents.  Terri Gorney, 4723 Barrington Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46806-2672

In the 1790 census in MD, Frederick Co, I found Samuel, William and Anthony ARNOLD.  These names are repeated in every generation of my family history research.  Also, Anthony’s wife may have been Francis and William might have been married to Fanny.  D L Reed, POB 7707, Cross Lanes, WV 25356

Researching all HAUPT in Frederick and Washington Co, MD.  Donna Younkin Logan, Treasurer, 12109-A Old Frederick Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788

Ephraim LONG, b 12 Dec 1813 in Washington Co, MD, was married to Mary Ann AHALT in Frederick Co 30 Jan 1840.  Ephraim’s brother, John, was born 31 Jul 1811 in Middletown.  Both brothers with their families later relocated to south eastern Nebraska.  Looking for all info in Ephraim and his family.  Homer Still, 7222 Kenyon Ave, Hesperia, CA 92345

Searching for info on the parents of John D MACKAL b 29 Oct 1799, Nancy ROBINSON b 15 Jan 1804, Peter Calvin WINEBRENNER b ca 1811, Sophia TRUMPOWER b ca 1811, William FOUTCH b ca 1796, and Catherine CAASHTER b ca 1793.  John MACKAL and Nancy ROBINSON were married in Washington Co in 1821.  Peter WINEBRENNER and Sophia TRUMPOWER were married by 1835, and William FOUTCH and Catherine CAASHTER were married by 1824.  Cathryn Halpin, 1235 Crumpet, San Antonio, TX 78253.

Searching for marriage documentation between Edmond RIGGS and Mary BROOKE ca 1740.  There are about 9 Mary BROOK’s in the correct age bracket for the county and timeframe.  Lucynthia Mattox Haaser, 3 Loma Linda Dr, Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

I am looking for info on the surnames NAVE & SCHEIDELER (also spelled SHIDELER & SHIDLER) from the Frederick Co, MD area in the 1720-1740 and beyond.  I am specifically looking for Johanne Scheideler marrying Margaret NAVE, probably in the late 1730’s or so.  Any other connections and info are appreciated.  Mike Nolde, 410 Hyde Park Dr, Hutchinson, KS 67502-2828.

Looking for info on Mary SHRINER who m Greenbury SPURIER 29 Aug 1811 in Frederick Co, MD.  Also looking for 18th century info on STERLING or STARLING in Frederick/Wash Co, MD.  I have a Samuel STERLING b in 1810, m in 1837 to Ellen WILLIAMS in Washington Co, MD.  Lee Barlock, 3163 Plantation Pkwy, Fairfax, VA 22030.

I am looking for info on Peter BARRICK, Sr, b 4/6/1762 in Frederick Co.  His wife was Mary MCKAMEY and he fought in the Rev War 1781-1782.  I am trying to find his parents, m or any info. Sherry Niolet, 6338 N Washam, Corpus Christi, TX 78414.

Phillip came from GER to PA in 1778 and moved to MD.  Adam SHANK was b in Middleton (sic) Valley, Fred Co, MD 10 Oct 1786.  His bro and sis were: Peter John Mary  Jacob Daniel Margaret Susan and Elizabeth. My goal is to find out about Phillip.  Vincent E Shank, 846 Monika Way, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

The 40th reunion of the Stine family was held on Sept 11 1994.  However, the contact person, Rick Linton (301) 663-9499 is interested in the descendants of Henry STINE (STEIN) b 20 Nov 1821 d 27 Oct 1900 and Elizabeth BROWN Stine b 22 Mar 1827 d 13 Jan 1872.  Their children:  John 1846, Daniel E 1847, Elias 1848, Thomas F 1849, Lewis 1851, Sarah 1853, Philip L 1854, Mary E 1860, Isaiah 1864 and Samuel M 1867.

Looking for a copy of the Frederick County map published in 1910 by Rand McNally, one of a series of county maps that the company did of the entire state.  Trudie Davis-Long, PO Box 234, Monrovia, MD 21771