Apr 1995

Annual Membership in the society is $10 for individuals and $12 for families.  Meetings are held at the LDS Family History Center, 199 North Place, Frederick, MD, at 7 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December.  301-698-0406 is the phone number for the Family History Center.

FRECOGS mailing address:

FRECOGS, Post Office Box 234, Monrovia, Maryland, 21770-0234

FRECOGS officers:

Al Werking, President, 8212 Greenvale Drive, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-2621
Susanne F Flowers, Vice President, 9144 Bethel Rd, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 663-0769
G Helen Six, Secretary, 13 Norva Ave, Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 663-5359
Jim Hammond, Treasurer, 8105 Runnymeade Dr, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 694-0815
Trudie Davis Long, Newsletter, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mt Airy, MD, 21771-9713, (301) 831-5781


16    Meeting Announcement
17    Editor’s note
17    Letter to the editor
18    Exchange journal and society information
19    Notes
20    List of addresses for county historical societies
21    Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)
22    Peg AYER’s partial ahnentafel
22    Karen CROWLEY ahnentafel.
25    ALBAUGH ahnentafel
25    Jesse EURY of Delaware Co, OH
25    Intention of Maryland State Roads Commission to move certain Graves (1965)
26    Bible of Joseph DELPHEY & Delilah KOONS
27    Finding the Household of an Unnamed Ancestor
29    Books, magazines
30    Adoptee/Birthparent searches
31    Queries


The Genealogical Council’s next business meeting is scheduled for Sat, Apr 8, 1995 at 10 AM at the Frederick County Historical Society.  The Civil War and the new Society library facilities will be featured in the afternoon program.  Mr Burt Kummarow, Director of the newly established Civil War Medical Museum will provide the group with an update on that project located in downtown Frederick.  Also John Peterson, NPS Project Manager of the Civil War Soldiers System will provide an update on the management, in Maryland, of the Names Index segment of the project.  Additionally, Ron Walker, Computer Designer, of Blue Ridge Systems, will give a live demonstration of the multi-media program being developed as the ultimate product of the system.  Members able to arrive by 9:30 will be given a tour of the revamped library facilities.


In response to the attitude of some researchers, courthouse staff, & librarian types who abuse their positions of leadership with novice learners and, to use a phrase plagiarized from nursing, ‘eat our young’ by discouraging new genealogy researchers, I’ve put together a little list of my pet peeves. This is not to reflect on any one person, but includes stories I heard and problems I’ve read about.  I, myself, have been guilty of being short with some newcomers, so this is something I’ve learned from, too.

Blessed are those who share their time and information with other researchers, for what goes around comes around.
Blessed are those who teach others how to use resources, secure that this will be used to further the research of others.
Blessed are the librarians and staff of institutions of higher education who allow anyone interested in research to use their resources & point out how to use the indexes and reference utilities.
Blessed is the courthouse or library staffer who does NOT say ‘Oh no, not another genealogist’.
Blessed is the courthouse or library worker who refers people with specific questions to someone else who can help them.
Blessed are they who keep the equipment running &/or when equipment is fixed call patrons to say they should come in to use it.
Blessed are they who do not question the motives of others, but take them at face value and offer suggestions in a forthright & friendly way.
Blessed are those researchers in lineage or hereditary societies who are not sanctimonious about their ancestors.
Blessed is the researcher who uses primary documentation.
Blessed are those who donate time, money or effort to preserve primary records.
Blessed is the organized library, court house, and researcher.
Blessed are those who preserve oral histories and traditions.

Send me your pet peeves. Trudie


Most genealogists seem to enjoy visiting the exhibit hall during genealogical conferences in order to see what goods and services are available because this is their best opportunity to ‘see before they buy’. The vendors go to these conferences primarily to build their businesses which means getting new customers and turning a profit. Over the past several years the vendors have become increasingly distressed because they find themselves working for minimum wage or actually losing money at most conferences.
Following the FGS meeting last October we circulated a survey to about 50 commercial vendors……..
The survey makes it clear that the problems being experienced by the vendors are systemic; they relate to the design and operation of the conferences and are characteristic of most events, both large and small. The main problems experienced by the vendors arise because their sales are too low and/or their overhead is too high.  Their sales are too low because there are too few conference attendees in proportion to the number of vendors present, and there are too few free hours in the typical program during which the attendees can browse the vendors…..
The vendor report and the remarks above suggest several changes that could easily be implemented which would substantially improve the vendors prospects:
1. Let the vendors play an active role in conference planning…….
2. Improve the ratio of attendees to vendors by improving the marketing of the conferences and/or restricting the number of vendors if necessary……
3. A larger proportion of the program time should be allocated for vendor browsing, and that time should be more concentrated……
….All responses I receive will be circulated among all the Vendors who participated in the survey.  Anyone wanting a free copy of the vendor survey can request it from me.

Laird C Towle, Ph D, CEO, Heritage Books, Inc, 1540-E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716.


Exchange journals are available in the vertical files at the FHC.

The February issue of the Whittier Area Genealogical Society Newsletter lists the workshop schedule for the Pacific Southwest Region of the National Archives, Laguna Niguel for Feb to April 1995.

Line upon Line, of the Genealogy Club of Montgomery County, is looking for a new editor.  Their long time editor, Viola Wilson, is retiring from her duties.
The March issue of this newsletter has a long article about the software program The Master Genealogist written by Elsie Crane Savell.

FRECOGS has been getting meeting notices of the PG County Genealogical Society without enough time allowed to get the dates in our newsletter.  If any of our readers receives their newsletter, I would appreciate a listing of meetings ahead of time to put in the FRECOGS newsletter.

Past Tracks of the Green Valley Arizona Genealogical Society for Feb95 has reviews of their Dec94 & Jan95 programs and a set of guidelines for new researchers using the federal census records.

The February issue of St Mary’s County The Generator contains two stories about members ancestors in the Civil War.
The March issue has information on 2 books on St Mary’s County research (see the Book section, and a SLAGLE Bible, property of FRECOGS member Sarah Barnes Slagle Fitzgerald.

Family Backtracking of the Puget Sound Genealogical Society continues their list of Kitsap County marriage records 1860-1915, and has an article on ‘Impressions of My Research Trip to Salt Lake City.”

The Winter issue of the Genealogical Society of Page Co, VA Newsletter has an Allison Family bible, the Civil War Diary of Joseph Fant Kauffman 28 Mar 1862 to 28 Aug 1862, and a ledger kept by Mr Daniel Fagan containing the names of persons buying lots in Green Hill Cemetery 1877-1890.

Continental Columns, newsletter of the NSDAR Library Spring 95, has a listing of many recent additions of books and microform publications on Eastern port cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, New York City, Norfolk, VA, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Richmond, Savannah, & Washington DC.

The Los Alamos Family History Society Newsletter Mar 95 contains a article called ‘A Case for DNA Testing’. The author, W Burton Lewis, was questioning the parentage of one of his ancestors, which could have been one of 3 men. Imagine the possibilities for identification if a business was available to do DNA testing, just for family research.

The Winter 1995 issue of the Mock Family Historian has an article on the descendants of “George Mock of Harrison Co, IN” and “Diary of John W Mauck A Civil War Soldier” among other interesting articles.


Because of increasing costs, it is necessary to raise the price for back issues of FRECOGS Newsletters.  Individual issues will be $2 & the indexes will be $5 postpaid.  For 1993’s 4 issues, including the index, the cost will be $10.  For 1994’s 6 issues, including the index, the cost will be $12.

I have asked a friend to see if her daughter (said daughter is a mortician) has an old copy of the Funeral Directors Yellow Pages to place in the library.

Currently for sale is a book called Cemeteries of the US for $62.95.  Please be aware that it only lists ‘current’ cemeteries. (A different book with the same title is listed in the Book and Magazine section.)

The National Archives & Records Administration is offering tours of the new Archives II facility on Adelphi Road in College Park, MD.  Tours are given on Tues & Thurs at 10:15 AM & 1:15 PM and last 1-2 hours.  Advance registrations can be made by calling the Volunteer Tour Office of the National Archives at 101-501-5205 Mon-Fri. (Line upon Line)

Pastor Frederick S Weiser, 55 Kohler School Rd, New Oxford, PA 17350, is offering 2 Genealogist’s Personal Tours to German, Swiss or Alsatian ancestral villages.  The dates are 22 May -5 June 1995 or 21 Aug – 4 Sept 1995.  Limit of 6 persons per tour. (Our Name’s the Game).

Former member Jesse W Delozier is publishing Delozier Times, PO Box 711387, Santee, CA 92072-1387 for $16/year.  Information in issue #1 includes: Ignatius DELOSIER was born in Fred Co, MD on 4 Feb 1776. He was the 2nd child of Daniel DELOZIER Sr (ca 1750- 1818) & Nancy Ann ELDER (1751-1834) & their 1st son. On 2 Apr 1804, Daniel Sr, Nancy Ann, and son sold March Weather in Fred Co, MD and after the sale relocated to Cambria Co, PA.  The article continues with the census history of Ignatius Delosier in Washington Co, MD.

Reunions Magazine in Spring 93 had a list of researching tips based on averages.  They are being copied by other genealogy newsletters and can be read in the vertical files in issues of Past Tracks Feb95.

The Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society is having Hank Jones as a speaker on Apr 22 1995 at the Antrim House Restaurant in Greencastle, PA. Cost is $25/members, $30/nonmembers, & $34/new members including annual fee.  Reservations are necessary phone Joan Sheviak (703) 560-7144 or send your registration request with personal check payable to the Mid Atlantic Germanic Society to Joan Sheviak, 3519 King Arthur Rd, Annandale, VA 22003.

The Lancaster County Ancestor Fair will be held Jul 29 1995 at the Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Dr, Lancaster, PA 10A to 5P. There will be Vendors, Family Associations, Societies & special Consultants. A surname directory is being compiled for those attending. Send a list of your surnames, your name & address, & $4 to Lancaster Surname Directory, Carolina Trader Promotions, PO Box 769, Monroe, NC  28111-0769

The York County Ancestor Fair will be held Oct 28 1995 at the Sprigetts Firehall, 3013 E Market St, York, PA 10A to 5P. Other info as above, except direct your surname list to the York Surname directory.

The Annual Meeting of the CHILDERS/CHILDRESS Family Association will be held August 11,12,13, 1995 at the Holiday Inn downtown Richmond, VA. Contact Jack Childers, Rd 3 Box 480, Fenwick Island, DE 19944-9345; 302-539-9366/ fax 302-539-1285

The Montgomery County Historical Society is going to have a book talk Weds Apr 19 from 6:30-8:30 at the Bethesda Woman’s Club at Old Georgetown and Sonoma Rd.  Meet and talk to the authors and get your books autographed. There will be a panel discussion by the authors followed by a wine & cheese reception & book signing. Copies of all books will be for sale, and are currently available for sale in the Museum Shop. Admission is $12.
Season of Fire: The Confederate Strike on Washington by Joseph Judge.
Remembrance by JoAnn Power (a historical romance).
The Underground Railroad in Montgomery Co, MD: A History and Driving Guide by Anthony Cohen.
Bethesda: A Social History by William Offutt.
Lest We Forget: A Guide to Civil War Monuments in Maryland by Susan Soderberg.
Common Soldier, Uncommon War by John Davis illustrated by Charles Dykes.

Also from MCHS, Saturday Apr 22 7:30 Am to 4:30 PM, a bus tour of the Escape Route of John Wilkes Booth. The tour will stop at Ford’s Theatre, Surratt House, Dr Samuel Mudd House and Loyola Retreat House. Lunch will be on Pope’s Creek. Cost is $55 for MCGS members & $60 for nonmembers.  The tour will be cancelled if less than 35 people register.
MCHS, 111 W Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850-4212.

The NSDAR Library will be closed to the public 9-22 Apr 1995 for their Continental Congress. Husbands & other non-member relatives of NSDAR members are discouraged from using the Library, which will be extremely crowded, during this period.  They will be charged $5 each, but there is no guarantee of a seat.  Members of allied societies, SAR, SR, CAR, will be exempt from the entrance fee only upon presentation of a valid (1995) membership card.

I received a letter from Trudy Huskamp Peterson, Acting Archivist of the United States from the National Archives in response to concerns about destroying Railroad Retirement Board pension files. 2 Dec 1994 the Archivist announced the formation of a Task Force on Personal Data Records. The Task Force will review a number of records and disposition schedules involving personal data of potential genealogical value. By April 1, guidelines are to be developed. I will keep you informed of further developments.

The Tennessee River Valley Counties Seminar Committee, 198 Forrest Ave, Camden, TN 38320 would like anyone interested in research in the 9 counties along the River to know about their seminar on June 12-15 1995 from 9 AM to 5 PM at Camden Central High School in Benton County, TN.  Everton Publishing Society will be presenting their “Climbing your family Tree can be fun” program on Tuesday June 12. The $25 fee for the workshop includes a years subscription to the Genealogical Helper. Fees are $10/day (except for Tuesday) or $50 preregistration for the full seminar. For more information write to the address above.

LIST OF COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY ADDRESSES This is the CURRENT address list I have; please send me corrections.

Allegany Historical Society, 218 Washington St, Cumberland, MD 21502
Anne Arundel Historical Society, 75 Crain Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Baltimore Historical Society, 9811 Van Buren Lane, Cockeysville, MD 21030
Calvert Historical Society, P O Box 358, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Caroline Historical Society, P O BOX 160, Greensboro, MD 21639
Carroll Historical Society, 210 East Main St, Westminster, MD 21157
Catonsville Historical Society, P O Box 9311, Baltimore, MD 21228
Cecil Historical Society, 135 East Main St, Elkton, MD 21921
Charles Historical Society, c/o Mrs Roger B Merrick, Rt 3 Box 65, LaPlata, MD 20646
Dorchester Historical Society, Meredith House, 904 LaGrange St, Cambridge, MD 21613
Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society, PO Box 9235, Dundalk, MD 21222
Garrett Historical Society, PO Box 3026, Deer Park, MD 21550
Harford Historical Society, 324 Kenmore Ave, Bel Air, MD 21014
Howard Historical Society, 8326 Court Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043
Kent Historical Society, Church Alley, Chestertown, MD 21620
Maryland Historical Society, 201 West Monument, Baltimore, MD 21201
Montgomery Historical Society, 111 West Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850
Prince George’s Historical Society, 5626 Bell Station Rd, Glendale, MD 20769
Queen Anne’s Historical Society, PO Box 296, Centerville, MD 21617
St Mary’s Historical Society, Court House Dr, Leonardtown, MD 20650
Somerset Historical Society, Treackle Mansion, Princess Anne, MD 21853
Talbot Historical Society, PO Box 964, Easton, MD 20650
Washington Historical Society, PO Box 1281, Hagerstown, MD 21740
Wicomico Historical Society, PO Box 573, Salisbury, MD 21801
Worchester Historical Society, PO Box 111, Snow Hill, MD 21863
Historical Society of Washington, DC 1307 NH Ave, NW, Washington DC 20037


Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)

Bravo to FRECOGS member Keith L Roberson to has completed the NGS Home Study Course, American Genealogy, a Basic Course.

New and Renewal members
CONVEY, John H, P O Box 139, Braddock Heights, MD 21714
CROWLEY, Karen, Brian, Glenn & Neil, 501 California St, El Segundo, CA 90245-3213 NORWOOD.
DAVIS LONG, Trudie, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mount Airy, MD 21771 All LONG families in Frederick Co, MD and their descendants.  All BOGER and MOTHERSHEAD families anywhere and their descendants.
EPPERLY, John M, 5414 Gainsborough Dr, Fairfax, VA 22032 EBERLE, EPPERLY, SAURS/SOWERS
FRANKS, Barbara Edgell, RR 2 Box 195A, Susquehanna, PA 18847 PRESTON, LINTON
JOHNSON, Patricia, 612 Princeton Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94087-1851 HOFFMAN HUFFMAN, GRUND/GROUND/GRUN
MATTHIAS, Helen M, 40 South Pendleton Ct, Frederick, MD 21702
RAY, Hilma W, Apt. 10, 2 Sandy Spring Ct, Thurmont, MD 21788
ROBERSON, Keith Lyman, 433 Heather Ridge Dr, Frederick MD 21702 ROBERSON, PURDY, BUTCHER, KOHLENBURG
SIX, G. Helen, 13 Norva Ave, Frederick, MD 21701 COLLIFLOWER, WELLER, SIX
TOMS, Richard M, 300 Chapel Ct #321, Walkersville, MD, 21793 TOMS, EYLER, YOUNG, WOLFE  Carroll Co, MD
TURNER, Edward J, 16502 Raven Rock Rd, Cascade, MD 21719 LEWIS, BUTT, SIESS

Cards for the surname file  Mrs Wanda Hall, 810 Stiles Ct, Joppa, MD 21085
BARNES [Taylorsville area] James 1698-1726; Joshua 1700’2-1756; Philemon 1723-1813; Zadock 1767-1849; Andrew 1796-1854; William Henry 1821-1885; Charles Wesley 1858-1943; C Ray 1890-1979; Carlton 1920-1994-looking for siblings of any of these men.
BRASHEARS-Richard J 1829-1888 m Sarah CAIN Mt Airy; William J b 1856 d 1909 Mt Airy m Fannie L HOOD; Blanche 1891-1931 m C Ray BARNES. Who is Osborn BRASHEARS?
CAIN, William b 1806 MD m Sarah ? NORWOOD?; Sarah Ann CAIN 1832-1906 m Richard BRASHEARS; Wm J BRASHEARS 1856-1909 m Fannie HOOD.
CRISWELL [Winfield] John 1796-1838 m Ruth SHIPLEY; Louisa 1847-1928 m John H STEM; Ella M STEM 1867-1924 m Charles Wesley BARNES; C Ray Barnes 1890-1979 m Blance BRASHEARS.
FLEMING [Taylorsville area} Thomas 1802-1866 m Amelia MULLINEX; Sarah Ann 1828-1902 m William H BARNES; Charles Wesley BARNES 1858-1943 m Ella M STEM. Need parents of Thomas &/or siblings.
HARRISON [Fred Co] Nimrod 1802-1823 m Mary Ann BECRAFT; Sarah 1834-1906 Mt Airy m Benjamin HOOD; Fannie L HOOD 1858-1908 Mt Airy m William J BRASHEARS; Blanche BRASHEARS 1891-1931 m C Ray BARNES. Need parents of Nimrod.
STEM [Dennings] Jacob 1793-1855 m Mary Ann HOOPER; John Henry 1841-1917 m Louisa CRISWELL; Ella M STEM 1867-1924 m Charles Wesley BARNES; C Ray BARNES 1890-1979 m Blanche BRASHEARS.

Ann Burton, 43779 Valley Rd, Decatur, MI 49045
REDDICH/REDDICK Looking for a m of a female REDDICH/REDDICK who m a YOUNG early 1800’s & had a son John YOUNG, b Frederick Co, MD 1816.  A slip in a bible read ‘John YOUNG’s Mother was a REDDICK or REDDICH’.
YOUNG, John b April 1816 Frederick Co, MD lived in ‘the Hills’ helped father farm & only attended school 11 days.  Moved (with his family?) to Montgomery Co, OH (Dayton area) by 28 Mar 1839. m 28 Mar 1839 Montgomery Co, OH Lydia Ann BECK, dau of Conrad & Anspaugh BECK. Had 3 ch in Montgomery Co, OH: Mary E, Sarah E, Nancy Jane.  Moved to Rock Creek Twp, Carroll Co, IN 1849, died there 27 Feb 1882.  Short, Stocky man. On 1850 census Carroll Co, IN near John (34 in 1850) was a Leonard YOUNG, 44, b in MD wife Aloiza 36, b MD; & son Chas 1 b IN.  Buried Camden Cem, Camden, IN

New in the library:

The latest Genealogical Helper issue is Sept/Oct94
Telling it like it was, a Not too Serious Autobiography by Paul E Holdcraft copy donated by Margaret E Myers.

Partial AHNENTAFEL for Peg Ayers, 4190 Walnut Hill Dr, Troy, MI 48098

1. Frank Hadden MCGOUGH b 2 Apr 1859 Cresson, Cambria, PA, m 8 Jun 1885 Muskegon, Muskegon, MI to Catherine HAMEN (1867-1947); d 26 Jul 1927 Muskegon, Muskegon, MI.
2. Samuel S MCGOUGH b 3 Jan 1817; m 9 Jan 1847 Loretto, Cambria, PA; d 27 May 1881.
3. Agnes Amanda MCHUGH b 22/28 Jun 1820 Loretto, Cambria, PA
6. Matthew MCHUGH, Jr b 1791 IRE; m 24 Aug 1819; d 31 Aug 1874 Muster Twp, PA.
7. Mary Ann MCGUIRE b 31 Aug 1801; d 21 Apr 1874/9.
14. Richard MCGUIRE b 12 Dec 1771 Frederick, MD; d 13 Jan 1855 Loretto, Cambria, PA.
15. Eleanor BYRNES b 1782; d 5 Aug 1855 Loretto, Cambria, PA.
28. Michael MCGUIRE (Capt).
29. Rachel BROWN.

AHNENTAFEL OF Karen R Crowley, 501 California St, El Segundo, CA 90245-3213

1. Karen Ruth SCHUH b 12 Oct 1950 Philadelphia, Phila, PA.
2. David Elliott SCHUH, Sr b 28 Jul 1906 Philadelphia,, PA, m 30 Jan 1933 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, d 26 Mar 1992 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
3. Ruth Esther YINGLING b 29 Jul 1913 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
4. Herman Aloysius SCHUH b 14 Feb 1875 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, m 1900 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, d 23 Sep 1965 Doylestown, Bucks, PA.
5. Anna Katherine BAUER, b 6 Feb 1881 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, d 26 Mar 1934 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
6. Howard Eugene YINGLING, b 1879 Adamstown, Frederick , MD m ca 1905 MD, d after 1957 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
7. Margaret Ordean NORWOOD, b 12 Sep 1886 Woodville, Frederick, MD, d 30 May 1971 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
8. Joseph SCHUH b Sep 1842 Baden GER; m 1872; d bef 1910 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
9. Louise BREDEMEYER b Oct 1843 Hartum, Hille, Prussia d Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
10. John BAUER b Aug 1839 Hesse, GER; m ca 1868, Hesse, GER; d ca 1917 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
11. Elizabeth Marie BLUMSTEIN b Apr 1845 Hesse, GER; d Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
12. Zadock Adam YINGLING b ca 1841 Adamstown, Frederick, MD, m ca 1865 MD, d 1889 Frederick, MD.
13. Margaret Ann GIESLER b ca 1840 MD; d aft 1870.
14. Thomas Martin Vanburen NORWOOD b 26 May 1840 Frederick, MD; m 1867 MD; d Nov 1906 Frederick, MD. (1st m 22 Mar 1861 to Mary E HOOD-TDL-Frederick Marriages by Margaret E Myers)
15. Margaret C b 12 Aug 1851 Frederick, MD; d 14 Nov 1927 Baltimore?, MD.
24. William George YINGLING b ca 1803 Frederick, MD; d 1881 Frederick, MD.
25. Catherine WINDSOR, b ca 1807 d aft 1870 Frederick, MD.
26. GIESLER d before 1950.
27. Mary b ca 1807, d MD.
28. Belt M NORWOOD b 18 Mar 1813, MD; m bef 1840 MD; d 26 Oct 1872, MD
29. Sarah Ann DAY b 22 Mar 1814 MD, d 16 Dec 1879 MD.
48. Adam YINGLING b ca 1765 d bef 1840 Frederick, MD.
49. YINGLING NEE b ca 1775 d bef 1840 Frederick, MD.
56. Thomas NORWOOD b 1779 Anne Arundel, MD; m MD d aft 1850 MD.
57. Sarah HILLEARY b MD d bef 1850 MD.
112. Belt NORWOOD b 1754 Anne Arundel, MD; m ca 1770, MD.
113. Miss HOBBS b ca 1754 Frederick, MD, d bef 1785.
224. James NORWOOD b ca 1731 MD; m MD.
225. Mary BELT.
448. Samuel NORWOOD b 1699 Anne Arundel, MD; m 1730 MD; d aft 1756, MD.
449. Mary MULLIKIN b 1714 MD.
450. Jeremiah BELT b ca 1698 MD; m MD; d 1784 MD.
451. Mary WRIGHT b MD; d aft 1784 MD.
896. John NORWOOD b ca 1672 MD; m 1695 MD; d 12 Jun 1709 Anne Arundel, MD.
897. Sarah DORSEY b 1678 Baltimore, MD; d same.
898. James MULLIKIN III b ca 1681 MD; m MD; d 1740 MD.
899. Charity BELT b ca 1681 MD.
900. John BELT b ca 1645 MD; m MD; d 1698.
901. Elizabeth TYDINGS b 1645/1656 MD/NC; d 1737 MD.
902. John WIGHTT.
903. Ann GANTT d MD.
1792. John NORWOOD b ca 1638 MD; d 1673.
1793. Elizabeth b 1650; d 1677.
1794. Edward DORSEY b ca 1646 VA; m 1675 MD; d 1705 Baltimore, MD.
1795. Sarah WYATT b ca 1657 Anne Arundel, MD; d 1690 Anne Arundel.
1796. James MULLIKAN II b 1661 MD; m 1680; d 1698.
1797. Mary Jane PRATHER b ca 1658 MD.
1798. John BELT b ca 1645 MD, m MD; d 1698/
1799. Elizabeth TYDINGS b 1645/1656 MD/NC; d 1737 MD.
1800. Humphrey BELT b 1615 d 1663.
1801. Ann b ca 1623.
1802. Richard TYDINGS b ca 1630; d ca 1687.
1803. Presocia b ca 11634.
1807. Elizabeth.
3584. John NORWOOD b Wyckham Abbey, Spalding, Lincolnshire, ENG; d MD.
3585. Anne HARRINGTON b 1613 MD.
3588. Edward DORSEY b 1619; d 2 Aug 1659 MD.
3589. Anne HOWARD b ca 1625; d bef 1667.
3590. Nicholas WYATT b ca 1620; d 1673.
3591. Darmis b ca 1623.
3592. James MULLIKAN I b ca 1631-1633 IRE/SCO; m 1658; d 1667.
3593. Mary Jane DARNALL b ca 1635.
3594. Jonathan PRATHER b ca 1631; d 1680.
3595. Jane MCKAY b 1635 VA; d 1710 Prince George, MD.
3596. Humphrey BELT b 1615; d 1663.
3597. Ann b ca 1623.
3598. Richard TYDINGS b ca 1630; d ca 1687.
3599. Presocia b ca 1634.
3600. Robert BELT Sir b bef 1605 d 4 Sep 1656.
3601. Grace FORCROFT b 17 Jul 1609; d 11 Aug 1664.
7168. Tyringham NORWOOD b ca 1586 ENG; d Sep 1629.
7169. Anne BOTELER b ENG.
7176. John DORSEY.
7177. Deborah.
7188. Thomas PRATHER b 1604; d ca 1627/1629.
7189. Mary MCCAY b ca 1606.
7192. Robert BELT Sir b bef 1605; d 4 Sep 1656.
7193. Grace FORCROFT b 17 Jul 1609; d 11 Aug 1664.
7200. Leonard BELT b bef 1605; d 4 Sep 1656.
7201. Daniel FORCROFT.
14336. John NORWOOD b Astwood Bury, Astwood, Bucks, ENG; m ENG.
14337. Anne TRYRINGHAM b Tyringham, Bucks, ENG.
14338. Henry BOTELER (Sir Knight) b ca 1540 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, ENG; m 25 Jul 1563 Watton, Norfolk, ENG; d 20 Jan 1608/9.
14339. Catherine WALLER b ca 1540 Hadley, Middlesex, ENG.
14376. Thomas PRATER b 1578; d 1628.
14377. Margaret QUINTYNE b 1578; d 1628.
14384. Leonard BELT b bef 1605; d 4 Sep 1656.
14386. Daniel FORCROFT.
14400. Robert BELT b 1548.

ALBAUGH Ahnentafel compiled by Helen SIX 1978 (vertical files)

1. Miram WILSON wife of Walter David FEELEY
2. George I WILSON b 6 Oct 1866 Frederick, MD; m 7 Nov 1888 Frederick, MD, d 18 Nov 1910 Frederick, MD.
3. Clara K VANFOSSEN b 9 Nov 1868 Frederick, MD; d 28 May 1937
4. Nathaniel J WILSON b 13 Jan 1836 Inniskilling, Fermanagh Co, IRE; m 16 Nov 1859 Frederick, MD; d 20 Jun 1902 Frederick, MD.
5. Ann Sophia ALBAUGH b 18 Dec 1838 Frederick, MD; d 18 Aug 1921 Frederick, MD.
10. Absolom ALBAUGH b 17 Dec 1792 Frederick, MD; m 21 Jan 1819 Frederick, MD; d age 64 Frederick, MD.
11. Rebecca RICE b 8 Sep 1807 Frederick, MD; buried on 13 Jul 1853 Frederick, MD.
20. Christian ALBAUGH b 30 Jun 1756 Frederick, MD.
21. Maria Elizabeth.
40. John William ALBAUGH b 8 Mar 1723 Bavaria; m 1745; d 18 Feb 1794 Frederick, MD.
41. Magdalene b GER; d 1793

Jesse EURY of Delaware Co, OH

Jesse Eury, farmer, PO, Delaware; among successful farmers of Delaware Co, may be mentioned Mr Jesse Eury who was born in Frederick Co, near Liberty, MD, March 25 1813 and is the son of Samuel and Sarah Eury; he was raised on the farm, and entered a mill in his native county , and began to learn the miller’s trade, in which he continued, in Frederick Co, until 1836, when he started West to Ohio on horseback, arriving and locating in Delaware, after being on the road some two weeks; here he commenced to work at his trade, in a mill near where the woolen mill now stands; after working a short time, he purchased an interest in the mill and continued in business until 1842, during which time he was not very successful in the mill business, having suffered very much from the panic of 1837; in 1842, Mr Eury purchased a farm in Delaware Township, on the Columbus and Delaware road; where he moved and commenced farming, remaining there until 1869, when he moved to his present farm; in 1870, he built his present home.  He married, March 28 1839 Miss Mary KLINE of Pennsylvania, who, with her parents, emigrated to Ohio and located in Delaware Co at an early day; they have one child.  Mr Eury owns 339 acres of land, most of which he has cleared as when he purchased this land, in 1851, but little of it was improved.  He owns one of the best improved farms in the neighborhood.  (This submitted by Bonnie S Knox, from the Biographical section of The History of Delaware County Pgs 623-4)

Intention of Maryland State Roads Commission to move certain Graves (1965)

Whereas, the State Roads Commission of Maryland, in its contemplated improvement to US Route 15 from Frederick to the PA State Line, under the provision of Right of Way Project F-522-17-720 finds it necessary to acquire a portion of the property of Robert D LEATHERMAN, which is located on the north side of MD Route 15, approximately 1000 feet west of the town of Lewistown, in Frederick Co, and
Whereas, there is presently situated within the area to be acquired for said improvement to US Route 15 a burying ground contained several grave sites and markers. One marker dated 1784 has the name Ruth Engelbe MORGENSTERNIST inscribed thereon, and
Whereas, the State Roads Commission of MD will, at its expense and in a decent and reverent manner, exhume and reinter or cause to be exhumed and reintered, in the Lewistown Cemetery, located at Lewistown, MD, all the remains found in said burying  ground, except in those cases where descendants may come forward to claim any of said remains for reinternment in places of their own choice, in which event the State Roads Commission of MD will fully reimburse said persons for all reasonable costs so incurred. (Portion from The News, Frederick, MD Saturday May 15 1965.

Bible of Joseph Delphey & Delilah Koons owned by Julien Paul Delphey, contributed to the Carrollton Manor Chapter, Buckeystown, MD by Mrs Susanne F Flowers Chairman Genealogical Records Committee 1993.

The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Translated Out of the Original Greek and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised.  New York, American Bible Society, Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI  1880

Presented to Joseph and Delilah DELPHEY by there children on Christmas day December 25th 1880, Carroll County, MD.

Family Record
Joseph, Son of Philander and Margarett DELPHEY was born in Carroll Co, Maryland, March 24, 1832.
Delilah, wife of Joseph DELPHEY, and daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth KOONS, Was Born in Carroll Co, Maryland, August 21st 1833.
Joseph Delphey’s Childrens Births:
Margarett Ann Elizabeth DELPHEY, Was born in Carroll County, Maryland, July 26th 1853.
Clara Lilly Virginia DELPHEY, was born in Carroll County, Maryland, August 6 1854.
Joseph Pilander DELPHEY, was born in Carroll County, Maryland, April 8th 1856.
Ida Missouria DELPHEY, was born in Carroll County, Maryland, May 23rd 1857.
John Thadeous Randolph DELPHEY was born in Frederick County, Maryland, May 22nd 1859.
Laura Lovenia DELPHEY was born in Fred Co Maryland, January 27th 1851.
Manerva Elen DELPHEY was born in Carroll County, Maryland, April 15th 1862.
Cornelious Grant DELPHEY was born in Carroll County, Maryland, April 7th 1866.
Sallie May DELPHEY was born in Carroll County, Maryland, Feb 26th 1868.
George Nicholas DELPHEY was born in Frederick County, Maryland, July 27th 1871.
Alice Kate DELPHEY was born in Fred. County, Maryland Sept 26 1872.
Adie Merlie DELPHEY was born in Frederick County, MD Sept 26 1877.
Julien Paul DELPHEY was born in Frederick City Maryland, son of J Paul and Ethel H DELPHEY, December 16, 1917. Sunday 341 E Third St.
Jay Paul DELPHEY, won of Julien Paul DELPHEY and Laura R ROE DELPHEY, was born Aug 24, 1946 at Frederick City, MD.
Chester Grant DELPHEY, son of Julien P. and Laura ROE DELPHEY, born June 23, 1950 at Frederick, MD.
Paula Jean DELPHEY, daughter of Jay Paul and Linda Jean DELPHEY born July 3 1970.
Julia Ruth DELPHEY, Jan 12 1958 in Frederick MD, daughter of Julien & Laura R DELPHEY.
Ethel M H DELPHEY, born in Frederick Co, MD. March 10, 1893, near Jefferson.
FATHER – Cornelius Grant DELPHEY born April 7th 1866 in Carroll County, Maryland.
MOTHER – Laura Cordelia HILDEBRAND DELPHEY, born July 28th 1870 in Frederick Co, MD.
CHILDREN: Blanche A D DELPHEY born Mary 17th 1889 in Frederick County, MD.
Naomi Grace DELPHEY born November 17th 1890 in Frederick County MD
Joseph Paul DELPHEY born July 17th 1892 in Frederick County, MD
Clarence Grant DELPHEY born May 23rd 1894 in Carroll Co, MD.
Gary Ray DELPHEY born Aug 6th 1895 in Carroll Co, MD.
Chester Franklin DELPHEY born Oct 23rd 1897 in Carroll Co, MD.
Sally Pearl DELPHEY born Dec 6th in Carroll Co, MD.
Lettie Mae DELPHEY born Oct 3rd 1901 in Carroll Co, MD.

Joseph Paul DELPHEY and Ethel May HEMP, Saturday the 20 day of January AD 1917 near Jefferson, Frederick Co. Maryland, home of her parents Clarence E and Julia E HEMP by Rev. Edward Elliott BURGESS.
Julien Paul DELPHEY and Laura Ruth ROE were married July 23, 1944 at Neosho, Mo. Methodist Church.
Jay Paul DELPHEY and Linda Jean JOHNSON married Sept. 16, 1967 at Calvary Methodist Church.

John Thadeous Randolph, son of Joseph & Delilah DELPHEY departed this life March 19th 1860 – Dear little Babe he has gone to rest with Angels in heaven and all the best – Why should we mourn for our loved one that lives in a world bright as the sun.
Chester Grant DELPHEY, son of Julien P DELPHEY and Laura ROE DELPHEY departed this life July 5 1952 at Frederick MD.
Joseph Paul DELPHEY, November 15, 1965, son of Cornelius Grant DELPHEY and Laura Cordelia HILDEBRAND DELPHEY.

FINDING THE HOUSEHOLD OF AN UNNAMED ANCESTOR printed format of a presentation at the January 1992 Kentucky Genealogical Society as it appeared in Bluegrass ROOTS, Vol 19, Number 1, Spring 1992, page 8. Presented and written by KGS Vice-president Alfred (Fred) SAYLOR.

Are you frustrated by early census records which do not name household members?  The Census for 1840 and before shows the name of only the head of the household.  Others in the household are shown only by the number of persons in sex and age brackets.
You can step back beyond your earliest records by using early census records to do more than count noses.
Your earliest known ancestor may not be a ‘head of household’, but he or she was in a household somewhere.
In the search for that ‘somewhere’, many possibilities listed in a census report may be reduced to fewer possibilities by using simple arithmetic.  That means less research time and effort.  The method described below may be applied to all census records from 1790 through 1840.
The household member count-by sex and age group-is reported in various ways in the different census. The particulars of any census scheme may be found in pertinent literature.  For the sake of brevity, only the 1790 census will be used in this illustration.
The household member count in 1790 was given in a sequence of 5 digits.
-1st digit is the number of free white males 16 years and older (including the head of the household).
-2nd digit is the number of free white males under 16 years of age.
-3rd digit is the number of free white females, including the head of household if it is a female.
-4th digit is the number of all other free persons.
-5th digit is the number of slaves.
For convenience, let us refer to this sequence of number as the ‘hh status’ or household status.
If particular persons of known age and sex are members of a particular household, the ‘hh status’ for that household will contain digits respectively no less than the number of persons so known for each sex and age category.  This fact makes possible the elimination-tentatively, for research purposes-of households for which the ‘hh status’ figures do not conform to these minimum values.
This example from the writer’s experience will explain the method.
Peter SAILOR was 26 years old at the census of 1790, as determined by calculation from dates and ages given in various sources.  His place of residence at that time and earlier is not known.  The names of his parents or of his siblings, if any, are not known.  This information suggests the following possibilities:

Peter      Wife      Father      Mother      1st      2nd      3rd      4th      5th

present    none      living      living           2        0        1        0         0
present    none      living      deceased     2        0        0        0         0
present    present   living      living           2        0        2        0         0
present    present   living      deceased     2        0        1        0         0
present    none      deceased    living       1        0        1        0         0
present    present   deceased    living       1        0        2        0         0

Four households can be eliminated:
Jacob SEHLER in Berks County, Brunswick Township            1  4  3  0  0
Jacob SEILER in Berks County, East District                         1  1  8  0  0
Philip SAYLOR in Chester County, Honeybrook Township       1  3  3  0  0
Henery SELLER in York County, Williams Township               1  3  5  0  0

None of the above examples hat the required configuration of digits to indicate the present of Peter in a household in which some person other than Peter is ‘head of household’.  If Peter is present along with the named ‘head of household’, the first digit must be 2 or more.  The perspective values of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th digits have no bearing on the conclusion.

Examples of inclusion are:
Valentine SEHLER, Berks County, Alsace Township             2  1  5  0  0
John SEHLER, Berks County, Alsace Township                   3  1  0  0  0
Phillip SELLER, Northampton County, Upper Saucon            4  3  2  0  0
John SEILER, Northampton County, Williams Township        5  0  1  0  0

All of the above examples have the required configuration of digits to indicate the presence of Peter in the respective households.
If both of Peter’s parents were deceased-a situation not shown in the table above-and if Peter were the oldest free white male in the household, then Peter would be named as ‘head of household’ in the census report.  This method of identifying his household would not be necessary.  Also, Peter might have been named as ‘head of household’ on the report, if he, being of legal age was living with his widowed mother who held title to the homestead/  In both of the foregoing cases, the first digit of the ‘hh status’ would be at least one; and the last 2 possibilities named in the table above need not be considered because he would be named in the census report.
But, if his mother was named as ‘head of household’, another approach may be used to eliminate her household as his residence.  The 1790 census for Pennsylvania lists 49 ‘heads of household’ having the surname SAYLOR, or any spelling variation thereof.  Of these, only on reported a feminine name as ‘head of household’.

Elis’a SEYLER, Berks County, Tulpehocken Township          0  1  1  0  0

Since there were no free white males of 16 or over in that household, Peter SAYLOR, age 26, was not a member.
Now, suppose Peter and an older brother who might have been reported as ‘head of household’ were living with their widowed mother, the first digit in the ‘hh status’ would be at least 2, which eliminates the last 2 possibilities in the above table.  In this manner the writer has reduced 49 possibilities to 15 probabilities.  The chance of finding corroborative evidence of Peter SAYLOR belonging to one of 14 households is greater than that of finding  such evidence in the other 34 households.  The task has been reduced to one third of what it had been.
This simple procedure may eliminate a lot of frustrating search time and effort in working with the US Censuses before 1850.


Currently said to be available is The Houses of Worship of Frederick City, for $15.95, from PO BOX 826, Frederick, MD 21701 or call 310-694-0834.

The Midwest Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc has combined and reprinted the 1910 History of Wichita & Sedgwick County, Kansas into one volume.  They have also added a full name index.  The 933 page volume is available for $67.50 + $4 s/h. (The flyer they sent FRECOGS was apparently available last year, because the prepublication offer ends Oct 1994. If interested, write for current price. TDL)

Genealogy & History of Robert Cassidy, Sr & Mary Dodson from Virginia & Maryland to Pennsylvania and Points East, South, & West 1775 to circa 1990 by Mary Cassidy Jungen.  Robert Cassidy was the son of James & Sarah Cassidy.  He was born in VA on 24 June 1775.  He moved to Bedford Co, PA, prior to 1810, where he married Mary Dodson, eldest daughter of John Dodson, Sr.  John Dodson had moved from Frederick Co, MD to Bedford Co, PA before 1800.  The book is 113 pages long, including name index and is written in narrative form.  There is a Table of Contents & numerous photographs.  Postpaid $17.50 from Mary Cassidy Jungen, 23 Hollybrook Dr, Asheville, NC 28803.

Brethren from Gimbsheim in the Palatinate to Ephrata & Bermudian in Pennsylvania by Annette K Burgert present European data on families from the Gimbsheim records and also American data from Lancaster, York & Adams Co, PA.  The booklet is $12 Plus $2 s/h. Residents of PA need to add 6% tax.  Order from AKB Publications, 691 Weavertown Rd, Myerstown, PA 17067-2642

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Maryland’s German Heritage: Daniel Wunderlich Nead’s History is edited by Don Heinrich Tolzmann.  The book shows how the German heritage of Maryland and Pennsylvania are interrelated. Subject & name indexes are provided.  Available from Heritage Books, Inc, 1540 E Pointer Ridge Place, Suite #300, Bowie, MD 20716 for $24.00 plus $3.50 p/h. (The Generator Feb95)

Deaths and Burials in St Mary’s County, Maryland by Leona A Cryer. The material was gathered from newspapers, the 1860 mortality schedules, mortuary cards, church records, tombstone readings and other sources. Also included, are a listing of Civil War deaths from the 7th regiment, US Colored Troops. 450pgs. Available from Heritage Books, as above for $33 + $3.50 p/h.

The Jacob Engelbrecht Death Ledger 1820-1890 by Edith Olivia Eader & Trudie Davis Long, contains over 10,500 entries with a place, everyname, and occupation index.  Approximately 450 pages, information includes parents, siblings, in-laws, age and/or date of birth, religious affiliation, murderers and their victims, hangings, Civil War deaths, accidents and epidemics, colored friends, location of death and/or burial and death dates and places of former Frederick County residents.  8-1/2 by 11″ with a laminated linen cover. Prepublication offer $25 and $3 p/h and applicable 5% Maryland tax if ordered before April 15.  After this  date it is available for $32 plus tax & p/h. Order from Paw Prints, Inc, PO Box 52, Monrovia, MD 21770-0052.

Cemeteries of the U.S. Contact and location information on over 22,600 currently operating and inactive cemeteries. Covers all 50 States; major military cemeteries in the US territories and 11 foreign countries. Contact information on genealogical and historical organizations, appendices of State cemetery licensing agencies and contact information for publishing entities of the titles that are listed throughout. $155 each, no size or page count given. NOMIS Publications, Inc, PO Box 5122, Youngstown, OH 44514, 1-800-321-7479/fax 1-216-788-1112 (A different book with the same title is listed in the Notes section)

U.S. Military Records, introduced in June 1994, offers source information for the National Archives and its adjuncts; historical institutions and archives of the armed forces; the Department of Veterans Affairs; state archives, libraries, historical organizations, and patriotic organizations.  Also included is a bibliographic list of published sources of the US in general and published sources for each state, 455 pgs hardbound $39.95 (postage was not listed in the information I have) from Ancestry, Dept. SU25, PO Box 476, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-0476, 1-800-262-3787/ fax 1-801-531-1798.

Fairfax County Gravestones Volume 1 Northern Section: Great Falls, McLean, Oakton, Vienna and Surrounding Areas is now available. The cemeteries are listed geographically by their current postal addresses. (I currently do not have page count or book size to list.)  Cost to Non-Fairfax Gen Soc members is $20 +$3 p/h from the Society at PO Box 2290, Merrifield, VA 22116-2290.


Searching for adopted female. Born June 26 1976 in Frederick, MD. Birth name Sirrena Lou Ford.  Please contact Aunt and Uncle at 694-7311 or write to James & Shirley Ford, 7301 Willow Rd, Frederick, MD 21702.

This letter is very hard to write because my heart and mind is filled with anguish, hurt, loneliness, and pain. I know that you are out there, and I have desperately tried – to no avail – to locate you, but no matter what sources I have tried to use in my search, I can’t rid myself of the hurt I am feeling being without you.
I guess that I can only begin by telling you of the short life we spent together.
The first time we met, you were an infant who was truly loved by all that were close to you. You have remarkable qualities that were so dominant that one could not help but to love you.
From my hart and mind, fond memories I shall never forget. This is how your life began. You were born Paul Timothy Westfall, on Aug 9 1967 at Memorial Hospital in Cumberland, MD. At the time of your birth we lived on Mitchell Ave and later moved to Seymore Street.
There you remained with us for a period of 3-4 years. I am quite sure that the short time we shared was wonderful, and I am truly sorry that it had to end the way it did.
Sometime in 1971 you were removed and placed by social services in the foster home of Donald and Ethel Monnet of Oldtown, MD. There you remained for about 2 years. During your stay there you became very close to your foster family, especially their youngest daughter, Misty. While there, you had a family that truly loved you. You had ponies to play with and to ride. We were even able to visit with each other on a few occasions.
But all that was to end. You were taken from this loving family and supposedly placed with an adoptive family from the Baltimore area.
This was the last that any of us who had loved you and cared for you, was to see or hear from you.
Now, more than 20 years later, I still have a place in my hart that is empty, that place is reserved for you.
Even though I have hit dead ends every time I try to locate you, I want you to know  that no matter what I will never stop my search until I know that you are alive, healthy and well. Stephen Matthew Westfall  Hagerstown (1-29-95 Hagerstown Herald Mail)


Tracing the NORWOOD family in the area of New Market & Woodville. Trying to prove that Thomas Norwood is the son of Belt Norwood and that he is also the father of Belt M Norwood. Also looking for the father of Sarah HILLEARY, wife of Thomas Norwood.  Is her father George Hilleary (1755-1815), son of Henry Hilleary (1726-1783) 1st Lt of the Maryland Line?  Karen Crowley, 501 California St, El Segunda, CA 90245-3213.

WANTED: a copy or name of a library that has The WELLS Family of Frederick County, MD.  Warren W Roberts, 1448 Windemere Dr, Fridley, MN 55421.

Researching Levi DICK b ca 1782, & Charlotte Heffner dau of Michael HEFFNER & 2nd wife, who m Lawrence Heffner. Michael Heffner supposed to be son of Frederick Heffner & Catherine Hill from Brevair, GER ca 1760. Kevin N. Wingate 204 North Morrison Rd Muncie, IN 47304-3433

Looking for husband of Elizabeth ?, father of the following ch: John LEWIS m Verlinda GATTON 1779; Wm Lewis; Samuel Lewis b ca 1741; Isaac Lewis; Elizabeth Lewis m Gatton; Elinor Lewis b 1761; Susannah Lewis b 1753 m Andrew BURTLE ca 1770.  I expect that ‘Mr’ Lewis died in Frederick Co & that his estate was probated & settled there. Doris Alvey 26385 Hwy. 385 Arapahoe, CO 80802

I am looking for descendents of Rufus BARNES, b 1818, Anne Arundel, Co. (later Howard) MD. He was the son of John Barnes, d. 1822 and Elizabeth?, d. 1862. In 1850, Rufus was in 8th Election Dist. of Frederick County with wife Margaret, children William M, Syrus, & Rufus. Other children may have been Mary, Agnes V. and Alverta E. Also listed in census was Beall POOLE, 65. Was he Margaret’s father? “Names in Stone” lists Rufus and Margaret as being buried Linganore Church of Brethren. Are there any records for this Church? Sarah Fitzgerald P.O. Box 215, Valley Lee, MD 20692

Researching the family of Frederick GARRISON b ca 1735 MD or GER, m Margaret. Ch: George, Leonard, Jacob, Barbara, Rebecca, Dolly & Elizabeth. Moved to Green Co, PA ca 1760. Craig Hart, Box 173, Uniontown, PA 66779

My ancestor is James Francis PRESTON b ca 1831/2 in MD. Because of this date and the appearance of Abraham & Violetta (LINTON) Preston in Morgan Co, OH & James F Preston in Athens Co, OH, I hope to find someone researching these 2 surnames who might exchange info with me.
Abraham Preston m Violetta Linton Frederick Co, MD 1831. In 1840 & 1850, Abraham is found in the census for Morgan Co, OH. In 1850 the 5 children listed are: Sarah A, Dorcas, Levina, Samuel & William. I realize that James Francis is not shown, but at age 19 he could be gone from his parent’s home.
In 1860, Abraham & Violetta are in Waterloo Twp, Athens Co, OH & my ancestor James Francis & his wife Sarah (GRAHAM) Preston are in Dover Twp, Athens Co, OH. They have a dau named Vilotta.
The other Lintons I have researched that were born in MD: Benjamin Linton b ca 1819 MD & wife Mary J; William Linton b ca 1821 MD & wife Margaret; John Linton b ca 1797 MD & wife Sarah; Thomas Manning Linton b ca 1838 MD & wife Emma TEDROW; Thomas Linton b ca 1823 MD & wife Rosailena (Tedrow is a variant of DUTROW-TDL) Barbara Edgell Franks, RR 2 Box 195A, Susquehanna, PA 18847

I am researching Abram STANFORD who was on the tax list for Carlisle, PA in 1764. Abram was in Mifflin Co, PA in 1790. The 1800 census shows the following Stanfords in Armstrong Co: Abram, Francis, Isaac & John. Also shown are John & George EMMITT.  About 1817, John Stanford & his wife Bathsheba AUSTIN & George Emmitt and wife Adda/Addie Stanford moved west into Scioto Valley, Ohio. I believe that George Emmitt was possibly the brother of Samuel Emmitt of Emmitsburg. I understand in the History of Emmitsburg, MD there is mention of Samuel’s bro, wife & 4 ch moving west into Scioto Valley. Are the Stanfords from Dorchester, MD? Chad Stanford, 1018 West Briarcliff Dr, Spokane, WA 99218-2417.

Looking for info on Mary Ann CASSEL who m Daniel SCHROCK 26 Nov 1787. This family moved to Miami Co, Oh ca 1814/15. Virginia Reams, 201 S Pine, Brookfield, MO 64628

Looking for Washington MYERS b 1821 Frederick Co, MD. Was he a son of Peter Myers? Judith Ellis Hoover, 804 East Elm, Aurora, MO 65605-2373. (For those of you who have corresponded with Judy in the past, this is a new address-TDL)

Looking for info on Alexander MCKEEN & his descendents from Fred Co. will probated here 1780. Son, Hugh, died 1781, and spelling changed to MCCAIN. Hugh had either a son or grandson Hance McCain b ca 1760 m Jennett FORBIS 3 Oct 1787 & d 16 Nov 1824.  Daniel Burney, 192 Catalina Ct, Kerrville, TX 78028 (DFISHS2@AOL.COM)

Researching Lacy MACKABE, 23 in Oct 1857, 5’9″ from MD; carpenter by Trade, enlisted at Frederick Co, MD in VA Militia Capt. Robt Spotswood’s Co, Fort Young. Other spellings: MCABEE, MCABOY, MCBEE, MACKABEE, MACKARBY, MACABY. Michael Cook, 9716 Irene Ave, California City, CA 93505

Seeking parents of George GREEN listed in 1850 Census for Fred Co in ED #4 as: Geo Green age 62; Margaret age 64 h/w; Sarah A age 20 dau, all b in MD.  Is he the same George Green shown in Frederick Reformed Ch Rec as son of Francis and Sophia Green, b 29 Feb 1792, bpt 11 Apr 1792?
Seeking parents, family info about Margaret CARMICKLE who m George Green 22 Dec 1810 as in Fred Co Marriage License. Assume she is the same Margaret who is listed as wife of Geo GREEN in 1850 Census for ED #4, Fred Co, MD.
Seeking parents of Lydia WILE/WILES/WILL b ca 1811, died 1898 Fred Co, m Douglas Green 7 Aug 1834 Fred Co Marriage License. They resided in ED #4, Creagerstown/Lewistown area where Lydia outlived her husband by many years, never remarried, finishing raising the family of 9 ch on her own.  Margaret G Lebherz, 121 N Beechwood Ave, Baltimore, MD 21228