Aug 1995

Annual Membership in the society is $10 for individuals and $12 for families.  Meetings are held at the LDS Family History Center, 199 North Place, Frederick, MD, at 7 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December.  301-698-0406 is the phone number for the Family History Center.

FRECOGS mailing address:

FRECOGS, Post Office Box 234, Monrovia, Maryland, 21770-0234

FRECOGS officers:

Al Werking, President, 8212 Greenvale Drive, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-2621
Susanne F Flowers, Vice President, 9144 Bethel Rd, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 663-0769
Susan Tucker, Secretary, 10809 Lake Square Ct, New Market, MD 21774 (301) 695-4363
Jim Hammond, Treasurer, 8105 Runnymeade Dr, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 694-0815
Trudie Davis Long, Newsletter, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mt Airy, MD, 21771-9713, (301) 831-5781


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52    Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)
52    John Biehl Diary Extracts-from Helen Six
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Due to prior commitments, Susanne Flowers will no longer be compiling the annual index.  I would like to thank William W Berkman for volunteering to fill the role, which is of vital use to all our readers.

I have also heard ‘through the grapevine’ that some FRECOGs members have been looking for particular information they have submitted to the vertical files and have been unable to find it.
There are a number of reasons for this
1. It may be unfiled on top of the file cabinet.  Any member with free time is welcome to file the information.
2. Some of the information relates to more than 1 place/family, and may be filed under a different family or place.  Information that has multiple family information is, unfortunately, in a file called ‘Multiple families’.
3. I have some of the letters at home-none older than 2 months-that I plan on abstracting or placing in complete form in the newsletter. (Except during the summer when I keep the mail until the September meeting when it is shared with the rest of the attending members.
4. It may truly have gone walking-I hope not.
5. And my last thought on this may not make much sense to Frederick residents, but those new to FRECOGs may have some input.  I continue to receive mail addressed to the Frederick County Historical Society.  The Historical Society is a totally different entity that has its own set of records and its own separate and uniquely different collection of vertical files.  If  you sent records to FRECOGs and had someone look at the Historical Society for it, or vice versa-it won’t be there.
I would appreciate hearing from any individual having a problem with this, so I can help look for any missing material.

I received a grand total of 3 responses and one phone call about the April Computer Survey.
The caller was unhappy with the survey format and thought the idea was totally unhelpful.
The other respondents: 2 used Windows; 2 used Family Tree Maker (one DOS & one Windows version).
Of the 3, topics they would like to see covered:  Internet, Genealogy programs, scanners, and the newest Roots.
One of the responders included a letter and would like FRECOGS to keep a file or information sheet on all new genealogy software.
The Society does not receive very much commercial advertising for software, and most of these are abstracted in the newsletter for the membership, and then placed in the computer file in the vertical files. The most current book I know about on genealogy programs was mentioned in the newsletter in the August 1994 issue-George W Archer’s guide to software and that was out of date as soon as it hit the market.
I would appreciate a volunteer to offer to write a short section on currently available genealogy software to appear in future issues of the newsletter.


The June95 issue of the WAGS Newsletter contains tips and info on their ongoing affairs.
The July 1995 Whittier Area Genealogical Society Newsletter continues with their usual society news.

FRECOGS member Jackson H Day has a letter appearing in the June 1995 Beall Genealogical News to correct the lineage of a Montgomery County BEALL family.  Also included is one of the Iredell Co, NC family branches.

The June issue of Line upon Line from the Montgomery County Genealogy club has an Article on Sources on Loyalists written by Robert L Ward.  They also advise that there is a new Family History Center.  The Seneca Maryland Family History Center, 18900 Kingsview Rd, Germantown, MD 20874 is open T-W-TH-F 7 PM to 10 PM; W-Th- 10 AM to 2 PM; and 2nd and 4th Sat 9 AM to 1 PM.  The library is located one block north of Route 118 at the corner of Clopper Rd and Kingsview Rd.

The Puget Sound Newsletter Family Backtracking for June95 includes ‘The Baker Families’ Trek West’, by Leander H Baker and ‘The Campbell Letters’.  The Kitsap County Marriages is a continuation of previous issues.

Phillips Family News for June 1995 has information on the book to be done on the descendants of George Philips and Susannah Dyer of Lunenberg Co, VA from the mid 1700’s.  The also advise that the annual July reunion was canceled because of conflicts, and that there will be a Family regional reunion in Laughlin, NV Sept 15-17.  If you are interested write to Bill Hucy, PO Box 6418 Crestline, CA 92325 ASAP.

The Estep Family Journal for July 1995 has the census information on members of this family in MD, NC, OH, PA and through the midwest.

The WCGS Newsletter for Wetzel Co, WVA has birth records 1854-1860, part of a continuing series and marriages 1835-1874.

The Coordinator June 1995 for the Genealogical Council has information on other county genealogy societies with special attention in this issue to their currently available publications.

The Generator June 1995 from St Mary’s Co Gen Soc, Inc besides their local meeting news includes an article on Berry Benson a Confederate soldier who escaped from Point Lookout Prison.

Articles on genetics, and the origin of Scottish names are available for your reading pleasure in the June 1995 Los Alamos Family History Soc Newsletter.

The Noble County Chapter OGS Newsletter concludes their abstract of Fulton Caldwell’s diary.


The Boetler article referenced in the last FRECOGS newsletter can be ordered for $5 from The American Genealogist, PO Box 398 Demorest, GA 30535-0398.

Charles Swiesegood (227 Chandler Blvd, Macomb, IL 61455-1416) has information on SPANGLER & BECK families in McDonough Co, IL who may have migrated there from York Co, PA. (SCPGS, May95)

2-3 Sept 1995-The Lyles Family Reunion, LaPlata, MD contact Trudy Lyles 301\932-0140.

34-34 Sept 1995, Family Ancestry Fair, Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA, Bucks County Gen Soc for info 215\230-9410.

14 Oct 1995. Climbing your family Tree Can be Fun” Catonsville Senior Center, Catonsville, MD 410\747-7501

MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library

BOSLEY, Tom, PO Box 226, McArthur, OH 45651 BOSLEY
BURCH, James R, 3105 Kelliher Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20782-3718  LENHART, STALEY, HILL, BUTLER, REILLY, ALBERT
NAYLOR, Michele, 6201 Fairhurst Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213 BRANE, DOLL
PALMER, Sandra D, 806 Cedarcroft Dr, Millersville, MD 21108 DEBERRY, GABLER, SHRUPP
SCHOLER, Gayle S, 2103 Plantation Dr, Richmond, TX 77469 BARNARD, Wm, Nathaniel, Luke, Thomas; PIGMAN, Ignatius, Mathew; BAYNE, Walter; WADE, Robt; MIDDLETON, Thos; SPRIGG, Thos; HAWKINS, Richard, Henry; HATTON, Wm.
SHAUNESEY, Phyllis, 445 Topping Hill Rd, Westfield, NJ 07090-2331 GARRETT, GARROTT

JOHN BIEHL DIARY EXTRACTS by Helen Six 19 April 1966

The attached are extracts pertaining to deaths, funerals, etc, from a rough draft copy of four (4) small hand-written notebooks kept by John Biehl, a great-great (?) uncle of Miss Hettye A HAHN, 224 Dill Ave, Frederick, MD 21701
In copying the rough draft, she has tried to retain the original spelling and terminology and I have tried to copy from her draft without change.
Most of these people lived in the general vicinity of Union Bridge, Bruceville, York Crossing (Keymar), Double Pipe Creek (Detour), Ladiesburgh, Haugh’s Church (Mt Zion Lutheran), Good Intent, Woodsboro.
The period of these four diaries covers the dates 25 February 1890 through 15 June 1894.

John Biehl
b 29 Nov 1827  d 7 Aug 1908)         both buried
w Duanna S                             Haugh’s Church Cemetery,
b 7 Jun 1829  d 24 Sep 1905)          Ladiesburg, MD.

1890    John Biehl Diaries    J M Holdcraft Records

March 19  Mr PHILLIPS was buried

June 1    Went up to see Mr SOWERS in after    Adam Sowers b Darmstadt, GER
noon. He dide 20 minets after 4      9 Aug 1809-1 June 1890  Woodsboro
o’clock. Was sitting upat the wake    His last words: “All is Well.”
all night.         Mt Hope #69

3    Was at Adam Sowers funeral. age 80
years 9 mos. tex part 4 ch 14 ver
of James

24    Wm BOWMAN dide this morning at    Wm H Bowman 24 je 1890 age 74
5 o’clock    w Mary A 17 ap 1896 67-9-17
s David Marshall 20 no 1855-25 jy 1856
d Sarah Adallia 21 oc 1861-3 se 1862
Beaver Dam Cem

26    Was at funeral of Wm Bowman

July 9    News came that Wade ERB was dead

11    Went to funeral of C Wade Erb. Rev
Didmar preached from the 14 ch and 12
ver of Matthew. His age was 22 yrs
3 mos 16 das.

25    Hahn’s baby died at 3 o’clock this     Clyde E Hahn 25 Ju 1890 0-4-18
morning.    s/o James A 1 Fe 1916  61-4-4
& Susan A 23 Mar 1894  40-7-19
Haugh’s Church Cem

26    Was at the funeral of Hahn’s baby.
Sounders preach sermon. Live to
die is gain.

Aug 28    Mrs Hildebrand dide this afternoon.    Anne E Hildebrand 28 Aug 1890  46-0-7
Me and Ma was at the wake    w/o Joseph 10 Apr 1911
d Alma L M 1883-1945
Woodsboro Mt Hope #69

29    Was up at the Hildebrands.


Was at Mrs. Hildebrands funeral.

Oct 14    Mother Plain died this morning at 5

16    John Doler died at 9:30 o’clock.
Was out at graveyard to select a
lot for Charley got No. 17

18    We was all at Doler funeral today. tex
12 chap of 2 Samuel & 23 vers. But now
he is dead whearfore should I fast can I
bring him back again I shall go to him
But he shall not return to me.

Nov 10    Was bearer for Eliza Eiler aged 78 yrs
buried Rocky Hill.

28    Amanda and Ally went to Eilers funeral

Dec 31    We was all at J A KOONS funeral    John A Koons  28 dec 1890 64-9-15
w Georgina C 6 Dec 1888 53-8-24
s J Claude 13 Jun 1882 1-1-20
d Jennie 5 Mar 1857-18 May 1882
d Mary Joanna 5 Mar 1871 no age
Haugh’s Church Cem


Jan 14    Milton Pittinger was married today
in Frederick by Rev. Wise

20    John Albaugh dide this afternoon    John Albaugh 20 Jan 1891 82-4-0
w Elizabeth A 7 Oct 1815-5 Dec 1897
Haugh’s Church Cem
22    Was at Albaugh’s funeral the tex the
living know that they must die,
aged 82 yrs 4 mos.

Mar 10    Was bearer at Mrs Brower funeral    Juliet Brower 7 Mar 1891 77-7-27
buried at Union Bridge. Katy Martz      w/o Isaac
and Elmer Birely were married         Un Br Mtn View #109

19    Koons child dide this morning    John Koons 30 Mar 187-19 Mar 1891
s/o Peter D 18 May 1860-9 Jun 1933
w Alice P 2 Sep 1863-10 Feb 1937
20    Me and Ma went to Koonses childs             Haugh’s Church Cem

22    Ally had a little daughter

Apr 11    Peter Long was burried.

Sept 2    Went to John Smith child funeral    J Edwin Smith 1 Sep 1891 0-3-26
in afternoon                         s/o John W Smith 20 Jun 1853-23 Jul 1911
w Ida M 23 May 1857-8 Feb 1937

Middleburg Meth Cem #92

10    Went to funeral of Mary Ecker    Mary Ecker w/o David W Ecker

23 Oct 1811  b 24 Apr 1805
8 Sept 1801  d 15 Oct 1858
Haugh’s Church Cem

22    Was at funeral of Haugh’s child.

Oct 18    We went to Beaver Dam to the         Elder Isaac Pfoutz 2 oct 1803-16 Oct 1891
funeral of Isaac Pfoutz, age     w Catherine  7 Apr 1799-25 Feb 1880
over 88 years    s Isaac D  22 Mar 1882-10 Nov 1894
Beaver Dam Cem

Nov 4    Went to Lucinda Otto funeral    Lucinda Otto  3 Nov 1891  77-10-22
tex was 2 Samuel ch 14th 14 ver       Haugh’s Church Cem
Her age was 77 yrs 11 mos & 6 days

15     Charleys was here and got baby baptise

Dec 24    Jno Erb married this morning.

26    Lidia Sowers dide this morning    Lydia w/o Adam Sowers b Hanover, PA
73 yrs age    31 Dec 1818-26 Dec 1891
Woodsboro Mt Hope Cem

31    Me and Ma went to Clara Koons funeral


Jan 11    Took W Huagh to Abe Garbers to     John Hendrickson 9 Jan age 91
make arrangements for the funeral of    w Anna  16 Mar 1798-16 Nov 1859
Mr Hendrickson. He is 91 yrs old.    s John Henry 8 Nov 1840-27 Jan 1842
Beaver Dam Cem

13    Me and Ma went to Licurcus Phillips    L. N. Phillips  28 Mar 1822-22 Jan 1892
funeral.  He was 69 yrs old.    w Eleanora M.
Broun preached the sermon         Woodsboro Mt Hope

Feb 4    Mr Foutz was up to renew my fire
insurance & said Masepa Erb was poorly.
Me and ma went down but she had dide
in the morning.

5    I came home from Littlestown. Ma staid
down for funeral.  Sent flowers to
Littlestown by express. Cost $.25

Mar 26    George Hape dide this afternoon.    George W Hape 1825-1892
w Amanda E  1828-1914
Haugh’s Church Cem

28    I went to George Hape’s funeral the
tex was What I say to you all watch

age 67 y 6 m.

Apr 15    Went with Tom McKeeney to grave-    Wm H Wagner 1853-1892
yard to sell a lot for W H Wagoner    w Mary C 1855-1933
Sold No. 20 for $6.00         Haugh’s Church Cem

16    We all went to Wagoners funeral. His
age 39 y 6 mos

May 3    Went to funeral of Wm Haugh Poll    Wm M Haugh 6 Feb 1826-1 May 1892
bearers were self, David Shafer    w Henrietta L 21 Aug 1828-13 Feb 1905
Joseph Stull, George Biehl, A D         Haugh’s Church Cem
Birely. Tex was Be Ye also ready
aged 66 yrs 2 mos

26    Got a letter that Harvy Gable is dead
will be buried on Saturday

27    Amanda started to PA to funeral of
Harvy Gable.

28    Lilly Smith and All Koons ran off.

Aug 4    Me & Ma was at Joshua Carmack’s    Joshua Carmack 2 Apr 1827-2 Aug 1892
funeral it was a large funeral    w Amanda 12 Feb 1828-6 Aug 1894
tex was Be ye also ready, his         Haugh’s Church Cem
age was 65 yrs 5 mons

10    Blind Littel girl dide today.

11    Amanda was at funeral.

Sept 29    Noel Myers littel girl dide.

Oct 15    Received of Mrs Charles Eiler six dollars
for lot No. 17 in cemitary.

24    Luther and Ma went to Trouts but    Lulu E w/o Samuel Trout
Lully was dead when they got there    21 Oct 1892  29-7-20
Luther went to Batimore to let    Woodsboro Mt Hope #69
Loue Renner know

26    We was all at the funeral of Lulle Trout,
she was 29 yrs 7 mos and some days, the tex
was Rev 21, chap 25 vers there shall be no
night there. Reve Barbe preached the
sermon, Rev Patterson assisted.

Dec 13    Mrs WeightBright dide today was     Susan Weybright 12-14-1825 12-10-1892
burried    John Weybright 5-11-1813 12-10-1891
Rocky Ridge Brethren Cem

15    Vince Morningstars child got burried    Mary M Morningstar d/o V C & L Morningstar
that was burnt today    12 Dec 1892 4-3-27
Beaver Dam Cem

Abraham Myers is dead    Abraham I Myers 11 Dec 1833 14 Dec 1892
w Sarah Ann 26 Dec 1834-1 Jan 1902
Beaver Dam Cem


Jan 2    Scheelly mothern law dide last night

30    Blane got burried.  Amanda came home
from Littlestown.

31    Martin Miller got burried today    Martin L Miller 29 Jan 1893 45-5-21
Rocky Ridge Mt Tabor

Feb 8    Was at the funeral of Emmy Myers. Rev
Howard preached in German and Rev Khole
in inglish. It was a larg funeral. Her
age was 28 yrs.

21    Jacobe Plane dide last night. I was     Jacob Plaine 27 Feb 1893
out to church to see lot for him.         Haugh’s Church Cem

23    Me and Ma was at Jacob Plains funeral,
took Mrs Charley Eiler and Oliver Plaine
in sleigh with us tex was Duteromomy 31
ch 8 vers he was buried by Red Men Order
They on train to Ladiesburg.

25    Mrs Jacob Myerly was buried today,    Rebecca w/o Jacob Myerly      Keysville Cem
age 77 yrs    d 22 Feb 1893     d 23 Apr 1898
age 73               78-5-4

Elizabeth Miller dide today    Elizabeth w/o John Miller  Haugh’s Church Cem
d 25 Feb 1893      d 15 Apr 1852
83-8-8                56-5-6
d Adaline Sevilla 13 Dec 1828-19 Apr 1853

27    We all went to the funeral of Elizabeth Miller
she was aged 83 yrs 8 mos 8 das, the tex was
Revilations 22 chap 7 vers Behold I come quickly
Her 6 grandsons were the poll bearers.

Mar 30    Jacob Nippel dide this morning    Jacob C Knipple b 28 Jan 1846 d 30 Mar 1893
Keysville Cem

31    Me and Ma went to Jacob Nippels funeral
the tex was we spend our year as a tale
that is told. Jacob Nippel’s age
47 yrs 2 mos 2 das

Apr 14    Malon Fogels wife dide    Jacob Mahlon Fogle 1850-1896
w Sarah Elizabeth 1857-1893
Haugh’s Church Cem

16    We was all at the funeral of Malon

Fogels wife.

May 18    Amanda was at the funeral of Clay    Clay E Dorcus w/o David F & Martha A
Dorcus, he was shot in Ohio and    b 2/17/1864   b 2/25/1829   b 4/20/1841
brought to Woodsboro and burried    d 5/15/1893   d 5/5/1916    d 12/5/1917
in Cemetery.    s Ralph G 12/10/1879 – 5/27/1910
Woodsboro Mt Hope

22    Amanda was at funeral, Jno Millers    Steiner E, s/o Geo F & Ida J Miller
child      20 May 1893  1-1-24   Haughs Church Cem

June 6    Me and ma was at the funeral of Mrs Gernand.

Mrs Gui Lynn was buried    Fannie C (SIX) Lynn w/o Guy P. Lynn
d/o David Spessard Six & Mary Eliz Hollenberry
b 27 Dec 1872 d 4 June 1894
buried with Parents   Keysville Cem

6    We got a card that cousin John Gabel is
dead, will be burried on the tenth, cause of
his death, geting a saw log out of Tigon Hill,
got his foot crushed one week before he died.

10    We started for the funeral of cousin John, got
there half past 8 o’clock, there was between
50 and 60 vehicles in the funeral procession,
was burried in Abbotstown, aged 64 yrs 6 mos 9 das

10    Ma and Amanda was at Milard Crum funeral.

July 2    Me, Amanda & Bennie was at     John E Easterday 27 June 1893 11-9-0
Sabbath School & funeral of Emry         Haugh’s Church Cem
Easterday. Jesse Fox preached from
tex Set thine house in order for
thou shalt die and not live.

Aug 6    Milton Millers had their child baptized today

23    The Widow Winemiller was burried    Mary w/o John H Winemiller
at Middelburg today.    19 Aug 1893    14 Mar 1879
75-1-10         59-8-12
Methodist Cem Middleburg #92

29    Amanda was at Hanover at the funeral
of Amanda Fisher.

Sep 5    Koonses thrasher went to Shafers this evening
Horse got scared at engine and throughes
himself, dide

Oct 18    Amanda went with Charleys to     Mary O Garber 15 Oct 1-7-13
funeral of Samuel Garbers child    Samuel W Garber 28 May 1899 32-10-19
s Flora E  15 Oct 1895 26-0-15
Johnsville M.P. #118


21    Went to graveyard to sell lot to
David Mort.

22     Was at the funeral of Albert C     Albert C Delphey 20 Dec 1893 14-8-0
Delphy, his age was 14ys 9 mos         Haugh’s Church Cem

Dec 3    George Koons dide today    George W Koons 3 Dec 1893 62-4-0
w Sarah A 10 May 1838 1 Jan 1929
Haugh’s Church Cem

5    Went to George Koonses funeral, his
age was 62 years 4 mos.

21    Granny Wolf dide this morning.

23    I went to the house of James Wolf to
atten the funeral of Granny Wolf.

26    John Clabaugh littel girl dide     Bessie L Claybaugh d/o J T & N V
26 Dec 1893 8-8-27
Haugh’s Church Cem

Polly Shoemaker got burried    Ann Mary Shoemaker 2 Feb 1817 24 Dec 1893
Bethel Cemetery, Good Intent Rd.

27    Me and Ma went to the funeral of
Clabaughs child.

28    David Mort paid for cemitary lot $7.00 #22

30    Me and ma went to the funeral of     Charles R Eiler  23 Mar 1858 28 Oct 1922
Charley Eiler’s child    w Mary E  20 Mar 1862  16 May 1920
s Carl 6 Sep 1891 4-6-29
d Lulu 29 Dec 1893  3-8-2
s Marshal W  11 Mar 1907
Haugh’s Church Cem

Jan 2    Paid David Morts Money over for lot
No 22 in graveyard.

Feb 2     Got a letter from W Earhart stating that his brother
David dide last even. Will be buried on the 6th

5    Me and Amanda went to Littelstown on train
to Earharts funeral.

6    John Erb furnished a teem for use to get to
church, it was a larg funeral, the tex was 2
Kings 20 chap, part of 1st vers, Set thine house
in order for thou shalt die and not live, his
age was 83 yrs, 11 mos and 9 das.

Wm Krise was burried today.


14     John Ves Fogle was burried today    John W Fogle 6 Mar 12 Mar 1894

w Mary C 27 Aug 1862 2 feb 1932
s Beethoven A 28 Sep 1888 7 Feb 1953
Union Bridge Mtn View #109

23    Qualified before Square Warner &    James A Hahn 1 feb 1916 61-4-4
appraised personal estate of George    w Susan A(Augusta) 23 Mar 1894 40-7-19
Koons, came to James Hahn’s,     s Clyde E 24 Jul 1890 0-4-18
Agusta dide shortly after I got          Haugh’s Church Cem
there. went to undertakes & went
down nearly all day. Amanda was
down last night and tonight

24    Went to graveyard to see about Agusta grave.

26    We was all at Agusta Hahns funeral,
it was a large funeral, the tex 90
Psalm part 9 vers we spend our years as
a tale that is told, age 40 yrs, etc

Apr 19    Worth Clabaughs child dide    Carrie V d/o Worthington Claybaugh
4-19-1894  8-2-15
20    Me & Amanda went to funeral    Worthington 1849-1919; Emma 1857-
of Claybaugh child.    d M Della  2 Feb 1907  22-9-2
Haugh’s Church Cem

May 3    Minie Biehl had a babe last night.

7    Charleys was at Abe Garbers funeral.

15    John Weant dide this morning    John W Weant Jr 8 Mar 1872  15 May 1894
s/o John Washington Weant 22 Feb 1837                 29 Aug 1904
& Hannah E 26 Jan 1843-23 Feb 1918
Haugh’s Church Cem


Frederick County, Maryland Land Records, Liber B Abstracts, 1748-1752 by Patricia Abelard Anderson 100 pgs, $12.50 + $2.63 tax, postage, handling. GenLaw Resources, 9346 Bremerton Way, Gaithersburg, MD 20879.  This is the first book of recorded deeds for Frederick County

Titles available from Prince George’s County Genealogical Society, Inc.  Box 819A, Bowie, MD 20718-0819.  If you live in Maryland remember to add 5% state tax.  The list I have does not include any additional costs for postage and handling.
Stones and Bones: Cemetery Records of Prince George’s County, Maryland 1988 690 pages hard cover 8 1/2 x 11″.  Reprint 16 pg addendum and errata.  Contains many church cemeteries and their histories, family & military cemeteries, and maps showing cemetery locations. $28.
Index to the probate records of Prince George’s County, Maryland 1696-1900.  1988; 242 pages hard cover 8 1/2 x 11″  Index to the wills, administrative accounts, and inventories  by both the decedent’s and the executor’s names.  Includes references to names discovered in file records (1788-1810)  $18
Bibliography of published Genealogical Source Records, Prince George’s County, MD 2nd edition 1986.  28 pages soft cover 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.  Revised edition, includes research guides; gazetteers, cemetery, court, land, military, probate and vital records.  A list of typescript and mimeographed documents with their location is also given.
Prince George’s County Land Records, Vol A 1696-1702.  1992 Reprint 98 pages, hard cover 5 1/2 x 8 1/2″  Abstracts of 205 deeds, with 214 tracts being named and 381 surnames.  A Comprehensive index includes surnames, tract names, ships, and occupations.  A tract position map shows location of the properties.  $10
1828 Tax List Prince George’s Co, MD edited by Shirley Langdon Wilcox CG, 130 pgs $12.  Within each hundred the names of proprietors are in alpha order, followed by the land name, number of acres, the rate at which it was taxed, the value of improvements and the total tax due.  This helps make up for the missing 1830 census for the county.
1850 Census Prince George’s Co, MD edited by Shirley Langdon Wilcox CG. 160 PGs. $7.50.  This is a complete transcript, not an abstract. Complete name index.
Recollections and Reminiscences 1861-1865 through World War I, Volumes 1-6 of 12 planned Volumes compiled by the South Carolina Division United Daughters of the Confederacy.  Each volume contains approximately 700 pages and includes an in-depth index.  Hard back, size not listed each book is $35 plus $3 p/h.  Checks payable to SC UDC Preservation RRR Committee, PO Box 211951, Columbia, SC 29221-6951.

The Descendants of Joshua and Elizabeth (Chapline) Hedges of Berkeley County, VA compiled by Gary Wayne Watson for the Hedges Family Association 1994. 89pgs. No cost listed. Write the Hedges Family Association, % Joanne Eustice, 1534 North Kelly, Redlands, CA 92374.  Joshua Hedges married Elizabeth Chapline in Frederick Co, MD.  He purchased land in the county shortly before his 1743 marriage and in 1754 received a grant in Virginia’s Northern Neck.  In 1782, during the Revolution, he provided a horse for the Berkeley Co, Virginia Militia.  The index is to surnames only, except for the Chapline and Hedges families. (PGCGS Apr95)

The Leo F Miller and Maggie N Zeigler Family History Book 1700-1994 is available for $10 from Ricka Patterson, R #2, Box 3410, Old Bridgeville Rd, Felton, PA 17322.  65pgs, spiralbound, includes pictures and documents. (SCPGS May95)

Atkinson Ancestors and Allied Families (BECKMAN, BOONE, BOWELL, BRYAN, BUERGER, CRACRAFT, CRAIGHED, FISHER, FUQUA, GREGORY, JONES, KING, LANCASTER, MAXEY, MORGAN, POWELL, SCHOLL), 6 states.  Includes name and place index, 25 photographs.  Orders for the 263 pg hard cover book are available for $39.50 if ordered before 20 Aug 1995 from R W Atkinson, 185 Canyon Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022.

Debt Books of St Mary’s County 1753-1758.  Linda Davis Reno, 3 ring binder, 229 pages with an index to personal and tract names for $25 + $4 p/h.  Maryland residents add 5% tax.  St Mary’s Co His Soc, PO Box 212, Leonardtown, MD 20650

The Anson Co, NC Heritage Book Committee has completed their compilation. Volume 1 will be available in Sept 1995.  For price info write the committee at PO Box 417, Wadesboro, NC 28170


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HILL, PLAIN/E:   Looking for parents of Orpha HILL.  She m John PLAIN/E in Fred Co, MD ca 1795. John PLAIN was b 1772.  Their son, Daniel was a Brethren elder at the Pipe Creek Church.  Viva Davidson, 2145 Angstadt Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951

SHOOK, BLACK, PORTER:   John SHOOK was in Fred Co until ca 1800.  He may have married a BLACK &/or Arrana PORTER.  Need info on John, the SHOOK cemetery, and the SHOOK homeplace. Patricia M Shook, 4621 Feather River Rd, Corona, CA 91720

BARNARD:   Researching William BARNARD (1759-1843) who was born in Frederick County and moved to Ohio County, KY ca 1797.  Gayle S Scholer, 2103 Plantation Dr, Richmond, TX 77469

Researching: ROMAN, BRENNER. Bob McGinnis, 8011 Admiralty Pl, Frederick, MD 21701.

Researching: BAKER, BOWERS, ENGLER. Pam Baker, PO Box 3981, Frederick, MD 21705.

Researching: WELSH, HOWE, SCHLOETZ/SLUTZ/SLUTTS.  Shirley Hatheway, 5129 Hesperus Dr, Columbia, MD 21044

EDMONDS:   Researching John, Nathan & James EDMONDS all of whom were millers during the 1850’s and 1860’s in Middletown.  Col Bettie Edmonds (Ret), 216 Azalea Trail, Boerne, TX 78006

ROOT, SCHMIT, ALE/EHL, ISENBERG:   Lemuel ROOT b 1763 Tolland, CT, m 22 Jan 1793 Magd. SCHMIT in German Reformed Ch, Frederick, MD, Huntingdon Co, PA by 1820, died there by 1850.  Who were his wife’s parents.  Daniel ALE b 1750 MD in Frederick Co 1790 census as Daniel AYLE. 1 Feb 1791 had son Daniel EHL ch in German Reformed Ch d 14 Apr 1813 Antis Twp, Huntingdon, PA.  Gabriel ISENBERG owned land at Bare/Bear Garden, Double Pipe or Sam’s Creek.  Where is this property in present day Maryland.  Megan L Lyle, 31226 Pickwick Lane. Beverly Hills, MI 48025

Researching BRANE, DOLL.  Michele Naylor, 6201 Fairhurst Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213

GABLER:   My research has shown John Christian GABLER as the first in America.  He was a glassblower at the New Bremen glassworks.  The 1790 census shows a H Wm Gabler in Frederick Co, MD.  Was John Christian in this household?  Paula L Short, 18595 Framingham, Southfield, MI 48076

BERKMAN, et al:   Interested in finding the birthplace and hometown of Christoph BERGMAN (BARICKMAN/BERKMAN/BARGMAN/BARKMAN), who was a German mercenary during the American Revolution and may have been held in the Hessian Barracks in Frederick.  William W Berkman, 4340 Whispering Circle North, Colorado Springs, CO 80917-3627

LOGUE, LAWSON:   I am compiling the family history of James LOGUE and his lineal descendants.  James Logue was born 1720, location unknown and d 1775 in Allegany Co, MD.  He m Mary LAWSON in 1754 and they had 9 ch.  Mary was b 1732 and d 1 Sep 1831 in Allegany Co, MD.  Lee Ann Wing, 1029 227th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053

HARVEY:   John Hamilton HARVEY b ca 1830 listed Frederick as his place of birth on his military records.  Does anyone have any other information on him.  Is he related to James C or Seth of the 1830 census?  Dennis F harvey, 408 Carlock Ct, Washington, IL 61571-1008

KNEE/NYE et al:   Researching the family of George KNEE/NYE/KNIE/NEIGH who left Frederick Co, MD for OH between 1810 & 1815.  George m Mary DATZ in Frederick in 1800.  Karen Blickley, 132 Highmeadow Dr, Gahanna, OH 43230

DUNSMORE, et al:   Adam DUNSMORE was administered the oath of Fidelity in 1778 in Frederick Co, MD.  He arrived in Philadelphia from Faun, Parish of Templemore, Donegall IRE ca 1772.  Looking for his brother John DENSMORE/DINSMORE who settled in Londary, NH in the early 1700’s.  He sent for the rest of his family in IRE in 1730.  Ralph E Densmore, 232 Cherokee Dr, NE, Dalton, GA 30721-6705

BARNES, TRAMMEL:   Researching Josiah BARNES & Elizabeth TRAMMEL who were m in Montgomery co 1 Aug 1780.  This family migrated through VA and settled in Grayson Co, KY.  Wanda R Wolcott, 720 W Webster, Jeffersonsville, IN 47130

DEBERRY, SHRUPP, GABLER:   Seek info parents/siblings John DEBERRY who m Catherine SHRUPP, Creagerstown, Frederick Co, MD 4 Apr 1809, dau of Matthias and Barbara Shrupp.
John Christian GABLER, glassworker at Amelung near Urbana who with Adam Kohlenberg contracted to purchase part of a tract of land called “The Resurvey of Right and Good Reason” from John Frederick Magnus Amelung for 725 boxes of 8 x 10 window glass. Sandra D Palmer, 806 Cedarcroft Dr, Millersville, MD 21108.

HOUSEHOLDER, SENFT:   Looking for the parents and birthdate of Adam HOUSEHOULDER ca 1773.  He m Christinah SENFT/SINIFT before he left for OH.  Phillip, one of their ch, may have been born before they migrated.  Beverly Downing, 1648 B Turnberry Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147.

BROWN, STOUDER:   Joseph BROWN m 28 Aug 1787 Saran STOUDER.  Need info on this couple.  Tracing Joseph BROWN of Lawrence Co, MS who d 1822. Allied surnames: CORLEY, HOOVER, COWERT, SULLIVAN, KING, SESSUMS, FOX, GRAHAM, BURTON, AMMONS, MARTIN, HARRISON/MCGUFFIE, PERKINS.  Joe C Brown, 1101 Hartwell Rd, Summit, MS 39666.

CHAPMAN, SHELTON:   Zachariah CHAPMAN b 31 Dec 1787 d 2 Sep 1861 m Sarah b 28 Dec 1793 d 1 Jul 1881.  Their ch: all b Frederick: Amanda 22 Aug 1817; Rachel Elizabeth 22 Sep 1819, Basil b 14 Apr 1822; William 4 May 1824, Nathan b 6 Sep 1830.  Basil SHELTON b 20 May 1813 in Frederick. He m Rachel Elizabeth Chapman 25 Dec 1836.  They moved to Carroll Co, MO.  Their ch b Frederick Co, MD: William H b 17 Feb 1839; Jane H b 25 Jun 1841; John G b 21 Apr 1844; Rachel R b 26 Jun 1846.  Dorothy Green Scarborough, 479 Arthur Moore Dr, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-9506

SPARKS:   Rachel SPARKS is executrix for the estate of Joseph SPARKS August Court 1750 Frederick Co, MD.  Joseph’s wife was Rachel. Looking for info on Rachel.  Allan Barlow, 545 Oneonta St, Shreveport, LA, 71106