Feb 1996

Annual Membership in the society is $15 for individuals and $20 for families.  Meetings are held at the LDS Family History Center, 199 North Place, Frederick, MD, at 7 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December.  301-698-0406 is the phone number for the Family History Center.

FRECOGS mailing address:   FRECOGS, Post Office Box 234, Monrovia, Maryland, 21770-0234

FRECOGS officers:
Al Werking, President, 8212 Greenvale Drive, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 662-2621
Susanne F Flowers, Vice President, 9144 Bethel Rd, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 663-0769
Susan Tucker, Secretary, 10809 Lake Square Ct, New Market, MD 21774 (301) 865-1963
Jim Hammond, Treasurer, 8105 Runnymeade Dr, Frederick, MD 21702 (301) 694-0815
Trudie Davis Long, Newsletter, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mt Airy, MD, 21771-9713, (301) 831-5781

1    Editor’s note
1    From the President
2    Exchange journal and society information
5    Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)
8    Abstract
10    Computers and Genealogy by William W Berkman
11    STUP Bible
11    Books, magazines
12    Queries
14    Surname book publishers
15    Binkley family history continued from December Newsletter


Please note that membership dues have gone up by $5. Also now available, by request: Life membership for those over age 50 will be $100.
I have at least six copies of the program guide for the NGS Conference in Nashville, TN in May at the LDS Family History Center-if anyone is planning to go and wants to pick one up.


Through an article in the September issue of our FRECOGS Newsletter, each society member was invited to volunteer to serve in a society officer position of their choice or to suggest others who the member would like to see contacted to test their willingness to serve. No persons beyond those presently serving indicated any willingness to serve nor did any member present suggest any other member for service. Therefore the slate presented by the nominating committee consisted of the current Present Al Werking, Treasurer Jim Hammond M.D., and Secretary Susan Tucker. No member indicated a willingness to serve in the position of Vice-President. There being no nominations from the floor – the three were elected to office.
The new Constitution and By-laws approved at the November meeting provides for the President to appoint persons to unexpired terms for officer positions as well as the positions of Newsletter Editor and two members-at-large of the Executive Committee.  The positions of Executive Committee members-at-large were created in an effort to provide a broader society perspective in executive committee discussions and planning than was possible with only the officers participating.
Trudie Davis-Long will be continuing as Newsletter Editor. Judy Elmer has agreed to serve in the position of member-at-large. We welcome the service of Trudie and Judy to these positions and thank them very much for agreeing to share their time and talents for our Society.
The Society is left with the need for a Vice-President and another member-at-large. Additionally, the Society is interested in (1) continuing our participation in the Civil War Soldiers System, (2) conducting a Bible copying project and (3) coordinating a contest among school-aged children in art classes to design a masthead for our newsletter. Our participation in any of these efforts is contingent upon our having a member agree to serve as project manager. Any Society member interested in serving in any of these positions is invited to contact President, Al Werking (301) 662-2621


HEAR YE HEAR YE!-Write your legislators
“At the behest of State Archivist, Dr Edward C Papenfuse, I have been privileged to chair a committee which has prepared draft legislation revising access restrictions to Maryland’s vital records information. Dedicated staff committee members of Chris Allan, Pat Melville, and Connie Neale, have now fine tuned and submitted an administration bill which will, if passed, give researchers the following access to birth, marriage/divorce/annulment, and death records:
“A. Birth   Steps, permitted under current legislation, are being taken to obtain all birth record indices for Archival storage. Upon receipt, unrestricted access to all birth records indices kept since the inception of State, City and County record keeping to the present day would be made available.  The 100 year restriction of access to the actual birth certificates will remain as currently legislated.
“B. Marriage/Divorce/Annulment   Unrestricted access to these records. (Just as they are available today at most courthouses.) They 60 year limitation at the Archives would be eliminated.
“C. Death  Unrestricted access to records from inception of records to present day.  The current 20 year limitation would be eliminated.
“The bill is expected to be introduced during the 1996 Maryland General Assembly session. I urge you to inform your members, asking them to contact their legislators seeking passage of this bill.  It will be beneficial to all researchers without invading anyone’s privacy since this information is almost always somewhere in the public domain, but generally not as conveniently accessible as it will be when centrally available at the State Archives.
“For further information, please don’t hesitate to call or write: H LeRoy Whiteley, Jr, 516 Walters Mill Rd, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050; 410\879-7993.”

The Whittier Area Genealogical Society Newsletter for Nov 1995 continues their list of 1908 Whittier High School alumni. They also have an announcement that Craig Scott, of Loudoun Co, VA, will be conducting a seminar 24 Feb 1996 on research in the National Archives, Pension and Military Research. We have also received the Dec 1995 issue.

The Generator for St Mary’s County, Md, Dec 1995 has a list of their membership.

Phillips Family News Dec 1995

The National Genealogical Society and the Middle Tennessee Gen Soc are sponsoring the 16th Annual NGS Conference in the States in Nashville, TN 8-11 May 1996. Write the society for more information: NGS Society, 4527 17th St North, Arlington, VA 22207-2399 or get a program at the Family History Center.

The Estep Family Journal for Jan 1996-All copies of the book Estep, Thomas, Sr (c 1709-c 1772) of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants compiled by Margaret E Vidal, Mary W Mellichampe, Linnaria Wheland and Martin F Hanson, MD have been sold.  The LDS Family History Center has received permission to microfilm the book, which will make it available for interlibrary loan at your local Family History Center.  (Has any of our readers seen this book? TDL)

The Hoenstine Rental Library founded 1955 specializes in Genealogical and Historical Research for the Central area of PA, but encompasses other areas of the state as well. Mond-Frid 9-12 & 1-4. Closed Postal Holidays and weekends. 414 Montgomery St, PO Box 208, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648. 814\695-0632. The library offers 4 services: Rentals, photocopy service, research, & library use-4 researchers at a time, $5/hr; photocopies $.50 each.

The Fall 1995 issue of the Genealogical Society of Page County, VA newsletter includes the Revolutionary War muster roll of Michael Reader’s Company, Martz Family Bible records, and the annual index.

Family Backtracking Dec 1995 from the Puget Sound Genealogical Society continues Kitsap County Marriages and the journal of William Campbell 1807-1815 (scanned reproduction of original).

The Historical Society of Frederick Co, Inc’s bookstore is up and running; call for hours 663-1188.  Barbara F Johnson is the new executive director

The New England Historic Genealogical Society is having a Heritage Tour of Wessex, England with Dr George Redmonds May 9-19 1996. For more info call NEHGS at 617\536-5740, ext 202.

From the Continental Columns Newsletter of the NSDAR for Autumn 1995. The Library is gathering information on the history of the DAR Library since 1896 and library related activities since 1890.  The Library staff needs the assistance of anyone who may have information, photographs, memorabilia, articles, personal accounts, etc about the DAR Library or activities by the NSDAR, State Societies, and Chapters in support of libraries elsewhere in the United States.  Anyone with details of these or similar involvement by members of the NSDAR is urged to contact Mr Eric G Grundset, Library Director, DAR Library, 1776 D St NW, Washington, DC 20006-5392

Dr. Don Yoder of the University of PA in Philadelphia will serve as keynote speaker for the eighteenth annual Family History Conference, March 28-30, co-sponsored by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society and Lancaster County Historical Society. Twenty varied workshops and research tours of the Lancaster Area and Washington DC will be centered at the Holiday Inn/Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center, lancaster, PA. Registration fees of $30 for society members; 35 for non members must be postmarked by March 15.  Optional meals: banquet $20 and lunch $ 13.50. For further info: Lola M Lehman, Lancaster Mennonite HIstorical Society, 2215 Millstream Rd, Lancaster, PA 17602-1499

The Noble Co Chapter OGS Newsletter for Oct 1995 has newspaper abstractions, a Brown family Bible and Monroe Co, OH marriages.

The Phillips Family Genealogy Swap meet will be held at the Best Western Inn 2101 So 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018 Aug 15-17 1996.  Reservation cut off date is 22 Jul 1996.  Mail in information will be accepted for those who can’t attend.  Contact Dale F Phillips, 1927 S 7th St, Chickasha, OK 73018 405\ 224-6927.  Please send a SASE when requesting information.

The Fall/Winter Edition of the Robey/Robie/Roby Report includes information on a trip taken to England by group members and Bill Robey of Las Vegas has a report of his research on the children of John Roby III of Charles Co, MD.  The family reunion is for 16-18 August at the Holiday Inn in Annapolis. Registration on Friday $15, which can be sent to Joy Klingaman, 20307 Beaconfield Terrace, Termantown, MD 20874-3904

The Family History Society Los Alamos Newsletter has a very complicated article on the Roots Surname List-a list of surnames with associated dates and locations is on the internet. The article tells how to obtain and submit data to the list the list via e-mail, FTP and gopher.  I (TDL) will photocopy and mail out the 3 page article to anyone interested for $1, no SASE.

The York County, PA Archives plans to reopen early in 1996, 150 Pleasant Acres Rd, York, PA 17402.  717\840-7222 & 717\840-7223. Although closed Federally recognized holidays, the Archives recommends you call to confirm the days you wish to do research to make sure they are open. Mail requests for research to the Archives. Copies for which the cost is less than $10 will be billed.  Over that amount, they need to be pre-paid for receipt. At this time copies are $.25/page. Copies sent by mail are $1/page. Local fax charges are $1.25/page.  Other fax charges will be $1.25 plus transmission charges. (SCPGS Dec 1995)

Seminar at Sea aboard Holland America’s msWesterdam, sails 30 Mar 1996 from Ft Lauderdale, FL to St Maarten, St Thomas & Nassau. Research classes, sponsored by American Genealogical Lending Library, to be conducted by George Schweiter, William Dollarhide, Raeone Steuart and Bradley W Steuart. Seminar speakers will be available for individual consultation during the cruise free of charge. For reservations & info: Murle Casler-Excell Vacation, 800\733-4004; (office 813\391-5512); Fax 813\393-8885; 14955 Gulf Blvd, Maderia Beach, FL 33708

During renovation of the Forum Building at Harrisburg, part of the PA State library was contaminated with high levels of lead paint dust.  The involved area may remain inaccessible, even to staff, for a year or longer.  Affected by the contamination:
Newspaper microfilm 1719-1965
Bound & unbound newspaper volumes pre 1994.
Bound Periodicals and unbound periodicals pre 1994.
Periodical microfilm pre 1970.
General books published before 1960.
All reference works except the latest editions
Older works on Pennsylvania.

Past Tracks of The Green Valley AZ Gen Soc Dec 1995 issue has a half page of ‘addresses’ for Genealogy Web Sites.  Two of these are particular interest, US National Archives http://www.nara.gov and US Library of Congress WWW server http://lcweb.loc.gov/homepage/lchp.html.

The Maryland Genealogical Society Seminar 1996 will be held at Western Maryland College 15-16 Mar 1996. Cost for both dates is $40. Send your check or money order to Maryland Genealogy Seminar, Rear 63 E Main St, Westminster, MD 21157

There will be an informal gathering of descendants of the Hawbottom Johnson Family Cemetery to share family information on Sat 13 Apr 1996 at 1 PM at the University of Maryland, Gaithersburg campus. Maps and directions will be mailed in early April. If you are a descendant, or think you might be, please called Edie Eader 301\662-0539 or Lisa Covell 301\846-0966 for details.  Allied families: Johnson, Baer, Lamar, Ridgely, Fuller, Craig, Fister/Feaster, Gaver, Hessong, Thrasher, Dutrow, Summers, Zimmerman, Leatherman, Snyder, Blickenstaff, Schildknecht, Knight, Palmer, Bittle, Coblentz, Crone, Derr, Eccard, Grossnickle, Harp, Harshman, Heffner, Rudy, Schroyer, Stottlemyer, Wiles, Kinna, Buzzard, Biser, Boyer, Kline, Michael, Miller, Minnick, Murphy, Routzahn, Sensenbaugh, Kemp, Miller/Muller, Stine/Stone, Fraley, Crone, & Cecil.

MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS (New and Renewal, surname cards submitted, new in the library)

BEALL, Edward, 22630 Ridge Road, Germantown, MD 20876
BURTON, A Ann, 43779 Valley Rd, Decatur, MI 49045 YOUNG,         REDDICK
COMPTON, Michael and Marie    ,     1126 Noyes St, Evanston, ILL 60201
CRAMER, William S, 11512 Colt Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902  WILHIDE, FRALEY, CRAMER,     WALKER, WEIMAR
EBERLY, Daniel H, 9901 Broad St, Bethesda, MD 20814
ELMER, Judith L, 1319 Danberry Dr, Frederick, MD 21702
FOUT, Bob, 1829 Meadowgrove Lane, Frederick, MD 21702 FOUT, RICE,         STRINE, DEGRANGE, WILES
GATES, Nancy E, Rt 1 Box 221, Waverly, WVA 26184-9751  WEEKLEY
GRABILL, Maxine, P O BOX 98, Libertytown, MD 21762, GRABILL, WELLER, ROUT,         RENNER, EBBERT,         REPP, ELLER in Frederick, Washington and Carroll Co, MD
GRAVES, Howard A, 6113 88th St SW, Tacoma, WA 98499-2635
HACKETT, Joseph L, 8487 Devon Lane, Walkersville, MD 21793
HITSELBERGER, Mary Fitzhugh,         310 E Division St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935
HLADIK, Dorothy M, 2431 Indian Dr, Enid, OK 73703-6404  John &         Peter BOYER
KUPSCO, Edith M, 19034 N Welk Dr, Sun City, AZ 85373-1049
LINGENFELTER, Robert J SR    ,     5295 Rolling Ave, Lorain OH 44055-3206 LINGENFELTER-all     spellings
MacDONALD, Edwin G, 1950 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230  SHORB
MARTIN, J Stanwood, 308 Devon Lane, West Chester, PA 19380
OLSON, Walter E & Marianne    ,     15233 Tricia Lane, La Mirada, CA 90638-5318
REVARE, Jack, 4410 W 112th Terr,  Leawood, KS 66211-1719 MATHEWS/MATTHEWS/MATHIAS,     FERRELL, EBTHARPE
ROBERTS, Warren W, 1448 Windemere Dr, NE, Fridley, MN 55421         WELLS, LEEDOM
SAIN, Mark, 27713 Barnes Rd., Damascus, MD 20872  COONTZ, COONCE, IJAMS
SAUVE’, Susan, 1514 S Ward St, Lakewood, CO 80228
SCOTTO, Pepper, PO Box 17 Rt 464, Point of Rocks, MD 21777
SPANGLER, Mary Snouffer, 1413 Homeric Ct, McLean, VA 22101-5611 ADAMSON, BEADY, HARDING,     OWEN, SNOUFFER, TRAIL
YOUNG, Shirley A, 8527 Crum Rd, Walkersville, MD 21793 SIMPSON, TRAYER,         YOUNG,                      CARLIN.

Several new exchange journal/newsletter groups have joined us.
ROBEY/ROBIE/ROBY Family Association, Inc, 12 High St, Ipswich, MA 01938-1918
Fayette County Genealogical Society, 24 Jefferson St, Uniontown, PA 15401-3699
Somervell County Heritage Center, PO Box 1261, Glen Rose, Texas 76043

FROM: Warren Dittmer, 10 Revere Rd, Ardsley, NY 10502
COLEMAN, Sarah b ca 1804 PA m Isaac MILLER 1835 lived Lonaconing, MD, ch: Sarah b ca 1836;     Isaac b 5 Jun 1837; Susan b ca 1840; Ann-Marie b 9 Sep 1841; Kelita b ca 1842; Thomas b ca 1843; Mahala b ca 1847
FOUTZ, Tobias b ca 1800 wife Catharine, Mary WINEBRENNER lived near Frostburg, MD. Ch: Morris;     Jacob b 1827; Tobias b 1832; John; Sarah; Hannah; Louisa.
WINEBRENNER, Morris b ca 1770 wife Hannah lived near Frostburg, MD from 1800 to death 1849.

FROM: Susan Tucker, 10809 Lake Square Ct, New Market, MD 21774

FROM: Carol J Anderson, 18 Tavistock Dr, Bella Vista, AR 72714
BANDY, Richard b ca 1725, d 1795 Botetourt Co, VA Possibly settled in MD before VA. Close tie to     Vineyard and Kefauver families who emigrated to VA from MD.
KEFAUVER, Philip b GER, d 1779 Frederick Co, MD. Son Peter b 1765 Frederick Co, MD m Catherine Yost     MD d 1820 VA. Other ch of Philip: Philip, Nicholas, Jacob, Susannah, Magdalena.
VINEYARD, Christian Father of Nancy Vinyard b 1800 MD d 1825 Roanoke Co, VA m 1818 Jacob     Kefauver, VA. Close tie to Richard and Thomas Bandy-possible relationship.
YOST, John Harman (Jost) d 1795 Frederick Co, MD wife Mary dau Catherine b 1766 MD d 1819 VA. m     Peter Kefauver 18 Dec 1786 Frederick MD. Other ch of John: John, Maria, Ludwig.

UPDATE Waneta Stephens Ahnentafel in the Dec 1995 FRECOGS Newsletter:
“It’s been a long time since Aug 1992. #5 Susan RICE turned out to be Susan KEIST of West Virginia; #9 is Sally ROLINS.  My FEBUS book will be going to the printers this spring.” (312 S Vine,  Mt Pulaski, IL 62548-1338 )


Donations from George & Donna Russell
Elements of Cartography, 3rd Edition by Robinson & Sale

(Magazines/Journals that currently reside in my(TDL) basement.  These boxes were missed during the inventory I did last year.
Connecticut Nutmegger    Vol 1- vol 22 and topical index to these issues

Historical Wyoming    Vol XX #3-4; Vol XXI #1-2

The Hoosier Genealogist    Vol 6; Vol 7 #1-6; Vol 8 Vol 9 #1; Vol 10 #3

Illiana Genealogist    Vol 6 #3

Illinois State Gen Soc Quarterly    Vol 5 #2

Journal of the Afro American    Vol 1 #2
Historical & Genealogical Soc

Kern Co, CA Gen Soc    Vol II #4

Maine Genealogical Inquirer    Vol 3 #7-10; Vol 4 (4 issues)

Mennonite Family History    Vol VI #3; 1987 Index; Vol VII & 1988 index; Vol VIII #1-3 & 1989             Index; Vol IX #1-3

NEGHS Newsletter    Vol 7 #2,3; Vol 9 #1; Vol 11 #1-4.

NEGHS Nexus    Vol 1 #2, 4, 5; Vol 2; Vol 3; Vol 4 #1-5; Vol 6; Vol 7; Vol 8;         Vol 9; Vol 10 #1.

NGS Newsletter    Vol 16 #4-6 & index; Vol 17; Vol 18 #1, #3-6; Vol 19 #1-2, 4-6; Vol             20 1,2

NGS/CIG Digest    Vol 6 #5-7; Vol 7 #2-6; Vol 8 #1,2

Ohio Gen Soc Surname Index    1963; 1967; 1968

The Report Ohio Gen Soc    Vol XXI #1

Salisbury Bicentennial    1976

The Salisbury Resolutions    1774 A Retrospective View 1974 by Arnold Whitridge

Last year a set of photographs were donated to FRECOGS by a Frederick businessman who bought the album at an auction in Frederick County. All the pictures were donated, nothing was held back; the buyer only wanted the album they were in.  All but 5 were identified and here are the names:
Anna M Breame
William Breame
Isaac Cassell husband of Lydia Nicodemus sister of Mrs Frederick Cronise (1872)
Lydia Cassel wife of Isaac Cassel (1872)
Gurtie Carson Harrisburg
Alice Cronise of Virginia
Americus C Cronise, Alice Cronise
Andrew F Cronise {E.H. 1865 tax stamp)
Andrew F Cronise
Grandmother Anna Cronise (nee Nicodemus; daughter of John and Maria Nicodemus of Carroll Co, MD
Annamary Cronise
Catharine Cronise
Emma Cronise, Jacob Cronise daughter
Grandfather Frederick Cronise husband of Anna Cronise (nee Nicodemus)
George W Cronise
Jacob Cronise, Ann M Cronise
Jacob Cronise son of Jacob Cronise
John Cronise (2)
John P Cronise
Milton Cronise in Colorado
Rebbecca Cronise, Jacob Cronise daughter
William H Cronise
Mamie Dasher Harrisburg
Daniel Gaugh
Jesse & John Gaugh (tintype)
Jesse & Jacob Gaugh
Lydia A Gaugh
Ann M Greenwood
John Greenwood
Frederick Heagey
Henry Heagey husband of Rachel (Shriver) Heagey parents of (Jacob Heagy of Table Rock,) Henry Heagy’s father was also named Jacob
Presented Isaac T Heagy died in the army of the civil war. Drafted Jan 1865 Company E, 99th PA Died Acquia Creek VA, May 1865
Mary A Heagy
Rachel Heagy (newspaper clipping-Heagy Feb 4 in Freedom township, Rachel, daughter of Lewis P Shriver and wife of Henry Heagy, aged 76 years and 23 days.  She fell asleep in Jesus. Weep not, although our mother Has left her husband and children in mourning: She’s resting now in that bright land Where by a loving Savior’s hand, Is wipe away each team. Rest in peace dear Mother! M.A.H
Oner {Omer?} Nicodemus wife of Andrew Nicodemus Brother to Anna Cronise was wife of Frederick Cronise
John Prugh Dayton Ohio husband of Miss Rebeca Nicodemus sister of Mrs Frederick Cronise
Rebecca Prugh (Mrs John Prugh, Dayton O) sister of Mrs Anna Cronise (Mrs Frederick Cronise)
Isaac Prugh {above his name it lists ‘Mrs Hannah Ramsburgh, Hannah Ramsburgh} (3 cent tax stamp)
Alexander Remsburg
Bell Siess
Mrs D Z{?} Sies Graceham, MD
Charles Williamson, Hannah is wife of Virginia
Bell Zimmerman seventeen years old- – weighs one hundred six pounds
C{?}ephus Zimmerman
Curtus Zimmerman
Isaac Zimmerman
Lesle Zimmerman


“Writing your life” is a popular suggestion given to many people to help them preserve their own family history. The independent living retirement community of Friendship Village in Upper St Clair, PA has found that this topic works well with a group approach. First offered 4 years ago, the class has become a staple of the Senior Studies Series.  Classes are offered 3 times a year for 15 1 1/2 hour sessions.  Each class session is assigned a topic.  The idea is to start the students writing.  They don’t have to worry about a time frame. Individual vignettes can be pieced together later in consecutive order.  The group reads their work aloud to the other participants and this helps them to jog hidden memories as they share their stories. (On the Money Front Vol XIII, Number IV, Fall 1995)

The story I want to share with you is about one of Frantz and Elisabeth’s (RUTH) grandchildren. In about 1790 Frantz moved with his growing family to Cocalico Township, Lancaster Co, 2 miles from Reamstown. Frantz and Elisabeth are buried at Muddy Creek Church.
Their second son Henry RUTH, in reaching maturity went to Frederick, Maryland, and engaged in the mercantile business. He married Margaret MEDTART, had five children, and later moved to Georgetown, in the District of Columbia, where he managed a hotel. While serving in the war of 1812, he lost his health and died before his 35th birthday.( Journal of the Berks County Genealogical Society Vol 16 #1 Fall 1995-forwarded to FRECOGS by the author of the article, Berks County Bequest Fulfills Boyhood Dream, Ruth Salzman, 821 Glen Allen Drive, Baltimore, MD 21229)

The descendants of the late Orville C ZEPP (1885-1950) will hold their 22nd Family Reunion on Sun, Sep 17th 1995 at Zion United Methodist Church Social Hall at 1 pm. Anyone needing info may call Melvin ZEPP (410) 848-8811 or Linda ZINN (410) 756-2266. (Carroll County Newspaper )

50 years ago Sept 18 1945 Four members of a Frederick city family, who could trace their ancestry back many generations through Frederick city and county history to three brothers who came to Pennsylvania with William Penn in 1699, posed for a four generation picture. They were George Eldred Van Fossen 71, great-grandfather; Eldred Winfield Van Fossen, 42 grandfather; George Edward Van Fossen 23 father; and George E Van Fossen, Jr 3 son. (Frederick News-Post 18 Sept 1995)

The National Genealogical Society, with the support of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, advises you to be on the alert when considering the purchase of products based solely on surnames.
Several companies sell coats of arms or ‘ancestral arms’ for thousands of surnames. Some employ artists to designs original coats of arms; others adapt coats of arms found in books. Coats of arms purchased in shopping malls or by mail order are most likely not related in any way to the purchaser’s ancestry. Rules on the use of authentic coats of arms differ. You may rightfully use British coats of arms only if you can trace your ancestry through the male line directly to the man who was first granted that coat of arms. To ensure authenticity, you should register your arms with the English College of Heralds of the Scottish Lord Lyon, King of Arms.
A number of companies sell certificates or books that supposedly detail the history of your surname. Some also sell lists of addresses for people with the same last name. These companies mass-produce their products, changing only a few details to make them appear unique. Information about various individuals with the same last name is not a family history. A list of names and addresses for individuals who simply share a surname is neither a family history nor a form of genealogy. Unless your surname is unique, you should not assume that people with the same last name are your relatives. (NGS Ethics Committee)

Anna Maria Lewis, lifelong resident of the Garfield community, died at the age 98 years and eight months. Among her survivors were 51 grandchildren; 244 great grandchildren; and 66 great great grandchildren (Yesterday 50 years ago 20 Mar 1945 from the 20 March 1995 Frederick News Post.)

Dear Ann Landers, For years, I’ve sent my grandmother a box of Christmas cards and stamps to help with holiday expenses. It’s a great gift for someone on a limited income who scarcely needs one more bottle of bath old or another knickknack to dust. But I was surprised this year to find out she was working on a Christmas present for ME.
What Grandma gave me turned out to be my favorite Christmas gift of all. It was a history of her life. It begins, “I, Pearl Thompson, was born in Kingsburg County at Iroquois, South Dakota, on May 4 1907.” It continues, sharing all the milestones of her 87 years.  She describes her father and his sons claiming land in South Dakota and building their own houses and Holley’s Comet in 1911, the year the drought hit. She tells about meeting her husband, George, recounts the birth of her children and reveals some genealogy of HER grandparents that I had never heard of.
Grandma dictated her thoughts into a tape recorder, and her daughter used a word processor to type it up. Now all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will have a precious memento to remember her by forever.
I thought perhaps you could share Grandma’s idea of a priceless Christmas gift with your readers so that more grandchildren like me could share in the joy of the holidays. Terry in Dallas (Carroll County Times)

Civil No. JFM-94-2345 Notice of Condemnation for publication. To The Heirs of Daniel Middlekauff and the Unknown Heirs of; Catherine Middlekauff, Elizabeth Lehmen, John F Lehmen, Victor Middlekauff, Margaret Middlekauff, Mary Middlekauff, William B, Middlekauff, Arthur M Middlekauff….Samuel C Pryor, Ellen Pryor…Theopolus C Pryor…Rosa M Pryor and “unknown owners”….  Description All that certain tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in Election District No. 6, Frederick Co, State of MD…containing 22 acres…The above described parcel, designated as Tract 402-48, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, is all of the 1/2 undivided interest in the same land acquired by Peter and Daniel Middlekauff from Samuel Maugins, et ux, by deed dated June 2 1866 and recorded June 16, 1866 in Deed Book JWLC 4, Page 143; and, where as Samuel C Pryor, et al, Executors of the Estate of Peter Middlekauff, by deed dated September 15, 1866 and recorded August 17 1926 in Deed book 358, Page 538. Both Documents are on record in the Land Records of Frederick Co, State of MD. (Frederick News Post 5 May 1995)

Computers and Genealogy by William W Berkman
For years people have been using computers and for years people have been involved in genealogical work. It was only natural that the “twain would meet”.
Genealogy is one of those activities in which one can become completely engulfed.  It can become addictive and there are good reasons for that. The rewards are great and lasting. Searching for the unknown and discovering the fascinating is usually very fulfilling and provides incentive to continue.
Computers can make your genealogical research much easier.  There are software packages on the market today that not only provide you a means to record your families and ancestors, but offer at-home research of marriage, birth and death, Social Security, military and surname records. The very basic software genealogy packages will automatically make the proper relationships connections, warn you of those relationships that are suspect or illogical, allow you to calculate your relationships to each and every single person you have entered into your genealogy program, list all individual entries, produce family group sheets, ancestor charts, descendant charts, pedigree charts, make lengthy notes on each individual, and many, many more basic entries that you will find essential as you become more conversant with your computer and your genealogy software.
If you can read and write, you can operate a computer.  Frightened or intimidated by computers? Forget about that! A computer has no teeth–it won’t bite you and it won’t tell anyone about your mistakes. It is true that computer programs can be very unforgiving.  You may delete something or inadvertently loose some data by your actions, but just remember to follow instructions and read your monitor screen. Remember that each of us normally learns by making mistakes and some of us have to make mistakes several times before we learn.  When you step into the “new world” of computers your life will become more exciting, and more interesting.  When you have your own computer and need help getting started you will find new friends who are anxious to help and at no expense.
You already know that genealogy is an infectious condition. You know that others in genealogical work will be eager to help you, and likewise, they will be interested in telling you some of their successes and problems in research.  If you enjoy people, you will enjoy genealogy and you will enjoy using a computer to assist you in research and recording your finds.
Most people in genealogy are pretty good people–let’s make that “Great People”. Most people in the computer field are in the same boat as the genealogy people, but a very few may be impatient with your inability to quickly grasp the situation.  Now, let’s put the two fields (genealogy and computers) together and we have a “feeding Frenzy”. You will probably want to learn everything instantly, but you must be patient for there are new terms to learn and a few things to memorize.  If you are any kind of a congenial soul, you will have a host of new friends of all ages.  No matter what your age, you can do it!
Having read this far, you are obviously convinced that there is a high probability that I may be correct.  But you need more information. You probably need to know if your computer is appropriate or if you need to or should buy a computer and what kind should you look into. You need to know and are probably curious as to what its attributes should be and what genealogy software programs might best suit your needs. There are “off the shelf” hardware and software items which can become very handy or even essential for your research, depending how much you may want to become involved. We will discuss some of these issues in following publications.
There is one thing that all people who do genealogy know, and that is that one just can’t get enough information. Computers (PC’s and Apples/Macintoshes) will expose you to a new ways and means,. Try it, you’ll like it!

STUP Bible
Wilmore’s new Analytical Reference Bible containing the following four invaluable aids to the proper study of the word of god: The Holy Bible with marginal notes and analytical references, comprehensive bible helps: arranged in Alphabetical order, A complete analysis of the holy Bible, or the Whole Bible arranged in subjects; Cruden’s Concordance to the bible; illustrated; New York; J.A. Wilmore & Co 1893

Father’s mother: Leora Anabelle Zimmerman
Mother’s Father: James Sellman Day
Mother’s mother: Jessie Marie Purdum

Father: George Josiah Stup b July 1917 Frederick Co, MD
Mother: Laura Helen Day b Oct 3, 1920 Plesant Grove, Fred Co, Maryland

George Larry Stup 11/13/39 Frederick, MD married Judy Anne Macintere
Linda Jeanne Stup 10/29/40 Frederick, MD married Robert Easterday Broadrup
Darryl Leslie Stup 7/22/42 Frederick, MD married Judy May Roberts
Alison Elizabeth Stup 3/15/49 Frederick, MD
Stephen Jay Stup 7/29/51 Frederick, MD

Elizabeth Easterday Broadrup born March 20 1968
Robert Livingston Broadrup June 1970


Northern Virginia Genealogy will publish records relating to Loudoun, Fairfax, Fauquier, Arlington and Prince William Counties and the City of Alexandria. The 48 page quarterly, edited and published by Craig R Scott and Marty Hiatt, will be available January 1996. Subscriptions are $22/year and allow free queries which relate to people in the area. Northern Virginia Genealogy, Rt 1 Box 15A, Lovettsville, VA 22080-9703

Daniel Thomas of Prince George’s Co, MD compiled by Gail Robert Thomas. Detailed information on over 500 direct descendants, 232 pages, various maps, surveys and 30 pictures, fully indexed, referenced and hardbound. Pre-publication price is $25 + p/h of $3. Deliver expected within 4-6 weeks (envelope postmarked 16 Jan 1996 and no cut off date for pre-pub price to expire). After publication price will be $30 + p/h. Make checks or money orders payable to Gail Robert Thomas, 3109 Winchester, Plano, EX 75075-3338 phone 214\867-1552.

Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia by Cecil O’Dell, 464 Morse Ave, Liberty, MO 64068, is a comprehensive study of the settlers of old Frederick County, Virginia; who they were, where they came from, where they lived in old Frederick County and where they went.  The work encompasses the contemporary counties of Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah, Page, Jefferson, Berkley, Morgan, Hampshire, Mineral, Hardy and Grant. 623 pages hardcover, 7 x 10, 3 oversized maps, (15) 7 x 10 maps which show land tracts. The retail price is $49.50. There is no information on postage/handling. Fax orders received at 816\781-5260 for MasterCard & Visa.


WOOLFENDEN:  Would anyone be interested in researching the WOOLFENDEN family in the Baltimore-Catonsville & Rellensville Area? Contact is R W Woolfenden    . Jr. 2346 24th St NE, Canton, OH 44705-2459. Or Susan Tucker, 865-1963. 10809 Lake Square Ct, New Market, MD 21774

ELLIS, SHEETS:  Looking for lists that may have Obadiah ELLIS may have been a member of Salem Methodist Ch in Wolfsville, MD ca 1776-1793, m records for Henry SHEETS, Martin Sheets & Eleazer ELLIS, and info on Andrew and Marton SHEETS listed on 1768 Petition #203. Nancy B McCourt, 117 Elkhorn Dr, Georgetown, KY 40324

LONGMAN, SUMAN:  Researching George SUMAN b 1823 who m Susanne LONGMAN b 1822. Moved to OH 1853.  Harlan K Walter, PO Box 1469, Wickenburg, AZ 85358

BOYER,  BURGER, RUNKLES:      Need info: John BOYER who m Sarah BURGER Frederick Co, MD. John Boyer-son of Henry or Peter Boyer. Peter Boyer m Catherine RUNKLES; who were Catherines parents & where was she born? Dorothy Hladik, 2431 Indian Dr, Enid, OK 73703-6404

YOUNG:  The FLAGON & TRENCHER (descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers) plan to have their yearly meeting in 1996 at Old South Mountain Inn, Boonsboro, between Frederick & Hagerstown, MD. Their brochure states “Property purchased by Jacob Young, Licensed Innkeeper, 1769”.  Can anyone tell me anything about this Jacob Young?  The members of FRECOGS have been very helpful in my YOUNG/REDDICK research. A Ann Burton, 43779 Valley Rd, Decatur, MI 49045

CLEAVER,  DAVIS, HEDGES, JEFFRIES, KELLER, STODDERT,  VAN METER,  WILLIAMS:      Seeking info on George KELLER who m 17 Mar 1786 Sarah Greenwood HEDGES b Frederick Co in 1764. Ch: John b 31 Oct 1787 Walkersville; Frederick b 1 Dec 1791 (both men m dau of John Van Meter in Hardin Co, KY); Mary m Benjamin F STODDERT; Moses m CLEAVER; Catherine m Wm or John VAN METER; Samuel m Cinderella DAVIS; Jacob m Levina DAVIS; George m Susan WILLIAMS; Susan m Wm JEFFRIES.  Ms Lee Ellsworth, 2629 Hidden Terrace, McKinleyville, CA 95519

BARR, JAMES:  Hugh BARR m Priscilla JAMES 26 Nov 1783 in Frederick Co, MD. At least 2 of Hugh’s bro’s were in Rev War. He was b 4 Sep 1758 in IRE.  Looking for any info on Barr or James family. Helen G Ogle, PO Box 484, Sugar Grove, IL 60554

BOYCE, ELLIOTT, KITTEN, LESNET/LISNET, NEIL ROWLEY, WILSON:  LESNET/LISNET prob b ca 1728 GER. Immigrated ca 1745. Married a widow, Christianna ca 1756. Settled Frederick Co, MD; cabinet maker. Later settled Allegheny Co, PA. First son Frederick b ca 1758 in Fred, Frederick Co, MD m Isabel WILSON. Other ch: Francis m Rachel KITTEN; Sophia m Wm ROWLEY; Christopher m Barbara ELLIOTT; Peggy m Richard BOYCE; Christy; Christianna m John NEIL and George. Will share all I have, any info appreciated. Win Wood, 5953 Broken Arrow St, Simi Valley, CA 93063-5715 or Joyce Miller, 30855 County Rd 22, Vona, CO 80861.

BEST, GORSUCH, HANN, HYDE, LONG, LANTZ, OTTO, WEAVER:  Researching LANTZ and Lantz Bros, a wholesale meat and green grocery supplier of New Windsor, MD.  Looking for descendants and information on the business as part of research project to publish diary of James W Lantz (1857-1891). James was the son of John Lantz, also a merchant, and grandson of Peter,  of the greater New Windsor, Union Bridge, Frederick Co (and later Carroll Co), MD.  Allied families OTTO, LONG, WEAVER, BEST, HYDE, HANN, and GORSUCH.  What relationship, if any, is there between the Lantz family in Carroll County, and the community of Lantz in northwestern Frederick County, MD?  Trudie Davis Long, PO Box 52, Monrovia, MD 21770-0052.

HAIFLEY/HAIFLEIGH:  Looking for Israel HAIFLEY b 10 Apr 18111 in MD, who was listed in Distr 7 Urbana in one census with his last name spelled HAIFLEIGH.  Descendants moved to Fort Wayne, Allen Co, IN after being in Mahoning Co, OH for a short while. Paul S Haifley, 9225 E Tanque Verde Rd #9104, Tucson, AZ 85749.

DOWNING, ELLSWORTH, FRAZUERE, GARBER, ONKST, SIPE, STRAIGHT, WAMPLER, WOODWARD: Looking for info on the following people of Frederick Co, MD based on these records:
Births: Jacob STRAIGHT 1815, Jacob Straight Jr 1744, Jemima WOODWARD 1754.
Deaths: Hans Peter WAMPLER 1792, Frederick ELLSWORHT 7 Jun 1827.
Marriages: Joseph DOWNING & Jemima Woodward 1771, Joseph FRAZURE & Mary Straight 1752, Jacob Wampler & Magdalena GARBER 21 Mar 1788, Roy ONKST & Maude SIPE 14 Feb 1942. Theresa Janczak, 4116 Lagrange Dr, Greensboro, NC 27406

COOMBS, DELL, KIDD, MEALEY, SHIVERS:  Researching Jesse COOMBS b 1801, in Fred Co no later than 1829 when he funded a mortgage for Joseph KIDD. Prob related to Richard Coombs, Sr who signed a petition for a road to Linganore Chapel in 1749 & was decd by 1752. Jesse m #1 Finetta DELL & #2 Thomsa SHIVERS.
Thomsa Shivers prob dau of Nicholas Shivers, s/o John Shivers, Jr; she was also the sis of Aerie M Shivers who m Francis Thomas MEALEY ca 1829. Nicholas Shivers, s/o John Shivers b ca 1765/9 d 1820-1830. Thom Montgomery, 22371 Village way Dr, Canyon Lake, CA 92587.

BRINDLE, BURNS:  Peter BURNS said to have been born in Frederick Co, MD in Jul 1782. Peter’s father supposedly died near ‘Geddisburg’ in 1815 {Gettysburg?}. Peter received pension for War of 1812. Peter, son-in-law John Brindle and others moved to Ashland Co, OH. Barbara Farthing Bonham, 25 Cherry Rd, Framingham, MA 01701-7843.

CRAMER, FRALEY:  John CRAMER (1830-1887) was an immigrant ancestor from Bavaria who arrived in Frederick before 1850 and spent the rest of his life there. I know nothing of his ancestry except the country of origin but all of his descendants are known. I note the large number of persons in Frederick County who spell the name with a ‘C’ instead of the more common ‘K’. I would be interested in exchanging information on this family, hoping to fine a common ancestry in GER. I also have a published article on Henry FRALEY (Heinrich Frolich) 1756-1830 who was a Hessian soldier and remained here after the war. William S Cramer, 11512 Cold Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

ELLIS, ONION, SHEETS:  Looking for info on Eleazer, son of Obediah ELLIS, who m Rebecca ONION 7 Oct 1791 at Salem Methodist Ch in Wolfsville; and Rachel Ellis m 5 Sep 1789 to Henry SHEETS.  What relationship does the church in Wolfsville have with the Salem Methodist Church in Georgetown, Scott Co, KY which Obediah helped organize. Sandra Ellis Morris, 305 Cambrdige ct, Versailles, KY 40383

SLICK, VICKROY, WILSON:  John Slick and wife Elizabeth Wilson of the Taneytown area are supposed to be the parents of my ancestor,  Rev John Slick,  b 26 Jan 1790 Fred Co, m in Bedford Co, PA to Elizabeth Vickroy. The senior John Slick is supposed to be the son of Dr Slick of Hunterdon Co, NJ; some siblings are said to be born in Hagerstown. Maxine Ivey Crabtree, 208 Mayfield Dr, Lynchburg, VA 24502