August 1997

Annual Membership in the society is $15 for individuals, $20 for families.  Meetings are held at the LDS Family History Center, 199 North Place, Frederick, MD, at 7:30 PM on the 4th Tuesday of each month except for July, August and December.  301-698-0406 is the phone number for the Family History Center.

FRECOGS mailing address:   FRECOGS, Post Office Box 234, Monrovia, Maryland, 21770-0234

FRECOGS officers:
Pepper Scotto, acting President/Treasurer, PO Box 17,  Point of Rocks, MD 21777
Al Werking, acting Vice-President, 8212 Greenvale Drive, Frederick, MD 21702 301/662-2621
Sandy Orndorff, acting Recording Secretary, 417 White Oak Pl, Frederick, MD 21701
Susan Tucker, Member at large, 10809 Lake Square Ct, New Market, MD 21774 (301) 865-1963
Nathan Robinson, Member at large, 291 Montevue Lane, Frederick, MD 21702
Trudie Davis Long, Newsletter, 8213 Mapleville Rd, Mt Airy, MD, 21771-9713, (301) 831-5781

81    Editor’s note
81    Exchange journal and society information
82    Member Highlights (New and Renewal, cards submitted, new in the library)
83    Ahnentafel of Edie Eader
86    John Henson Brown bible record contributed by Carol L Porter
88    Abstracts :1887 Post Offices; Federal Land Records Information contributed by Mark Sain; The Helen File; other Bible     records
97    Books, magazines, services
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Al Werking has resigned as president of FRECOGS; Pepper Scotto, the acting President, (who is also our treasurer) is looking for someone who would be interested in committing to the position of President.  We also have elections coming up in November.  Make an effort to volunteer. The excuse ‘I don’t have time’ doesn’t keep the organization running.  None of the rest of us have the time either.

Please send in photocopies of your family bible to be published in the FRECOGS newsletter.

Stan Martin has found a definition of “inmate” In the information from A New Index, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Before The Federal Census, Volume 3; Index to the 1750 Tax Records by Gary T Hawbaker and Clyde L Groff where the word means “a renter, no land”. This would have been important for the time period because only Freemen were allowed to vote and it would be very hard to find a male ancestor who would not be able to vote.

The file cabinet FRECOGS maintains at the LDS Family History Center is full.  We are looking for a kind hearted soul to donate us another one.

We also have back issues of all FRECOGS newsletters if any of the membership need them. They are $2 each. Indexes are $5.


New Exchange society: Upper Shore Genealogical Society of Maryland, PO Box 275, Easton, MD 21601. FRECOGS has just received their vol 1, issue 3 (monthly?) Newsletter for March 1997.  The society is planning their 25th anniversary to be held 25 Apr 1998 at St Michaels High School, St Michaels, MD.

I was recently sent a flyer about Maryland’s Colonial Families Newsletter back issues for 1992-1995; various issues.  Is this still being published?  Have any of our readers been a subscriber?  Please send me (tdl) an address if you have it.

There is to be a Hite Family reunion August 22-24, 1997 at Belle Grove Plantation , PO Box 137, Middletown, VA 22645. Attendance by pre-registration only; by mail or Fax by August 8; FAX 540/869-9638; checks to be made payable to Belle Grove, Inc $25/person

Native American Ancestry Hunting (NAAH); to help unrecognized native Americans find and build upon their heritage and reunite present day relatives; 3308 Acapulco Dr, Riverview, FL 33569; 813/653-0015; e-mail
NAAH is compiling an ancestors roster; anyone contacting the Roster about your ancestor will be given your contact information. Registration is free, but each ancestor’s name must be submitted separately.

Federation of Genealogical Societies Annual Conference, Unlock your Heritage; Contact Society PO Box 830220, Richardson, TX 75083-0220; e-mail; Homepage

FRECOGS has recently been receiving a gratis subscription to AGLL’s (American Genealogical Lending Library) Genealogy Bulletin. The Jan/Feb issue has a Review of Published Indexes to the US Federal Censuses 1790-1840 and an article on the Family Search program Scottish Church Records. The Mar/Apr issue has a Review of Published Indexes to the US Federal Censuses 1850-1920. Single issues retail at $4.50; there is a bulk subscription offer: if 10 members order subscriptions at a time, each individual subscription is $12; otherwise they are $18 each; Genealogy Bulletin subscriptions, PO Box 329, Bountiful, UT 84011-0329

A multi-volume Genealogical Register of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence is in progress. Vol 3 will include descendants of New Jersey and Pennsylvania signers Clark, Clymer, Franklin, hart, Hopkinson, morris, Morton, Ross, Rush, Smith, Stockton, Taylor, Wilson, and Witherspoon; vol 4 of Delaware and Maryland signers Read, McKean, Carroll, Chase, Paca, and stone; vol 5 of Virginia signers Richard Henry Lee, Harrison, Braxton, Nelson and Jefferson; Vol 6 of North and South Carolina and Georgia signers Hooper, Penn, Rutledge, Heyward, Middleton, Hall and Walton.  Descendants may send data, including pedigree charts and/or group sheets showing descent. From signers with sources, to Rev Frederick W Pyne, DSDI Project, 7997 Windsail Ct, Frederick, MD 21701

Bill Auton, who lives in Monrovia, has published Johnson-Coffey: McCrourie “Mac” Cromwell Johnson and Myra Angeline Coffey.  I’ve called Bill for more info on the book.  He says they are North Carolina families.

MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS (New and Renewal, surname cards submitted, new in the library)

▸    ALVEY, Jeffrey A    11717 Bunker Hill Ct, Union Bridge, MD 21791
▸    BLAKE, Connie    6211 S 92nd Ave, Omaha, NE 68127
▸    CALVERT, Barbara M    40 Cedars Road, Caldwell, NJ 07006 MULLENDORE.
▸    CRAFT, Kenneth F, Jr    5600 Clinchfield Trail, Norcross GA 30092-2029 KRAFT, WARD, WHITE
▸    DALE, Jo Anna    704 Ponca Dr, Independence, MO 64056-2053 OWEN, OWENS, OWINGS, HOOK
▸    HARDING, Janice & Walter Jr     8616 Richmond Ave, Baltimore, MD 21234-3035 HARDING, DEBELIUS, MEADS, AYRES,              THOMAS,
▸    HURDEL, Ellen and Paul    11401 Beaver Dam Rd, Union Bridge, MD 21791 BAUR, KLEIN, HUNT,  CALVERT, HURDLE, KNAPP
▸    O’DONOGHUE, Louis B    6513 Springwater Ct #5203  WARTHEN, GLONINGER, MYRES
▸    PATTERSON, Elsie L    862 Diamond Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 DAVIS, GRIMES, YOUNG
▸    PORTER, Carol L    2928 Putty Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234-4643 BROWN, GETZENDANNER,  PORTER,     KAEMPF/KEMP, LEATHERWOOD, STONER/STEINER
▸    SHOOK, William L & Rosella M    4234 Kenny St, Beltsville, MD 20705-2734 CARTY, WEDDLE, SEIPLER, FELLER, SHOOK, KELLY, JENNINGS, ELLEDGE
▸    SPANGLER, Mary Snouffer    1413 Homeric Ct, McLean, VA 22101-5611 ADAMSON, BREADY, HARDING, OWEN, TRAIL, SNOUFFER, SHINDLER, BECKWITH

▸    TRACY, Mark E    PO Box 4868, N Hollywood, CA 91617-0868 RICHARDS, BUXTON, MAUGHT, TRACY        KIRKPATRICK, BOYD, PERFECT, RENNEL,

New Address/Change of address

▸    BOYER, Daniel J & Peggy A    517 Morning Calm Lane, Harpers Ferry, WVA 25425
▸    BYRD, Jean    PO Box 219, Frederick, MD 21705-0219  MONTANABLUE@JUNO.COM
▸    HOLTHE, Sherry    2424 Quail Creek Way NE, Redmond, WA 98053-3114 BRUNER, STURM, ELDER, WHEELER
▸    ESTEP Family Journal, Nova A Lemons, Editor,          12206 Brisbane Ave, Dallas, TX 75234-6528 ; E-mail
▸    Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic THRASHER Association,          3100 Elkridge Ct, Beltsville, MD 20705


From Joan M Carter, 36 Sherwood Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030-2324; 410/667-9394
HOUCK Family: John HOUCK, Sr m Catherine KEMP; John HOUCK, Jr m Anna Maria SHOUP
KAUFMAN Family: Margaret KAUFMAN m John KAUFMAN. Ch: Eugene Augustus m 1/w Elizabeth DONNELLY; 2/w     Agnes KELLY; Laura m HARDING; Alice Virginia m Joseph Calvin STUP; Ida Alberta m William F KINTZ
KEMP Family: Johann Gilbert KEMP f/o Catherine KEMP who m John HOUCK, Sr.
STUP Family: John Jacob STUP and Magdalena REED, parents of Joseph STUP who m Elizabeth HOUCK. Ch: Edward     L m Victoria E WICKHAM; Francis m Anna M R GROVE; Joseph Grason; Joseph Calvin m Alice Virginia KAUFMAN; Mary Catharine; Clemintine M m Wm T R SMITH; Anna Mary d age 4; John Henry m Mary Ann Sophia SHOOK

From Jo Anna Dale, 704 Ponca Dr, Independence, MO, 64056-2053
HOOK/HOOKE: Rachel HOOK m Robert OWINGS; Thoms OWENS (son); Owen OWEN (grandson) m Mary; Owen OWEN     b 1785 VA m Deligh OWEN
OWEN/OWENS/OWINGS: Robert OWINGS m Rachel HOOK; Thomas OWENS (son); Owen OWEN (grandson) m Mary;     Owen OWEN b 1785 VA m Deligh OWEN

Ahnentafel of Edie Eader, 394 Prospect Blvd, Frederick, MD 21701;

First Generation
1    Edith Olivia JANSEN – 49. b 16 Jul 1944 in Helensburgh, Rhu, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. Christen Aug 1944. Occ Legal Secretary. Education AA Frederick Community College. She m Bernard Edison EADER, 27 Dec 1960 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., Md. They were div 31 Mar 1980.

Second Generation
2    Franklin Richard JANSEN – 47. b 7 Oct 1922 in Frederick Co, Maryland. Occ Carpenter. He m Caroline Dalgleish IRVINE, 3 Apr 1944 in Salcombe, Kingsbridge, Devon, England. They were div 10 Jan 1962.
3    Caroline Dalgleish IRVINE – 48. b 9 Jul 1923 in Rhu, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, d 12 Jan 1997 in Southern Md Hospital  Center, Pr. George’s Co, Md.

Third Generation
4    David Othar JANSEN – 46. b 4 May 1883 in New London, Frederick Co., Md, d 5 Feb 1962 in Frederick City, Md. bu 8 Feb 1962 in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md. Occ Carpenter. He m Emma Olivia “Honey” STONE, 29 Jul 1905 in Frederick Co, Md.
5    Emma Olivia “Honey” STONE – 45. b 19 Oct 1883 in Frederick Co, Md. Chr 29 Dec 1893 in Jefferson Lutheran Ch, Frederick Co, Md. d 13 Jun 1947 in Frederick  Memorial Hospital,  Frederick, Md. bu in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md .
6    Unknown UNKNOWN – 3979. He married Edith Jane IRVINE.
7    Edith Jane IRVINE – 490. b 3 Mar 1905. died Feb 1988 in New Jersey.

Fourth Generation
8    Eugene Augustus JANSEN – 197. b 24 Dec 1844  in Frederick Co, Md. Christen 28 Jun 1846, d 5 May 1918 in Montevue Hospital, Frederick, Md. bu 8 May 1918 in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md. “Gus” does not have a tombstone but, his burial record is at Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md. He m Margaret Catherine SCHUFFLER, 20 Jan 1869 in Frederick Co, Md.
9    Margaret Catherine SCHUFFLER – 198. b 14 Dec 1845 in Md. died 14 May 1919. bu in St, Matthews Lutheran, Church Hill Frederick Co. Md.
10    George Cornelius STONE – 43. b 11 Jun 1844 in Frederick Co, Md. d 28 Mar 1914 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co, Md. Occ Farmer.  George was found dead by the garden gate with eggs in his hand. He m Ellenora Sarah Ann FRALEY, 26 Jul 1865 in Jefferson, Frederick Co., Md.
11    Ellenora Sarah Ann FRALEY – 44. b 16 Aug 1839 in Frederick Co, Md. Christen 9 Nov 1840 in Evangelical Lutheran Church, Middletown, Md. d 3 Nov 1930 in Frederick Co, Md. bu 5 Nov 1930 in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co, Md.
14    William IRVINE – 1661. b in Edinburgh, Scotland. d ca 1945. Occ RR Station Master.  William was a station master for the railroad and lived in a house provided by the railroad.
15    Caroline DALGLEISH – 1813. b in Ayreshire, Scotland.

Fifth Generation
16    Charles William JANSEN – 208. b 31 May 1825 in Frederick Co, Md. d 15 Apr 1895 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mount  Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md. Occ Shoemaker.  Charles was a shoemaker at 183 S. Market St. in 1887 Frederick City Directory. He m Sarah Matilda NEWPORT, 18 Nov 1844 in Frederick Co, Md.
17    Sarah Matilda NEWPORT – 209. b 18 Jul 1827 in Frederick Co, Md. d 17 Jun 1894 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md.
18    George Christopher Charles SCHUFFLER – 227. b 10 Nov 1810 in Bavaria, GER. d 1 Dec 1862 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md. Occ Tanner.  Jacob ENGELBRECHT called him a “Dutch Know Nothing”  Was an Elder in St. John’s German Reformed Church of Frederick, Md, Nov 1852
19    Anna Barbara BRISH – 228. b 28 Dec 1818 in Bavaria, GER, d 9 Dec 1885 in Frederick Co, Md. bu 11 Dec 1885 in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md.
20    John Elias STEIN – 42. b 16 Apr 1811, d 13 Sep 1881 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co, Md Occ Farmer. Religion Lutheran-Deacon at Mt. Zion, Feagaville.  John Elias and Elizabeth Ann Rebecca HESSONG STINE  are the first two graves on the right as you enter Mt. Zion Feagaville Church. He m, 15 Dec 1836 in Parsonage, Middletown Reformed, Frederick Co, Md..
21    Elizabeth Ann Rebecca HESSONG – 40. b 5 May 1816. d 1 Jan 1892 in Frederick Co, Md. bu 4 Jan 1892 in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co, Md
22    John FRALEY – 346. b 16 Mar 1813. Christen 2 May 1813 in Moravian Church, Graceham, Frederick. Co., Md. d Feb 1841 in Frederick Co, Md. bu 28 Feb 1841 in bu on the Manor, Frederick Co, Md. He m Mary Ann Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, 19 Sep 1833 in Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Md.
23    Mary Ann Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN – 347. b 16 Aug 1815. d 30 Aug 1878. bu in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co., Md.

Sixth Generation
32    Erasmus JANSEN Pvt. – 212. b 1782 in Copenhagen, DEN. D 2 Oct 1827 in Frederick City, Frederick Co. Md. Occ Well Driller. Erasmus was a well driller.  He d at the polls on election day as recorded in the ENGELBRECHT writings.  Erasmus was a pvt. under Capt. Nicholas TURBUTT in War 1812. He m Ann Margaret WOODWARD, 9 Sep 1809 in Baltimore, Md.
33    Ann Margaret WOODWARD – 213. b 27 Apr 1788. d 8 May 1868 in Frederick City, Frederick Co. Md.
34    Adam NEWPORT – 210. b 30 Jun 1797. d 21 Mar 1867 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md. Occ Shoemaker. Religion Lutheran. The Junior Fire Co. attended his funeral as a body. He m, 12 May 1822 in Frederick  Co, Md
35    Margareth KEHLER – 211. b 18 Oct 1799. d 18 Jun 1873. bu in Mt. Olivet Cem, Frederick, Md.
40    John STEIN – 465. He m Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
41    Elizabeth UNKNOWN – 466.
42    John HESSONG – 30. b 1780. d ca 1831, m 5 May 1801 Frederick Co, Md. bond was posted 3 May 1831. First accounting GME7/567, David BOWLUS adm.  8th and final accounting GME8/30, 7 Jan.  Margaret HESSONG filed a friendly suit to lay off the widow’s dower JS11/69-76 on 20 Jul 1832.  Dr. BOETLER appointed guardian to answer for the five minor children.
43    Margaret JOHNSON – 27. b 19 Sep 1781 in Md. Christen 11 Dec 1859 in at Beallsville, St. John’s Catholic, Frederick, Md. d 7 Jun 1861 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in St. John’s Catholic, Frederick, Frederick Co., Md. Religion Catholic. Frederick Co Equity 1233:  Margaret filed a friendly suit to lay off her dower after her husband, John, d intestate. In the 1850 census Margaret was the head of household, others were her brother, Joseph; her daughter Margaret NEFF and her children, George & Barbara; her daughter Catherine and her son Thomas HESSONG.  Margaret was baptized as an adult by F. McKee St. John’s Catholic Baptisms 1842-66, page 222, sponsor. SIMPSON. Margaret’s death is recorded in St. John’s Catholic Church Deaths 1822-1888, P.E. 27
44    Christian FRALEY Jr. – 2133. b 14 Aug 1790. d 5 Oct 1857. He m Sarah Ann (Susannah) HABERSTITCH.
45    Sarah Ann (Susannah) HABERSTITCH – 2134. b 1795. d 7 Aug 1861.
46    Johann Georg (John George) ZIMMERMAN – 354. b 28 Aug 1783 in Frederick Co, Md. Christen 16 May 1784. d 4 Aug 1865 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co, Md. baptism in Evangelical Reformed Church Records. He m Charlotte YOUNG, 9 Jun 1809 in Shafer’s Tavern, Frederick, Md.
47    Charlotte YOUNG – 355. b 23 Jul 1781 in Frederick Co, Md. Christen 2 Sep 1781 in Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, Md. d 24 Jun 1853 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Mt. Zion Church, Feagaville, Frederick Co, Md.

Seventh Generation
68    James NEWPORT – 12745.
70    Jacob KEHLER – 1162. b After 20 Jun 1758. d before 31 Aug 1804. He Sarah GUNN, 13 Sep 1785 in Frederick, Md.
71    Sarah GUNN – 8505. d 12 Jan 1837 in Frederick, Md.
84    John HESSONG Sr. – 2129. b ca 1757. d 12 Apr 1831 in Middletown, Frederick Co, Md. bu 13 Apr 1831.
85    Catherine TEMPLIN – 2130.
86    John JOHNSON – 6. b 7 Oct 1738. d 16 Aug 1800 in Frederick  Co, Md. bu in Hawbottom Johnson Cem, Frederick Co, Md. Occ Farmer.  At the distribution of his son’s, Joseph, estate 1 Apr 1856, Jacob, Adam, Margaret HESSONG, Druscilla FISTER were alive.  To the legal representatives of sister Mary Ann HEFFNER. He m Mary Margretha UNKNOWN, before 1774.
87    Mary Margretha UNKNOWN – 20. d After Mar 1811.
88    Henry FROHLICH Sr. – 5175. b 14 Feb 1756. d 25 Mar 1830. bu 27 Mar 1830 in Graceham Moravian, Frederick Co., Md.  Henry came to Frederick with the Hessian troops during the Revolution.   He was a drummer in Hessian Erbprinz Regt., Lt. Col. von Fuchs Co., deserted 14 May 1783.  Was naturalized 2 Nov 1796 and renounced his allegiance to Prince of Hesse Cassel.  Was the father of 14 children.
89    Ann Margretha WILHEIT – 5774.
92    Georg Johann (John) ZIMMERMAN – 369. b 1755. d 1813. He m Eleanora HOLTZ.
93    Eleanora HOLTZ – 370. b 1756 in Frederick Co, Md. Christen 7 Nov 1756 in Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, Md.
94    Conrad YOUNG – 368. He m Margaretha UNKNOWN.
95    Margaretha UNKNOWN – 6186.

Eighth Generation
140 Jacob KEHLER18 – 8508. b 22 Aug 1735 in Manheim, Churpfaltz, GER. d 7 Jul 1785 in Frederick, Md. bu 8 Jul 1785. He m Catherina UNKNOWN, 20 Jun 1758.
141    Catherina UNKNOWN18 – 8509.
142    Christopher GUNN18 – 8506. He m Margaret UNKNOWN.
143    Margaret UNKNOWN18 – 8507.
168    Balser HESSONG – 2131. b ca 1713 in GER. d ca Jul 1774. Balzer’s Will is at A1/499.  He names his wife Margaret and 10 ch.  He signed it 5 Apr 1773 and it was proved 24 Jul 1774. Baltzer and son Windel emigrated in 1739 on Ship Friendship.  According to Schildknecht they were in East Calico Township of Lancaster Co., PA.. Later they were at Christ Reformed Church n.e. of Littlestown, PA  Magdalena was bpt. here in 176. He m Susanna Margaretha COBLENTZ, 1735.
169    Susanna Margaretha COBLENTZ – 2132. Susanna Margretha was the sponsor at the baptism of Susanna Margreth BARTH 29 Nov 1786. (Weiser 2/12)
172    Thomas JOHNSON – 3. b Mar 1712. d 14 Feb 1778 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Hawbottom Johnson Cem, Frederick Co, Md. Thomas Johnson Sr. received his first land patent, “Johnson’s Delight”  28 Apr 1742 for 50 acres.  In 1750 he had it included in a resurvey called “Johnson’s Lane (Land) Between.   This was the land given to his daughter in Will of 1778.   “Johnson’s Level” was surveyed in 1748 and this is the land he willed to his son, John.  Joseph received a tract that had been surveyed in 1755.In his will he provided for 50 pds, to his granddaughter, Elizabeth.  This may be the daughter of Thomas Jr. (Source Tracey notes and collection and Pioneers of the Old Monocacy)
173    Mary ROGERS – 4. b 26 Aug 1713. d 25 Aug 1782 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Hawbottom Johnson Cem, Frederick Co, Md. It was noted in the Md Gazette that a Benjamin ROGERS, his wife, 7 children and Edmund Marle, all of Frederick Co, were killed or carried off by a party of Indians Wed. Oct 1 1755.  It has not been ascertained that he is any relation to Mary ROGERS, wife of Thomas JOHNSON.  But, an unpublished  manuscript by Ida MARKEY tells of a story of the Johnson’s burying their valuables and fleeing to York, PA in 1755 for a year because of the Indians.
184    Johann Georg (John George) ZIMMERMAN – 384. b 6 Mar 1713/1714 in Meckesheim, GER. d 7 Oct 1795 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Lutheran Cem, Frederick, Md. He m Anna Catherina SEIDEL, 5 Jan 1741/1742 in Red Hill, Montgomery Co. PA.
185    Anna Catherina SEIDEL – 385. b 7 Mar 1723/1724 in Pfungstadt, Germany. d 20 Aug 1804 in Frederick Co, Md. bu 21 Aug 1804 in Lutheran Cem, Frederick, Md.
186    Jacob HOLTZ – 379. b 16 Aug 1724. d 16 Dec 1803. He m Catherina LEDDERMAN, 1750.
187    Catherina LEDDERMAN – 380. b 13 Jul 1726. d 22 Nov 1803.

Ninth Generation
344    Henry JOHNSON – 1. d in the crossing at sea17. Henry was purported to have owned the boat that carried he and Janet.
345    Janet SOMMERVILLE – 2. b 1693/1695. d 1773 in Frederick Co, Md. bu in Hawbottom Johnson Cem, Frederick Co, Md. Janet was allegedly the daughter of a Duke and could not marry without the King’s permission.
368    Andreas ZIMMERMAN – 398. Andreas immigrated on the William & Sarah, arrived Sept 1727. He m Anna Elisabetha UNKNOWN, 24 Apr 1703 in Meckesheim Reformed Church, Germany.
369    Anna Elisabetha UNKNOWN – 399.
370    Johannes SEYDEL – 400. Occ Master Carpenter.  John arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on “Robert & Alice”.  He qualified 3 Dec 1740. He m Anna Elisabetha MARSTELLER, 7 Apr 1712.
371    Anna Elisabetha MARSTELLER – 401. b 19 Sep 1691.
372    Michael HOLTZ – 5603. He m Mary Elisabeth UNKNOWN.
373    Mary Elisabeth UNKNOWN – 5604.

10th Generation
736    Hans George ZIMMERMAN – 402.
742    Nickel “Nicolaus” MARSTELLER – 5908. Christen 1679. He m Elizabetha GROSSMAN, 17 Jan 1686.
743    Elizabetha GROSSMAN – 5909.

11th Generation
1484    Christoph MARSTELLER – 5911.
1486    Joh Friederich GROSSMAN – 5910.



In Frederick City, on Monday morning the 4th inst, by the Rev. S W. Harkey, George D Miller, Esq, Junior Editor of the “Westminster Carrolltonian,” of Westminster, Md to Christina, daughter of Mr. Jacob Little of Frederick city.
[We tender to our brother Typo, and his new Partner, the usual congratulations on such important occasions-and present our warmest wishes for their personal welfare-Eds. Dem.] Thursday May 7, 1846 Democratic Carroll County Republican
{This is one of those examples that can make you do a double-take.  If you were to look for the LICENSE in Frederick County for this marriage-you won’t find it-it’s in Carroll County, 1 May 1846. Not only have I found couples with licenses from Carroll County getting married in the adjoining counties of Frederick and Baltimore, I’ve also seen notices for ceremonies performed in Pennsylvania.}

Mr William Mahoney, one of Frederick’s oldest citizens, died there on Sunday, in his 74th year.  He was for many years chief clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick county under General Edward Shriver and Adolphus Fearhake, Esq. He also filled the office of chief clerk of the Baltimore post office under Gen. Shriver. March 3 1887 The Carroll Democrat

20 years ago April 4, 1977: Mary Lare of the Frederick Nursing and Convalescent Center, born April 4, 1874, near Frederick, celebrated her 103rd birthday, recalling her parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Heffner, lived to “a right good age.”

Post Offices of Frederick County for the year of 1887
compiled and arranged by Chas. W Miller, Ex-Postmaster at Frederick, Maryland

Licksville Post Office Is one mile from Tuscarora, on Baltimore and Ohio R R and about same distance from the Potomac river and Chesapeake(sic) and Ohio canal, and 13 miles from Frederick. Climate temperate; business very good; land limestone, mostly cleared, and produces first class yield of wheat, corn, potatoes, etc. Water first class; daily mail from Tuscarora; land sells at from $50 to $100 per acre; church and school house near the village; population 75.  The following farmers receive mail at this office:
Beall, Elizabeth E    Leapley, P N    Snouffer, George W
Brown, William T    Nichols, Edward    Stunkel, Lewis
Beall, Edward F    Null, Joseph N    Snouffer, Otho T
Day, Daniel J    Orland, Carl E    Stallings, Richard
Droneberg, Henry    Orland, Charles F    Thomas, Amos
Gray, Chas W    Ranneberger, Charles P    Thomas, David D
Knauff, John W    Rarmeberger, Robert S    White, James

Lime Kiln Post Office Is a station on the Baltimore and Ohio R R, 60 miles from Baltimore and 4.5 miles from Frederick city.  Climate good; land limestone, sand and clay; nearly all cleared, some oak and hickory standing.  This, like Adamstown, is a part of the Carroll’s Manor.  The farms are in a high state of cultivation and well improved, and produces fine crops of whatever is sown or planted.  The farmers are of a high order of intelligence, and are noted for their hospitality.  A Glance over their fields will convince any one of the thrift, enterprise and prosperity of the people.  Land sells at from $100 to $150 per acre.  The following farmers receive mail at this office:
Bookheimer, William    Houghton, Charles S    Seachrist, William F
Bushey, C A    Jarboe, Thomas    Thomas, Christian
Grove, M J    McKinney, D F    Zimmerman, D V

Linganore Post Office This office is situated pleasantly 7 miles from Mount Airy, and 12 miles from Frederick city. Climate temperate and healthy, land blue slate and limestone, heavily timbered, and sells at from $30 to $70 per acre; produces large crops.  It has some splendid mill and factory sites, and a fine county for dairy and beef cattle.  The farms are generally well improved, and the farmers are thrifty and a high order of intelligence.  The only mill at this place is the saw and grist mill of Moses Douty, Esq.  Mt Douty and his son Edward, and his son-in-law Mr Suman, are indispensable to this locality.  They build wagons, shoe horses, med machinery for farmers, grind their wheat into flour, their rye into chop, and saw their timber into boards.  Mr Douty and his family are the most general and big-hearted people that you come across in a month’s travel.  You cannot find a better class of people anywhere than there are here located.  The following farmers receive mail at this office:
Barnes, S J    Hanna, Nathan    Plane, Jonathan
Buckey, Edward E    Klein, Frederick E    Poole, Mrs Thornton
Brown, Jeremiah    Lease, Gideon    Roop, Dr R
Dayhoof, John    Lease, Charles A    Shoemaker, Daniel
Fisher, Abram    Norwood, Ann     Smith, J P
Garber, Adam Jr    Norris, John G    Shoemaker, George
Glisan, John B    Nusbaum, Samuel A    Sappington, R F
Glisan, Rodney T    Norwood, Howard    Warner, William H
Greenwood, Isaiah    Nusbaum, Washington of A

Loys Post Office is on the Western Maryland railroad, 56 miles from Baltimore, 9 miles by rail to Emmitsburg and 20 miles to Frederick. Climate healthy; business and crops good; land red soil and principally cleared, well improved and highly cultivated, sells at from $40 to $60 per acre. Population 30.  The farmers are thrifty and intelligent as a class.  The following farmers receive mail here:
Boller, William H    Hoffman G W    Miller, Joseph
Crouse, James M    Hinea, H A    Ogle, George W
Debarry, William    Martin, Wm J & Jos E    Robinson, James
Fisher, John M    Martin, Mrs Jeremiah    Smith, Maurice E
Fisher, David    Martin, Jeremiah jr.    Troxell, Frederick

Mechanicstown Post Office. Mechanicstown is situated on Hunting creek, immediately at the eastern foot of the Catoctin spur of the Blue Ridge mountain, and has exceptional facilities for communicating with the outer world.  It is on the line of the Western Maryland Monocacy Valley railroad.  It is also on the Frederick and Emmitsburg turnpike, 16 miles from the former and 7 miles from the latter place.  Its population varies but little from 900, and its growth while not rapid is material.  The town is incorporated, and has in recent years been under excellent sanitary, law order and other necessary regulations with pure water and pure air, they have served as valuable adjuncts to the circumstances of its healthy location, will account for the marked exemptions from epidemics enjoyed by its people.  Mechanicstown was eminent thirty years ago as a manufacturing town; this glory has, however, in a measure departed, yet it is even now able to name the following industires (sic),  the products of which, in many instances, find a market beyond its borders: A steam tannery, steam flouring mill, steam furniture factory, 3 cigar factories, fertilizer works, 2 furniture and cabinetmakers, 2 builders and contractors, 1 pottery, 1 tinner, 1 marble worker, 2 blacksmiths, 1 wheetwright (sic) and pump maker, shoemakers, etc.  There are 3 large general stores, 1 dry goods and notion store, 1 drug store, 1 hardware and grocery store, 1 tin, stove and queensware store, 1 hardware, grocery and stove store, 1 grocery, 2 feed stores, 4 confectioneries, 2 lumber yards, 2 coal yards, 1 newspaper and job printing office, well patronized and ably edited, and a large business in posts and rails by several parties.  There are 7 church edifices; United Brethren, Dunker, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Moravian and Reformed.  There are two large and well-kept hotels and a number of private boarding houses, five physicians and two dentists are in practice in the town and vicinity, and a host of other trades and callings usually found in a wide-awake town.  Within sixteen years there has been a decided growth of the town, and save three prominent exceptions the business of the place is conducted by persons born elsewhere.  it is not a wealthy town, yet in a noteworthy proportion the people won the properties in which they dwell.  it is well shaded and drained, the streets are well kept and well lighted, and it is probably the best paved town in the county, Frederick city excepted.  It is rapidly growing into favor as a summer resort, its future in this direction being of more than ordinary promise.  The farmers are intelligent and thrifty, and the crops grown are good, the farms are usually well improved and in a good state of cultivation, and sells at from $50 to $75 per acre.  The following farmers receive mail here:
Black, Cornelius H    Foreman, Henry C    Rowdy, John A
Benzell, Ephraim    Fry, Joseph C        Rowdy, Simeon G
Boller, Henry A    Freeze, Joseph    Rowdy, William J
Boller, Israel    Firor, Joseph T    Six, William
Baltzell, James W    Fleegle, John A    Stansbury, N sr
Black, William J    Flohr, John    Seabold, William
Creager, James    Freeze, Michael    Stansbury, Mrs Cecilia
Duble, Cornelius    Gall, Henry    Seabold, Mrs Catharine
Damuth, C A    Gilbert, Joshua    Sigmond, G J
Damuth, David    Groff, Newton C    Smith, Henry G
Damuth, Jeremiah    Groshon, Mrs Sophia    Stull, John A
Dorsey, Nelson    Humerick, George    Stoner, John R
Eckenrode, Henry J    Kimmel, George J    Topper, Wm S
Eigenbrode, Elizabeth    Knauff, Jacob    Firor, William L
Eyler, John F & Charles    Livers, Joseph F    Flohr, William
Eyler, John C    Lohr, Simeon    Flohr, Josiah
Eigenbrode, John    Munshour, John W    Flohr, Leonard
Eigenbrode, Jacob    Payne. John W    Groff, Eli G
Eyler, Mrs Mary    Rowdy, Abraham    Willhide, John L
Eckenrode, Vincent J    Rouzer, Henry    Webster, Joseph E
Firor, Benjamin F    Rouzer, John R    Willhide, Samuel sr
Favorite, Cyrus O    Rouzer, John H    Warrenfeltz, Urias
Firor, David S    Rouzer, John    Weller, Charles

Monrovia Post Office Is on the Baltimore and Ohio R R 50 miles from Baltimore by rail and 38 miles by pike.  It is 9 miles from Frederick by pike and 12 miles by rail; the situation is in the midst of a fertile agricultural district; the soil is of a blue slate formation; land principally cleared and sells at from $30 to $60 per acre.  The yield of tobacco, wheat, corn, rye, etc, is good.  There is an extensive flour mill here, and a large trade in fertilizers, etc.  The timber now standing comprises hickory, oak and chestnut.  Churches and schools near.  Population 150. The following farmers receive mail at this office:
Baker, William H of T    Molesworth, John W    Shawbaker, Jacob M
Dryer, Mary E    Norris, N/Henrietta    Talbott, George E
Etchison, Lysander    Poole, C J    Thompson, John W
Griffith. Levin    Plummer, Mary E G    Thompson, Robert B
Jones, Mary A    Rice, James M sr    Umberger, John S
Lowe, Charles    Rice, James jr    Zollicoffer, D K
Mason, John S    Shearer, John D

Motter Post Office Is on the Emmitsburg railroad, 3.5 miles from Rocky Ridge and same distance from Emmitsburg; climate is changeable and healthy; land red loam, sells at from $30 to $50 per acre; produces fair yield of wheat corn, rye, etc. Churches and schools near the place. Population 20.  The following farmers receive mail here:
Appold, George W    Hobbs, Benjamin    Orendorff, J A
Close, Albert B    Hobbs, Joshua    Seiss, Mrs B
Duple, Cornelius    Krug, Daniel    Smith, George
Dorsey, Charles A    Koons, Mrs Sarah    Smith, Mrs Mary M
Devilbiss, George C    Martin, Sophia    Stansburg, Nicholas C
Dorsey, William H    Mummy, J N    Shriver, William
Eckenrode, E G    Martin, John D    Stansbury, N P
Eckenrode, Vincent    Martin, John W    Troxell, W R
Eckenrode, Emanuel J    Martin, James P    Whitmore, David
Fisher, Issac M    Martin, Harvey    Walter, Mrs Mary E
Gilbert, Eliza    Motter, William    Walter, F & Brother

Mt Pleasant Post Office Is a village handsomely situated on the Frederick and Liberty turnpike, 6 miles northeast from Frederick city, and 2.5 miles from Walkersville on the Pennsylvania R R.  In ante-bellum days the place was known as “Smoketown”, but since the war the people have shown more progressiveness, and now the place has in it some beautiful residences and homes, a splendid public school, two new well built churches, and three fine stores, besides other pursuits, among which may be named a carriage factory, doing a thriving business and turning out excellent work.  The place is situated very high, being 1200 feet above the sea level, and commands a view of the beautiful Catoctin mountain and valley around.  It is as healthy a place as can be found anywhere. A fine mansion has recently been erected, overlooking the village, by Dr D E Stone, a noted practitioner of the place, who proposes to make this a resort for persons seeking health.  Several farmers who resided near have quit farming, erected fine buildings and removed to the village, among whom may be named: Wm McDanel; George Wm Buckey and others.  The land around the place is limestone and slate soil; produces excellent crops of wheat, corn, etc.  The farmers are thrifty and enterprising, and their farm houses and fine barns indicate their prosperity.  The place receives two mails daily by stage line, which passes from Frederick to Union Bride. Population 150.  The following farmers receive mail here:
Angelberger, Philip    Fox, John    Murphey, Hezekiah
Buckey, Herman A    Fox, Singleton E    McDaniel, William
Bowers, Mrs Daniel W    Fox, Howard    Nusbaum, F W
Buckey, George William    Fox, Henry C    Nusbaum, F W
Brinebrink, George H    Griffith, Mrs John M    Nelson, Henry
Baumgardner, Henry    Griffith, Julia A    Nusbaum, J C F
Burrier, Jacob    Houck, John H    Nusbaum, John H
Burrier, Josiah    Hoke, Martin    Nusbaum, Samuel of A
Burrier, John W    Houck, Edward    Nusbaum, Samuel of J
Bell, N O    Houck, Marion    Nusbaum, Simon C
Bell, Robert    Houck, Eugene    Poole, Mrs Mahala
Cramer, Charles E    Jacobs, Adam L    Ramsburg, G J
Cramer, Edward    Jacobs, Adam & Sister    Riddlemoser, J L
Crum, Solomon    Jacobs, David P    Ramsburg, Josiah
Crum, John David    Keins, Elizabeth A    Snyder, Charles E
Cromwell, George W    Keiser, William    Sheetenhelm, J C
Crum, Charles E    Lease, Amos    Stevens, Mrs R G
Crum, Jacob    Lochner, George C    Stone, Dr D E
Diller F A    Lease, Luther E    Stevens, George A
Dronenberg, Mrs Jacob    Lease, William H    Thomas, Charles A
Dudrow, Josiah    Mercer, William    Wagner, John
Diller, John    Mullican, Mr    Zimmerman, Ephraim J
Doeffler, Calvin Y    McDaniel, Milton    Zimmerman, Calvin C
Diller, Jacob

Myersville Post Office Is 13 miles from Frederick City, same distance from Hagerstown and near Catoctin Creek, a small water course which flows in the vicinity; climate moderate, village healthy, business fair and crops good; soil is yellow clay, land nearly all cleared and sells at from $40 to $70 per acre; daily mail from Frederick; two churches in the place- United Brethren and Evang Lutheran; also a public school for boys and girls. Hon Upton Buhrman, Jno T Hildebrand, Daniel V Harp, Jos Brown and Wm Huffers are among the most enterprising residents here; population 150.  The following farmers receive mail here:
Bowlus, Joseph    Koogle, John    Rowe, George W
Betts, Samuel    Koogle, Jacob    Renner, Joshua
Duvall, Marcellus    Koogle, John A    Ridgely, William
Doub, Isaiah    Linebaugh, Ezra    Shepley, Daniel
Duble, Jacob    Ludy, William    Sheffer, Jonas
Dutrow, Jacob W    Moser, Mrs Abraham    Smith, George
Eldridge, Andrew C    Morgan, David    Shank, George & John
Flook, Dawson F    Moser, Ezra C(sic)    Shank, George
Flook, Henry M    Moser, George W    Smith, Hiram T
Gerand, Daniel U    Moser, Jacob    Smith, John J
Geisinger, John    Moser, Lewis    Summers, Isaac J
Gaver, Elias    Metzger, Lydia    Snyder, Moses H
Harp, Daviel V    Meyers, Noah W    Toms, Ezra
Harmon, John J    Marker, Peter    Toms, John H
Keller, Henry    Renner, Adam    Wachtel, George W
Keller, Isaac    Routzahn, Cyrus    Young, Wm R

Middletown Post Office Middletown is a beautiful village, situated between the Catoctin and Blue Ridge or South Mountains, eight miles west of Frederick City on the old national Pike.  it is in the heart of the picturesque and fertile Middletown Valley; a mile further west is a pretty, meandering stream, called Middle creek, equally distant from the tops of the two mountains.  The village from its location with reference to this stream and the two mountains was named Middletown.  It is also equally distant from Frederick City, and Boonsboro in Washington county.  At the census of 1880 it had a population of 705, whilst Middletown election district had then a population of 2,821.  It was incorporated in 1834 and Jacob Hoffman was its first Burgess.  The first settlers in the town were Frederick Stemple and Jacob Lorentz, some of the descendants of both of whom now reside in the town.  Among other early settlers were the ancestors of the Millers, Lighters, Bowluses, Kellers, Herrings, Routzahns, Coblentzes, Kefauvers, Levys, Koogles, Rudys, Shafers, Smiths and others.  The people of Middletown and its vicinity have always been noted for their sobriety, their industry and other stirling(sic) qualities of manhood; they are honest and thrifty, positive and their views and with decided force or character.  In religion they are mostly Lutheran and Reformed, though there are some Methodists and Untied Brethren.  Politically Middletown used to be strongly Democratic until the rise of the American of “Know-Nothing” party.  Now it is the Republican stronghold of the county.  Many young men have from time to time left Middletown to seeks homes in various portions of the West, and in many western communities the old family names of Middletown are almost as familiar now as they are with us.  Springfield, Ohio, numbers among its inhabitants hundreds who left Middletown and its vicinity, and hundreds more whose ancestors were well known residents of that village.  In early days Middletown, occupying the central portion of the valley, did a large and thriving business, especially of a mercantile character.  it was the centre of trade of the whole valley.  It is an active and industrious town and still retains a good trade, though the numerous villages and country stores that have sprung up in the valley have contracted the territory which it once supplied.  It was once the voting place for the entire valley from Mason’s & Dixon’s line to the Potomac, and on election day there was plenty of life and animation, some spirits and occasionally a first class fight.  It is now a local option district, and the home of the recently talented Prohibition candidate for Congress.  Middletown is the birth place of Admiral Roger Stemble, the well known US naval officer, who has frequently served his country with distinction.  it was also the birth place of Gen Joseph Van Swearingen, who served as a private in the Revolutionary war under his father, Van Swearingen, who was a captain in the Continental army, and who came originally from Holland, and who was captured in the battle of “Valley Forge”  and was a prisoner at New York for sometime. Gen Swearingen, during the war of 1812, had charge of the commissary department at Frederick.  Middletown has four fine churches.  The largest of these is the Lutheran, which has had twenty two pastors from 16th December, 1779, to the present, among whom were such able and well known divines as Drs. J G Schmucker, C A Hays, D F Bittle, J McCron, W E Strobel, and Dr Stock.  its Sunday School was organized 2nd December, 1827, with S G Harbaugh as its first superintendent.  The Reformed church is likewise an old and large congregation.  Up to 1830 it formed a part of the Frederick city charge. Since Jan 1st 1830, it has had six pastors, the best known of whom were Drs McCauly and Glossner. The Methodist church formed a part of Frederick circuit until 1858 when Middletown and Jefferson were formed into a new circuit with Rev John Anderson as the first pastor.  The United Brethren originally worshipped in the same church as the Methodists, but have recently built a substantial and neat structure for themselves.  There is also a small neat Catholic church in the village, but it has no local pastor, being supplied from Frederick city.  An African Methodist Episcopal church completes the list of building dedicated to the worship of God.  The following orders are represented in Middletown; Catoctin Lodge, No 113, IOOF instituted 8th May 1868; Valley Encampment No 34 IOOF instituted 6th Feb 1877; Middletown Lodge No 19 AOUW instituted 18th January 1881, and Independent Order Good Templars instituted in 1867. The village has one good weekly paper with a circulation, well known as “The Valley Register”. It was started in 1839 by Jacob T C Miller under the name of “The Catoctin Enterprise”. The town has a number of fine stores, and the various mechanical trades are well represented, including two coach factories.  The town is one of the healthiest in the State, the country being well drained, and the water is as fine as can be found any where.  The following farmers receive mail at this office.
Ausherman, David    Huffer, George C    Ramsburg, Josephus
Ahalt, Mrs Emeline    Hedges, Jos H & Bro    Rudy, Mrs Phebe
Ahalt, John W O    Holter, William    Ramsburg, John H
Ahalt, Joshua D    Huffer, Joseph C    Routzahn, Noah
Ahalt, Luther H    Ifert, Abraham N    Ramsburg, Wm H
Adkins, Charles W    Keller, John E    Ramsburg, Singleton
Biddle, Christopher    Kefauver, William E    Rudy, Thomas C
Biser, Cyrus P    Koogle, Mrs Amanda    Smith, Samuel L
Brandenburg, Daniel    Koogle, Adam    Stone, John
Beachley, Ezra    Kefauver, Lewis F    Stone, Frederick
Biser, Henry of J    Kefauver, Richard C    Smith, Ezra
Bussard, James O    Lighter, S L H    Stone, John W
Beachley, Martin H    Long, Joseph    Shafer, John R
Bear, Nicholas P B    Lighter, John H    Shafer, John Ed
Bussard, Peter E    Lorentz, Mary C    Sigler, John L
Bussard, Peter H    Leatherman, Peter    Summers, Lawson H
Coblentz, Charles    Levy, Perry    Shafer, Margaret
Coblentz, Ed F    Miller, Daniel C    Shaffer, Philip
Coblentz, Ed L    McBride, Henry C    Shafer, Thomas
Coblentz, Henry of J    Main, Isaiah    Shafer, Charles W
Coblentz, John C    McBride, Lewis    Shafer, Daniel
Crone, John E    Mumford, Richard W    Sanner, V C
Castle, Kenderson T    Main, Mrs Ann V    Shafer, George C
Cookerlz, L C(sic)    Neikirk, George    Kefauver, Daniel E
Coblentz, Martin C    Norris, Joshua    Keller, Daniel
Coblentz, Mrs Oliver    Neff, Miss Malindia    Kepler, Henry M
Coblentz, Philip    Ramsburg, Asa C    Kefauver, Samuel M
Doub, Enos    Ramsburg, Benjamin    Kefauver, James H
Dean, Mrs Hezekiah    Ramsburg, Charles T    Kefauver & Koogle
Dean, Josiah    Routzahn, George H    Kefauver, Oliver H
Doub, L B    Rudy, George E    Kefauver, Horatio
Derr, Samuel    Routzahn, David B    Shafer, Samuel
Delawter, Samuel    Ramsburg, George I    Trapnell, Rev Joseph
Darner, Samuel M    Roop, George W    Wiles, John T
Dean, C H    Routzahn, Hesekiah    Young, Jonas F
Flook, John H of P    Routzahn, Herman L    Young, Daniel H
Flook, Milard F    Ramsburg, Henry C    Young, Mrs Lewis
Gaver, George W of J    Ramsburg, John W    Young, Isaac
Holter, George B

A letter to the Sentinel from Mr. Ira B Lawyer, of Iola, Kansas, conveys the intelligence of the death of Mr. George Utz, of Eldorado, in that State, on the 20th ult., in the ninety-first year of his age.  Mr Utz was born in that part Frederick county now included in Carroll, April 27th, 1807.  He was twice married and reared one son and three daughters, all of whom he outlived except one daughter, Mrs Laura Griggs, now living in Western Kansas.  One of his daughters was the wife of Mr. Lawyer.  Mr Utz was an old associate and friend, in early manhood, of Mr. Wm. Lawyer of this city.  His remains were interred at Iola, Kansas. The American Sentinel, Saturday, June 19, 1897

Federal Land Records Information submitted by Mark Sain    National Archives form 14019

The Suitland Reference Branch has custody of the land entry files and abstract books for Federal public domain states and the record copies of patents and central office tract books for western states.
The mailing address for information and requests for land entry records is: Suitland Reference Branch (NNRR), Textual Reference Division, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC 20409.
There is no specific form used to request searches in land records.  Your written request, however, should contain the basic information described in this form.  Do not send money in advance of receiving a price quote for making copies.
Federal land records document only the first transfer of title to land from the United States to another party.  Records of later transactions may be found in county records.
There are Federal land records for all states except the original 13 states, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine, West Virginia, Texas and Hawaii.  These states were never part of the Federal public domain.
Most land entry files for the years 1800-1908 are arranged by state, land office, kind of entry (such as cash, homestead), and land entry file number (such as a Homestead Final Certificate number).
For the pre-1908 land entry files there are name indexes for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, and Utah.  For the other public domain states west of the Mississippi River (excluding Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota) land entry files can be located by the researcher providing the name of the State and either a legal description of the land (section, township, range) or the name of the land office, type of file, and land entry file number.  Legal description of land can usually be obtained from the county recorder of deeds.  For the public domain states east of the Mississippi River (as well as Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota), the researcher must provide the name of the State, and the name of the land office, type of file, and the land entry file number.  This information can normally be obtained from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by providing the BLM with a legal description of the land (section, township, range).  The BLM address is: Eastern States Office, Bureau of Land Management, 7450 Boston Blvd, Springfield, VA 22153.[Susanne Flowers has arranged for FRECOGS members to visit this office in the past-tdl]
The post-1908 land reentry files are arranged numerically.  There are name indexes for these records.
Military bounty land warrants are arranged by act of congress, certificate number, and, for warrants under the acts of 1847-1855, by number of acres.  There are indexes for the Revolutionary War and most of the War of 1812 warrants but not for the warrants under the acts of 1847-1855.  To identify warrants under these acts, use NAFT. Form 80. Order for Copies of Veterans Records, to request a search of bounty land warrant applications among the military service records held by the General Reference Branch (NNRG), Textual Reference Division, national Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC 20408.  After obtaining the warrant application number, furnish this information to the Suitland Reference branch (NNRR) for a search for the surrendered warrant and other records relating to its use to acquire land.

The Helen File
Copied from the Mackley Scrapbook owned by Mrs Naomi O Mackley, Thurmont, MD
Mary J Eyler, wife of Charles H Eyler, died at her home, on Water Street, Thurmont, on Friday, August 30th.  She was the daughter of the late Jacob Weller.  In early childhood, she was left an orphan by the death of her mother, ad was reared by a family, by the name of Marker, who lived on a large farm, near the Monocacy Bridge, on the Liberty Pike.
In 1878, she married Charles H Eyler, who survives, together with the following children: Rev J Albert Eyler of Thurmont; Mrs John H Ambrose of Liberty; J Ross Eyler, of Thurmont; and C Harry Eyler, of New Oxford, PA.
In early live, she was a member of the Moravian Church, at Graceham, later, with her husband, transferred to the Trinity Reformed Church.
Funeral was Monday afternoon, with burial in U.B. Cemetery; clipping dated August 30, 1929

Charles H Eyler, died at the home of his son, Ross, on Water Street, Thurmont, Thursday evening, April 23, 1931, aged about 71 years. He was born and lived in Thurmont his entire life.  He was the only son of Joseph and Mary Eyler; was a plasterer by trade, but of late years, conducted a green goods sore.
He is survived by three children and one daughter; Rev J Albert Eyler, of Bedford, PA; Mrs Bertha Ambrose, Ceresville, this county; and Harry and Ross Eyler of Thurmont, One sister, Mrs Lula Eyler of Hanover, PA also survives.  He was a member of the Reformed Church.  Funeral will be Sunday afternoon with burial in UB Cemetery.  Clipping dated April 23, 1931.

Copied from Bible in possession of J Lee Hummer, New Midway, Maryland 19 Mary 1967

Violet Ruth Flickinger born Sept 27, 1884

Lura Irene Flickinger, born Sept 7, 1888

Joseph George Flickinger, born Dec 28, 188;
Joe married Edith Zimmerman, no children

Violet married Wilbur Hummer, one child
Joseph Lee Hummer, born December 6, 1911, at Detour

Lura married Baxter Dougherty, 6 children

Harry (wed Bessie Stitely) born Sept 29, 1909

Carroll (wed Helen Kiser) born June 27, 1917

Charles (wed Margaret Stitley) Born Apr 21, 1920

Mary (wed Raymond Anders) born July 13, 1921

Annabelle (wed George Boh, Jr) born Aug 2, 1923

Joseph Lee (wed Lillian Trout) born Apr 1, 1934


Emma Elizabeth Flickinger died at 7:30 p.m. June 12, 1905, aged 37 years, 11 months, 1 day.

Mrs Violet Ruth Hummer, died at 4:00, July 20, 1942, aged 57 years, 9 month, 23 days, lingering illness.

Mr Wilbur Calvert Hummer, died at 8:15 a.m. Nov 16, 1942, aged 58 years, 9 months, 15 days. Sudden Heart attack.

Mrs. Lura Irene Dougherty, died December 22, 1957, at 5:00 a.m. aged 69 years. Illness of seven weeks, broken hip.

Taken from original Marriage Certificated

J. Lee Hummer, Detour, Maryland
Lillian P Trout, Walkersville, Md

were married at Walkersville, April 1, 1934.  T. W. Lloyd, Minister
Taken from original Marriage Certificate

Jacob H Flickinger, of Frederick County, Md.
Emma E Hildebrand, of Frederick County, Md.

were united together in Holy Matrimony on the
13th day of March 1883.
In presence of
Rev. P. A. Long
Per J.C.H.
Jacob Henry Flickinger, born Feb 26, 1859

Emma Elizabeth Hildebrand, born July 17, 1867

Married Dec. 13, 1883 by Rev. P.A. Long

Jacob H Flickinger and Irene Holtzapple was married Nov. 5, 1907

From piece of paper kept in Bible

Dougherty family

Harry B.        Sept. 29, 1909  – Nov. 17, 1934

Carroll F        Apr. 5, 1913     – Oct 13, 1938

Kenneth F. June 27, 1917     – Jan 4, 1939

Charles H. Apr. 21, 1920

Mary E.    July 13, 1921

K. Annabelle   Aug 2, 1925


George Albert, was born    April 29, 1847
Noah was born    December 5, 1848
Levi, was born    March 6, 1850
Rufus, was born    February 14, 1852
Aaron, was born    October 9, 1853
John Peter, was born    January 29, 1855
Louisa Elizabeth, was born    January 17, 1858
William David and Jacob Henry, were born    February 26, 1859
Mary Catharine, was born    August 27, 1862
Howard Davis, was born    August 29, 1864
Ella Margaret, was born    March 6, 1867


Aaron, died October 24, 1853, aged 15 days

Mary L. Died July 12, 1856, aged 6 months

William D. Died January 30, 1860, aged 11 months, 4 days

Children of George and Anna Maria Flickinger
copied by Miss Hettye A Hahn
22 Dill Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701

Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testament complied by Susanne Files Flowers
Published in Philadelphia Wm W. Harding 1861 copied by J. M. Webster Carrollton Manor Chapter, DAR

Madeline Irene Kintz was born January 27, 1908

Beatrice May Kintz was born June 23, 1909

Margaret Elizabeth Kintz was born Mar 7, 1914

Freda Grace Kintz was born Aug 5, 1917

Jacob Luther Crum was born Jan. 11, 1851

Nancy Elizabeth Dronenburg was born Nov. 21, 1859

Nancy E. Lisebeth Droneberg was born Nov. 21, 1859

Hanson Early Crum was born Aug the 6 1879

John Emory Crum was born March the 23, 1881

Lelia Irean Crum was born November the 12, 1882

Luther Leroy Crum was born March the 17th 1885

Vergy Lenore Crum was born Oct the 12 1886

Claud Ramon Crum was born Nov. The 5, 1889

Alvie Lesley Crum was born September the 12, 1892

Allen Ward Crum was born June the 1, 1897

Howard Baxter Crum was born Aug the 21, 1898

John Droneburg dide (sic) Mar the 28, 1878

Rachel Droneburg dide (sic) the 6, age 67 years 6 month an 8 days 1884

Alva Lesly Crum dide (sic) December 31, 1892 age 3 mo. And 18 days

Allen Ward Crum died Nov. 23, 189_, age 5 mo. 23 days

Howard Baxter Crum died Jan the 16 1899 Age 4 month 26 days

James Ward Crum, Jr and Edythe Kimberly Crum family married Nov w, 1978

Nicole Elaine Crum born Apr, 1979

Molly Erin Crum born Dec. 1, 1982

Claude R Crum & Hazel May Crum family married 1911

James Ward Crum b Jan 13, 1914

Arthur Lee Crum b Apr 7, 1915

Norman Harold Crum b June 20, 1916

Woodrow Edison Crum b Jan 24, 1918 and died Jan. 22, 19__

Caroline Elizabeth Crum b Feb. 10, 1920

Richard Monroe Crum b July 3, 1926

Married July 30, 1943
James Ward and Betty Jane Hape Crum, born Mar 17, 1925

Sharon May Crum born Sept 8, 1952

James Ward Crum Jr born Jan 29, 1955

Nancy Jayne Crum born June 25, 1959

Robert Lee Smith and Sharon May Crum family Married June 22, 1973

Robert Lee Smith, Jr. born Dec. 30, 1973


Guide to Research in Howard County, Maryland by Kenneth Edwin Zimmerman, PO Box 276, Woodstock, MD 1997, 122 pgs indexed has been published by the author. It retails for $17 with $2 for p/h and MD residents need to add 5% sales tax.

Gleanings from the Records of the Francis Gasch’s Sons Funeral Home Prince George’s County, Maryland 1860-1940. Available for $40; 5% MD state tax, p/h of $3/book. 665 pages with index, hard cover. Prince George’s Genealogical Society, Inc, PO Box 819, Bowie, MD 20718-0819

American Genealogical Research at the DAR Washington, DC by Eric G Grundset and Steven B Rhodes; $25 post paid. Their is no information on size or page numbers in my current information, which is listed as the first ever guide to doing research in the DAR Library. Checks are to be payable to “Treasurer General, NSDAR”, and mailed to NSDAR, Corresponding Secretary General, 1776 D St, NW, Washington, DC 20006-5392.

Germanic Genealogy: A guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Pattern by Edward R Brandt PhD, Mary Bellingham, Kent Cutkomp, Kermit Frye, and Patricia A Lowe as volunteers for the Germanic Genealogy Society. About 500 pages; $32, $3.75 p/h; scheduled for publication June 1997. Don’t send money. Order from Edward R Brandt, 13 27th Ave, S E, Minneapolis, MN 55414-3101

The History of the Village of Poplar Springs Howard County, Maryland settled in 1741 by A Thomas Fleming published Jan 1997; acco press binding. “This book is a life time dream to ensure that the history of our family and village does not gradually disappear as our older family members and friends die off and leave nothing recorded.” Single sided pages with many photographs of sites, people and houses, the book is $28 by check only (no money orders is specifically listed on the order form) from the author; A Thomas Fleming, Poplar Springs, 16709 Frederick Rd, Mt Airy, MD 21771-0339; the book is neither paginated nor indexed.

QUERIES Abbreviations: b= born; d = died; m= married; bu= buried; p/o=parents of; w/o= wife of; h/o= husband of; fa= father;   mo = mother; f/o= father of; m/o= mother of; gf=grandfather; gm=grandmother; 2ggm= great great grandmother; F=female; M=male; IGI= International Genealogical Index; res= resided; ch=children; wid=widow/widower; bef= before, 1/w=first wife; 1/h=first husband etc; fam= family; B= black; M=Mulatto

CLARK, ELDER, SPALDING: In 1788 Clement & Eleanor (Ann McQuire?) CLARK and fam left (Fred or St Mary’s Co) with a group of Catholics.  This group traveled to Pittsburgh, PA where they built flat bottom boats and sailed own the Ohio river. They settled on Simpson’s Creek, Nelson Co, KY. Thomas ELDER m Elizabeth Spalding. Richard A Clark, 1046 Wildwood, Santa Maria, CA, 93454

SMITH: My ancestor William H Smith, of Shenandoah, was a stage coach driver on his marriage, how can I find out more about this? He eventually moved his family to Hagerstown, Md where he is bu; was b in Page Co, VA; m Shenandoah Co; Civil War help. MILLER, Vicki L MARKS, 604 Ravenswood Dr, Hagerstown, MD 21740

BEALL, JACKSON, STUMP: Want to locate map of Rock Creek Hundred where my John JACKSON res along the Anacostia River from 1716-1760 when he died. Ca 1768 his sons and many of his neighbors moved and settled along Tenmile River in present day Greene Co, PA. The land where John JACKSON lived became part of Washington, DC in 1790.  Dale O Milloy, 11797 Benedeta Dr, Brideton, MO 63044-3412;

ISENBERG, ZOLMAN: Adam ZOLMAN n Susanna ISENBERG 9 oct 1778; he d 2 Feb 1811 Fred Co. Their son John ZOLMAN b 26 mar 1785 m Catharine PASSEY 1807. Their son James Passey ZOLMAN b 7 Jan 1808 Fred Co. It looks like the family then moved west to Knox Co, OH. Looking for info on the ZOLMANs and who were Catharine PASSEYs parents and where was she b in MD. Carole Rambo Holt, 9713 Johnson Pt Loop NE, Olympia, WA 98516-9530

FOUCH, LUGENBEEL/LUKINGBEAL, POUTCH, POUCH, SPECHT: My Ancestor Samuel LUKINGBEAL b 1792/3 MD; applied for pension for War of 1812 stating he was drafted at Frederick Co, MD Sept 1814 and discharged Nov 1814 at Baltimore. Wife Mary Fouch. J Stanwood Martin’s index lists Samuel LUGENBEEL m Mary POUCH 1814; the LDS IGI lists John POUTCH m Catherina SPECHT 27 May 1787 Middletown Lutheran Congregation of Zion Church, Frederick, MD. All suggestions appreciated. Lee J Streepey, 395 Circlewood Dr, Paradise, CA 95969

ACRE/E: Looking for any relatives of William ACRE/E b 16 aug 1752 Fred Co, MD; his fa (maybe named William or Leonard)  d ca 1764 at Fred Co, MD and mo moved to NC. Wm ACRE/E b 1752 was m at least 3 times he later moved to Cumberland and Wayne Co, KY where he d 3 Mar 1832, known ch: Wm, Ephraim, Mary, Catherine, Joel, Sarah and Amos.  R Standish, 1045 Hurricane Rd, Waynesburg, KY 40489-9674

AMBROSE, BAINBRIDGE, BEARD, CAMPBELL, CARRIC, DUNAN, DUNCAN, LOGAN, LOUDEN, ROBINSON, STEPEHSON,  STEPHENSON, THOMPSON, TROUTMAN, WILHITE: John Michael TROUTMAN b ca 1732 Bavaria, GER came to US with parents on the Princes Augustus to PA, then to Middletown, Fred Co; m ca 1762 Fred Co, MD to Rebecca BEARD; d 10 Apr 1814 Bullitt Co, KY. Ch: John m Joanne BAINBRIDGE, Catherine m Jacob AMBROSE, Peter m Margaret (Peggy) DUNCAN, John Michael, Anna, Joseph, Leonard m Catherine WILHITE, Elizabeth m James CARRIC.
Peter TROUTMAN b 9 Feb 1769 near Middletown, Fred Co, Md m/1 4 Sep 1790 Margaret (Peggy) DUNAN Nelson Co, KY; m/2 15 Jan 1798 Catherine SPURGEON Bourbon Co, KY 10 ch; m/3 9 Nov 1818 Mrs Polly ROBINSON Shelby Co, KY; m/4 Mrs LOGAN (div); m/5 Mrs THOMPSON. Ch: Michael m Sarah (Sally) CAMPBELL, James m Nancy STEPEHSON, Rebecca m John LOUDEN, Rachel Margaret m William P STEPHENSON. Twylia Brand, 2606 Ringo Rd, Independence, MO 64057-1411

HOOK, OWINGS, OWEN: Tracing grandson of Robert Owings, who m Rachel HOOK. His will was dated 14 May 1762 and proved 25 Feb 1765 Fred Co. I am interested in his son Thomas OWEN, who had a son named Owen OWEN. I think this Owen OWEN also had a son Owen Owen, b ca 1785 in VA (?Bedford Co). Owen OWEN b 1785 is my ancestor and I need proof of his parents. Jo Anna Dale, 704 Ponca Dr, Independence, MO, 64056-2053

BENNETT: Looking for info on William BENNETT who came to Upshur Co, WV from Walkersville (no state) in 1831. His son was David b 1796 and his son Stewart b 1820. Ruthellen Thomas, 10918 Lydia, Kansas City, MO 64131

LECHLEIDER, SCHMIDT: Need confirmation of ch of Johannes SCHMIDT and Maria Barbara: Elizabeth m Johann Jacob LECHLEIDER 16 Nov 1794, Catherine SCHMIDT m Adam Lechledier 12 Aug 1777. Sharon Pratt, Box 1403, Boerne, TX 78006

STONE, WOOD: Need ancestors, parents, sibs of Henry STONE b ca 1810 MD m ca 1828 MD Ellen WOOD, r 1840 & 1850 Anne Arundel Co, MD. Ch: M.A. (f), Miranda, George Washington, Joseph H, James A, M.C.(f). 1860 Census Ellen STONE in DC as Head of Household. MariLee Hageness, 3916 Bramble Rd, Anniston, AL 36207-7004

BEALL, DAVIS, MABRY, PYE, JOHNSON: Need ancestors, parents, sibs of Samuel BEALL, b ca 1780 MD/PA, d 1853 Thomaston, GA, m 1798 Gilly PYE d/o James & Susannah PYE. Ch: Allen Alexander b 1815 Oglethorpe Co, GA m Caroline DAVIS; Thomas b 1800 Oglethorpe Co, GA m Elizabeth MABRY; Daniel R b 1816 GA m #2 Mary Eliz. JOHNSON; John W b 1803 Oglethorpe Co, GA; Betsy; Francis; and poss Josiah. MariLee Hageness, 3916 Bramble Rd, Anniston, AL 36207-7004

DUPHORNE, EYLER, ILER, LUGENBAUGH, et al: Researching the Adam LUKENBACH family, ch: Margaret m Jacob ILER/EYLER 1802; Elizabeth LOOKABACH m Henry ILER/EYLER 1814; Peter LUGENBAUGH m 1821 Eva LOY. Need ca 1810/20 census info on Adam. George DUPHORNE traveled to Western Pa with this fam; poss m a LUCKENBACH. They were Reformed Lutherans who lived in Emmitsburg on the Carolina Tract. Ruth H Sloan, 660 El Tango, North Port, FL 34287

BENNETT, BYE: Seek info/desc Frederick Randolph BYE b Feb 1894 m Martha Ellen Bennett, both from MD; 8 ch. Charlotte Bye Smith, 530 Navahopi Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

BOTELER, STUBINGER: Seek desc of Albert BOTELER b ca 1829 and wife Martha Isabella STUBINGER b 1845 LA, d 1878 MD. Albert is in 1880 federal census, Montgomery Co, MD with ch: Mary age 4 and Fanny age 2. Frances Stubinger Daugherty, 598 Charlton Ct, Marietta, GA 30064

DEVILBISS, HUMM, ISANOGLE, JACKSON, RINER: Looking for birth record and maiden name of Joseph JACKSON whose death cert states he was b 28 Jan 1820 MD; d Aurora, NE Nov 1908; father J JACKSON; mother unknown. Joseph JACKSON m Jane Rebecca DEVILBISS 12 Feb 1845 poss Utica Mills. Their first son, Wm Henry born 24 Jan 1846 Utica, MD. An 1899 publication says Joseph JACKSON was a shoemaker and that his parents were Joseph and Rebecca b MD and GER respectively. The 1850 Fred Co, MD census shows Joseph JACKSON r  in Creagerstown Election Dist; In the same District was a farmer named William Jackson (24 yo) with wife and fam and also a 66 yo female named Rebecca. It stated she was b in MD, not GER.  Possible sibs: John Engle; Alice m a ISANOGLE; William Henry b 11 Nov 1823 Creagerstown, m 28 Nov 1846 to Ann Rebecca HUMM; female who m Levi RINER, Utica Mills, MD. Jess B Jackson, PO Box 85, Aurora, NE 68818

BAUER, COWAN, HULL, KLEIN, KNAPP, POOLE: Looking for death date and fam of 2ggm Mary Christinia POOLE (b 1864) m William James KNAPP 16 Jan 1889; he was a wid when he  d 1227 Gay St., Baltimore, MD 1898. I think she d 1897.
Looking for fam of 2ggf Joseph Francis BAUER b 1856 NY d 1935, stonemason death certificate lists his fa b GER; last known address 1408 Lakewood Ave, Baltimore Co; before that 1508 Washington St, Baltimore City. He m Anne Elizabeth KLEIN ca 1880; have painting of her as child. Also looking for info on KLEIN.
Looking for ggf and ggm, Alexander COWAN m Helen HULL ca 1900 Phila, they r 551 N 63rd St. Ellen K Jaber Hurdel, 11401 Beaver Dam Rd, Union Bridge, MD 21791; E-mail