Books [Paw Prints, publications]

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     These books were published when I was a partner with Edie Eader, Edith Olivia [Jansen] Eader, and we had a company called Paw Prints. We disbanded in 2014 when I moved to North Carolina. She died 2022.

The Jacob Engelbrecht Marriage Ledger of Frederick County, Maryland 1820-1890 1994 ISBN # 0-9642239-0-2. 8½” x 11″ paper, 269 pages.  Although international in scope, most entries are people from or who passed through the Frederick Co, MD area. 6289 entries that may include info of fathers, black couples, 2nd & 3rd marriages, non-traditional family name spellings, military units, and other one of a kind facts that may exist nowhere else. Includes separate every name and place index.

The Jacob Engelbrecht Death Ledger of Frederick County, Maryland 1820-1890 1995 ISBN # 0-9642239-1-0. 8 ½” x 11″ laminated 359 pages. Approx 10,500 entries, which may include information on parents, siblings, in-laws, age and/or date of birth, occupations, religious affiliation, murderers and their victims, hangings, Civil War fatalities, deaths caused by epidemic or accidents, railroad deaths, deaths of ‘colored’ friends, location of death &/or burial and other information which may exist nowhere else. Includes separate indexes on names, places, occupations and references to persons of color.

Frederick County, Maryland Will Index 1744-1946 ISBN 0-9642239-3-7 8½ x 11 compiled by Susanne Files Flowers, edited by Edith Olivia Eader, bibliography by Trudie Davis-Long published 1998 354 pages.  Includes separate index to executors.

The Annotated Diary of James W. Lantz of Carroll County, MD 1857-1891 2002 ISBN #0-9642239-4-5 is approximately 250 pages. It includes an every-name and place index and almost 740 complete annotations for events that the diarist listed in and around the New Windsor, Carroll Co, MD area, including: births, marriages, deaths, church services, Civil War events, lynchings, executions and the ins and outs of running a farm and huckstering business during the mid 1800’s. A wealth of information is included on many area families.

1853 Henry Pittar Map of Frederick City

The Jacob Engelbrecht Property and Almshouse Ledgers of Frederick County, Maryland ISBN # 0-9642239-2-9. 8½” x 11″ laminated 107 pages. The information in the book includes property transfers/sales, construction and renovation, fires, who left town and where they went, the number of bricks needed to build the new jail on South St, and other observations about every day events. Includes combined name and place index. [Future issues may no longer available with 1853 Henry Pittar Map of Frederick City].